Source: continues to talk about the criminal epic, which ended in a series of bloody murders. One after another were killed: the owner of Sodbiznesbank and Credittrust Alexander Slesarev with his family; the co-owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik was kidnapped and brutally murdered; another co-owner of the National Capital bank, Philip Degtyareva, was kidnapped and killed; kidnapped and after torture killed and dismembered the head of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky. The time has come to name the motives for all these murders.

Убисйтво А.Слесарева и его семьи

After the treasurer of the mafia Arkady Berkovich (formerly Arthur Khabibullin) brought a lot of money to the National Capital bank, and then transferred 300 million rubles to the bank of Alexander Slesarev Kredittrast, this amount hung there. Slesarev proposed to pay off the bank's assets with Berkovich (transfer loans under cession agreements). To analyze loans, check documents and prepare cession agreements, a group of employees of JSCB National Capital headed by Dmitry Plytnik, Philip Degtyareva and chief accountant Shemanskaya began to visit Credit-Trust.

All this time Plytnik and Degtyarev disappeared in Slesarev's office. As it turned out much later, an extremely risky plan was born in this very office.

Slesarev needed "Varangians" to withdraw assets from his bank (his employees would have handed him over immediately either to the mafia (in Kredittrust there was not only Berkovich's money, but also representatives of a number of other organized crime groups), or at the first interrogation in law enforcement agencies. Philip Degtyarev excellent knew the internal accounting department of the bank and could close everything with wiring, and Plytnik, since the time of the kidnapping of 108 million shares of Gazprom with Irina Zhidkikh and her husband Arkhipov, had offshore accounts in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Russia, and Plytnik organized in Switzerland the reception and storage of huge funds withdrawn from the Credit Trust (about $ 600 million). Also, the trio decided to palm off Berkovich under cession agreements with "junk" loans from Credit Trust, under which it is almost impossible to get real money. of course, it was their fatal mistake.

The plan went well at first. Credittrust transferred "bad" loans to the National Capital, but everyone (except for the co-owner of the National Capital Alexander Shevchenko) pretended that the money could be received and, accordingly, pay off with Berkovich. The latter then got tired of waiting and demanded to give everything immediately. And not 300 million, but 700 million rubles. But for the trinity, the situation was still not critical. And then the unexpected happened.

 The fact is that Irina Zhidkikh, back in the late 90s, introduced Plytnik to Viktor Büchel, who helped open accounts in Europe and carry out financial transactions. Then a conflict arose between Plytnik and Zhidkikh over the division of money received from the sale of stolen Gazprom shares. In 2004, Zhidkikh began working for the raider Pavel Svirsky, and he became a close partner of Berkovich and the bloody Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). And so, Büchel tells Zhidkikh that huge sums have come to the accounts of Western companies (in particular, "Busiaku") connected with Plytnik. Zhidkikh shares valuable information with Svirsky, and the latter with Berkovich and Gagiev. They immediately understand that the accounts connected with Plytnik received funds withdrawn from Credittast, including the money of Berkovich-Dzhako. Gagiev gives a command to his militants, Plytnik is kidnapped and taken to the organized criminal group's base. There they tortured him for a long time, and Berkovich, Svirsky, Gagiev came to him at that moment. Under torture, Plytnik signed a huge number of documents and blank sheets, named all possible access to the withdrawn money, after which he was killed.

However, Alexander Slesarev could have prevented access to the money and declared his official rights to it. As a result, Jaco gives the go-ahead for his elimination, Gagiev's militants, killing the banker, dealt with his entire family. Degtyarev perfectly understood who and for what eliminated Plytnik and Slesarev, so he was scared to death and was ready to carry out any orders from Berkovich and Gagiev. They instructed him to withdraw 1.5 billion rubles worth of assets from the National Capital "against a debt of 300 million rubles." When Degtyarev did this, he was also kidnapped and killed.

For what they kidnapped and killed the board of directors of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky, what is the role of high-ranking officials of the prosecutor's office and a number of other departments in this story, will tell you in the near future. In the meantime, we give the third part of the testimony of Alexander Shevchenko:

Due to the fact that KV Simonov was arrested in this criminal case; Berkovich A.G. and Svirsky P.M. invited me to meet and sign an amicable agreement. We met on December 28, 2004 at the suggestion of A.G. Berkovich. in the restaurant "MAO" (this restaurant was loved by AG Berkovich and often went there), located in Moscow on the street. 1905, d. 2 "a". At this meeting from the side of our bank were present: Degtyarev F.V., Parfentiev A.V. (junior) and me. From Berkov's side A.G. Berkovich himself, P.M. Svirsky, B.N.Zhazhkov was present. and Bazylev S.A. During this meeting, we agreed that A.G. Berkovich. together with their people from our bank for one million dollars, they remove claims for the immediate return of money in the amount of 650 or 700 million rubles, reserves the right to demand an amount of only 300 million rubles, subject to the gradual repayment of loans transferred from the bank Slesarev A.Yu ... Credit Trust. Berkovich A.G. guaranteed, for its part, to terminate any civil litigation. We, in turn, guaranteed not to make any claims against A.G. Berkovich. in connection with the initiated criminal case on the raider seizure of our bank and not to demand from the investigating authorities to bring to criminal responsibility Simonov K.The. After this conversation, an agreement was signed between representatives of our bank and representatives of A.G. Berkovich. Svirsky P.M. acted as an arbitrator and guarantor in accordance with the said agreement. At the same time, with Svirsky P.M. there was a separate agreement (in words), not spelled out in the agreement. For the fact that Svirsky P.M. acted as the guarantor and arbitrator of the fulfillment of the condition by A.G. Berkovich. he receives 500 thousand US dollars from our bank. I attach a copy of the said agreement of December 28, 2004 to the said interrogation. Within a few days after the signing of this agreement, Svirsky P.V. the amount of 500 thousand US dollars was given from our bank in cash, we did not take receipts from the latter, since this was its initial condition.

 During 2005, from the side of our bank, A.G. Berkovich. an amount of one million dollars was issued in cash (in parts), while no one received receipts from A.G. Berkovich. did not demand, since A.G. Berkovich insisted on it. and Svirsky P.M.

In January 2005, from the employees of our bank, I learned that the gateway (armored door) to the raiders during the raider seizure described above was opened by the head of the security service V.M. Parfentiev, who was obliged to prevent this from happening. For this reason, I thought that the latter could also be somehow involved in this raider seizure, therefore, in January 2005, after clarifying all the circumstances, at my insistence, V.M. Parfentiev was dismissed from the bank, but the above-mentioned shareholder companies of our bank, controlled by the Parfentievs, remained behind them. In the next few months after the abduction of Plytnik D.S. Parfentiev A.V. (junior) repeatedly convinced us that with Plytnik D.S. all is well, he is alive, he is just, most likely, hiding from the investigation, and even for this purpose he invited me and F.V. Degtyarev. to some psychic woman who confirmed the words of A.V. Parfentiev.

Soon from Degtyarev F.V. I learned that V.M. Parfentiev (senior) went to work in the company "Sigma" for Svirsky P.M. After about a couple of months, that is, in April or May 2005, A.V. Parfentiev. (junior) sold a part of the shares in JSCB National Capital (CJSC) to Degtyarev Philip Vladimirovich, Sheremet Viktor Nikolaevich and Bichikashvilli Anatoly Borisovich, re-registering one of his firms to these persons. In the early summer of 2005, Svirsky P.M. invited me to a meeting, where an ultimatum was given to me: either I withdraw the money of our bank's clients, wherever they say, or they will "remove" me from the bank and still do it their own way. I refused to cooperate with them and initiated the writing of a complaint to the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, through my acquaintance, a member of the Federation Council, Boris Nikolayevich Agapov. As far as I know, a check was carried out on this statement, however, a criminal case was refused. In the summer of 2005, at the Tratoria restaurant located in Moscow near the Krasnye Vorota metro station, at the suggestion of A.G. Berkovich. another meeting took place with him. During this meeting, Berkovich A.G. again demanded from me to pay him money in the amount of 650 or 700 million rubles, threatening me with physical harm. At this meeting, A.G. Berkovich, as if threatening the prospect of a new raider seizure, said that he was the initiator of the previous raider seizure, which he ordered for execution by P.M. Svirsky. I refused to unlawful demands to A.G. Berkovich, explaining that all the money would be paid to him according to the law, in accordance with the previously concluded tripartite agreement. After some time, also in the summer of 2005, according to F.V. Degtyarev. and Bukin Alexey (friend of Plytnik D.S.) I learned that during joint work, Slesarev A.Yu., Plytnik D.S. and Degtyarev F.V. developed a scheme to transfer most of the assets of Credit Trust Bank to a third party, presumably to some kind of offshore company through the mediation of Alexey Bukin. A month later, a criminal case was initiated against me on the fact of taking possession of the property of Plytnik D.S. and Parfentieva A.The. The applicant was V.M. Parfentiev. (older). Fearing persecution and understanding the ordered nature of the criminal case, I flew to Canada. After calls from Sheremet V.N. and Bichikashvili A.B., who assured me that I was not threatened with criminal prosecution and that everything was sorted out, I returned to Moscow. Already in Moscow, a few days after my arrival in Russia, I learned, in my opinion, from the media that A. Slesarev and his family had been killed, somewhere on the highway in the Moscow region. This information was provided by F.V. Degtyareva. into hysterics, he began to shout that he would also be killed, it was urgent to drop everything and give the money to A.G. Berkovich.

A few days later Sheremet V.N. and Bichikashvili A.B. said that I was again in danger of criminal prosecution. A few days later I left for Ukraine, hired a lawyer and began to sort out the situation myself. When I was in Ukraine, I learned that F.V. Degtyarev. withdraws assets from the bank JSCB National Capital (CJSC). Upon my return to Moscow, the information was confirmed, I had a conversation with F.V. Degtyarev, during which the latter announced that he had withdrawn money from the bank, cashed a large amount of money, which he transferred to A.G. Berkovich, because the latter had threatened him murder. Thus, Degtyarev F.The. brought out for transfer to Berkovich A.G. an amount equal to about one and a half billion rubles. After this conversation, I applied for the withdrawal of money from the bank and the deliberate bankruptcy of the bank to the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. At my request, a criminal case was opened 248064 on the deliberate bankruptcy of JSCB National Capital (CJSC). In November 2006 Degtyarev F.V. missing. Since then, I do not know anything about his fate, whether he is alive or not, I do not know. Since the disappearance of F.V. Degtyarev he did not appear again, did not come to me and did not call me. "

Timofey Grishin

To be continued