The 2022 FIFA World Cup has just ended, interesting details of the past World Cup have become known from the sources of the Cheka-OGPU and

In preparation for FIFA-2018 (a year before it), the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, under the close patronage of the FSB, was puzzled by finding a platform to accommodate and organize the work of foreign police officers. The participation of foreign law enforcement officers was a prerequisite, since a decent number of fans arrived in Russia from each participating country of the championship.

The FSB recommended that the territory of the All-Russian Institute for Advanced Training of Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (VIPK), located in the forest area of the Domodedovo city district, be chosen as a site for the CMPS (Center for International Police Cooperation).

Immediately, in the summer of 2017, a logical question arose about the repair of buildings and dormitories at this site. The enterprising leadership of the capital construction department of the Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came up with a plan for the development of budgetary funds, which consisted in making the purchase of overhaul works not by the forces of the Department of Logistics, but by the forces of the VIPK, and in order for the VIPC to be more manageable, they decided to allocate money not in 2017, but in 2018 (when there is no time left for competitive procedures). Further - to force the VIPC to conclude a contract for overhaul with its pocket "single supplier" - the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Construction Administration for the Central Federal District" of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

According to the source of, when in August 2017 the money for the repair of the VIPC was not allocated, the Department "M" of the FSB became interested in this situation. Considering that such a scheme with this Federal State Unitary Enterprise was played out more than once (under the silent supervision of the FSB), the operatives already knew all the further steps of the defendants.

But management "M" was again in no hurry to stop the next corruption plan. The leadership of Emka decided to play its operational game, regardless of the possible reputational losses of the Russian Federation. The idea was simple: to allow officials of the Logistics Department to steal the money allocated for overhaul and thereby block the preparation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for FIFA-2018. The FIFA scandal should have invariably led to a rotation of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: at the very least, First Deputy Minister Gorovoy, who was officially responsible for ensuring FIFA 2018, should have lost his post. And under the minister Kolokoltsev the chair was supposed to stagger.

The first to sound the alarm was the head of the VIPK, Police Lieutenant General Demidov. Having not seen any movements in August 2017 to allocate funds for repairs and making sure that the Logistics Department was going to blame all the problems on him, he, unexpectedly for everyone, quickly and quietly leaves his post of his own free will (since September 1, 2017).

In his place, police Major General Moshkov A.N. is also quickly appointed (in descending order). (former head of the BSTM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia; he left this position under pressure from the FSB). A couple of months later, Moshkov also realizes that he was in the place of execution. Already in December 2017, they begin to demand estimates and draft contracts from him, and the curator in the line of the M FSB department (lieutenant colonel Stepanov S.A.) periodically reminds him of his personal responsibility for preparing the institute for FIFA, and moreover advises him, as a leader, not having experience in construction, do not accept any work performed and, moreover, do not pay for them.

The head of the institute, Moshkov, tried to rectify the situation: he wrote several appeals to the DT, Deputy Minister Shulika V.D. (supervises the rear) and even the minister. All appeals contained a reasonable proposal to entrust a large-scale and very responsible repair to a more experienced unit in this sense - the Logistics Department. But the rear officials presented this situation to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the other side - they say, Moshkov, offended by his demotion, is now trying to shift everything from a sick head to a healthy one, does not want to take responsibility for himself. On this basis, Moshkov quarreled to shreds with Shulika and Gorov, and for Kolokoltsev he became a handshake.

In February 2018, the money in full (250 million) fell into the account of the VIPC. And only at the end of April, Moshkov, under pressure from DT, concluded two direct state contracts for the overhaul of VPK facilities (bypassing competitive procedures) with the only supplier "placed under it" - the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Construction Administration for the Central Federal District" of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (which does not have its own construction capacities, technicians, specialists - only the director, accountant and press).

Before the opening of FIFA, there were 2 months left, and before the opening of the CMPS - 1.5, including the May holidays. The main conditions for such a quick overhaul were: advance payment to the contractor for 33% of the total contract amount and the possibility of attracting subcontractors (the list of employees of which was subject to approval by the FSB).

So, already in April, funds were transferred to the contractor for a total amount of more than 80 million rubles. At this time, the Chekists became a actively interfere with the repair: the coordination of the lists of builders constantly changing by the contractor was delayed as much as possible; the curator of the FSB personally blocked the work of the acceptance committee. And no acceptance means no payment to subcontractors. After 2 weeks of free work, subcontractors began to strike. Mysteriously (not without the participation of the FSB), E.A.

In April 2018, at the meetings of the “M” department of the FSB, the “victorious” plans for a grandiose failure of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the entrusted area of ​​work to ensure FIFA were already reported; and in the first days of May, a report was made to the first person on the unprecedented corruption in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. After receiving an approving go-ahead, Emka began to work openly. At meetings under First Deputy Minister Gorov, the Chekists began to raise the question that it was necessary to look for a new place to accommodate foreigners, more suitable than the VIPK, because the institute had only time to dismantle floors, windows, plaster, etc. in dormitories. Motivating their proposal by the fact that the VIPK repair will not have time to finish.

As a source told, First Deputy Minister Gorovoy, realizing the scale of the problem, and seeing the only reason for what was happening in the obstinate head of the institute, Moshkov, initiated the temporary removal of the latter from his duties. And he gave the chief personnel officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Kubyshko V.L. (VIPK was supervised by him) an instruction to urgently find an energetic specialist for anti-crisis management (they say your subordinate failed - look for a replacement from your own). They did not dare to send the generals to be torn to pieces, they were looking for among the colonels. Bondar I.V., who then held the position of assistant head of the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, was voluntarily-compulsorily offered to head the VIPK at a risky moment. And from May 23, 2018 (20 days of the week before the official opening of the CMPS), he was temporarily appointed as acting head of the VIPC.

Despite attempts to block the execution of work by the FSB, Bondar managed to organize the acceptance of work (now the acceptance certificates were not returned to the contractor after inconsistencies were discovered, but were promptly corrected by excluding those works for which there were claims). The builders were paid, the strikes stopped, work began 24/7.

But then Bondar was asked by the FSB curator Stepanov to “slow down” and not shield “the negligent attitude towards the case of the first deputy minister Gorovoy.” This proposal did not find understanding, and after Bondar's words that both departments should now do one thing - to prevent image losses for the country, and not to harm each other, Stepanov retreated with nothing.

To the surprise of the M FSB department, already on June 8, the first foreign police officers managed to settle in several renovated rooms of the VIPK hotel, and on June 12, foreigners drove in in full force and the Center for International Police Cooperation was opened by Minister Kolokoltsev.

However, the earlier report “upstairs” about large-scale criminal cases in the Ministry of Internal Affairs following the results of FIFA already lived its own life and demanded confirmation and some kind of results. The leaders of Emka quickly disowned the role of coordinators of this operational combination, and the curator of the VIPC Stepanov turned out to be the last one, who now urgently needed to find large-scale crimes at the institute.

Under pressure from Emka, the operatives of the Main Directorate of the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia carefully checked each appeal (despite the fact that all appeals were anonymous), each check officially or actually included a Chekist. No critical violations were found.

In November 2018, in a tough form (through the offices of the GUSB), on behalf of the minister, Moshkov was offered to resign, which he did after 2 days of close “work with him”.

In December 2018, Bondar was presented for a state award, and in February 2019 he was appointed to the general position of the head of the All-Russian Institute of Industrial Complexes.

Despite the rotation of the leadership of the VIPC, which did not go "in credit" to the Chekists, the management of M did not stop trying to find big problems in the footsteps of FIFA. In June 2019, a supposedly scheduled inspection of the Accounts Chamber suddenly arrives at the VIPC (before that, the Chamber had not checked a single object in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but here for the first time and immediately to the VIPC). During the inspection period, the FSB curator spent the night at the institute, constantly putting pressure on the chairman, demanding that the existing violations (and there were many of them) be qualified as intentional crimes. However, the Accounts Chamber did not reveal any crimes at the institute.

In August of the same year, the KRU commission arrived at the institute. History repeated itself. The experienced chairman of the commission managed to defend his position and did not succumb to the pressure of the FSB.

However, in December 2019, in the Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, employees of the Department M of the FSB revealed a major problem in the execution of several large government contracts (payment for outstanding work and undelivered goods). The leadership of the Department (Sidorenko) and the corresponding Deputy Minister (Shulika), who were expecting the next general ranks next year, were offered wife, in exchange for loyalty to them, to carry out the most stringent check in the VIPK.

In February 2020, an allegedly planned inspection again arrives at the institute, now from the Logistics Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The commission rechecked all the volumes and, based on the results of its weekly work, was forced to report that there were no results. However, unexpectedly, the work of this commission was extended for another week and additional department forces were sent to help them. As a result, an act was prepared with the wording "ineffective, inefficient and inappropriate expenses for overhaul" in the amount of 41 million rubles.

As found out, in response, the institute sent a refutation, which was ignored by the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. And in July 2020, the investigative committee, based on the materials of the M FSB department, initiated a far-fetched criminal case on the fact of negligence and misappropriation of budget funds. And in September 2020, the head of the VIPK Bondar was charged. It is not customary in the leadership of the MFA to defend their personnel, therefore, without thinking for a long time and without understanding Bondar, in October they remove him from his post and send him into retirement.

For 2.5 years of investigation, the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Ministry of Defense did not find signs of misappropriation of budgetary funds and was forced to reclassify Bondar's actions as exceeding his official powers with causing significant damage (part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal Code). The reason was the alleged misleading of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs when restoring the limits of budget obligations for the next year and the violation of the procedure for issuing additional agreements. Bondar was charged with the entire amount of the restored limits - 81 million, despite the fact that the decision to restore was made by the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, and only what was actually done by the contractors was paid for and there was no damage as such.

In September 2022, the case was transferred to the Domodedovo City Court, which immediately (due to an oversight of the M FSB department) returned the case to the prosecutor for further investigation due to the fact that the indictment was drawn up with significant violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which are irremediable when considering the case in court (absence in case materials of the necessary elements of a crime). However, this decision of the court of first instance (after the intervention of the FSB and the regional prosecutor's office) was canceled by the Moscow Regional Court (this case was considered by a strange coincidence on the same day and in the same composition as the appeal of another victim of the FSB - Shestun). The Domodedovo court did not dare to send the case for retrial for the second time and, having re-examined the materials on December 19, 2022, did not find any violations in them.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin