At your disposal there was a reference of one of departments from which follows that in the Moscow region the new powerful raider group works. All of it has "Caucasian roots". The group operates on the basis of decisions of Chechen courts, it is associated with an official of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Alanya, etc. According to the authors of the certificate, the leader of the group is a former CEO of JSC "MOEK" Alexander Remezov. 

In the production of the investigator MF SK on yuao of Moscow Hovhannisyan H. H., criminal case No 11601450500000731 instituted under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code in relation to organized group of persons through forged documents tried to kidnap the owner of the shopping center "Gallery Aquarius", located at: Moscow, Walnut Blvd., 15.

As the accused brought to criminal responsibility citizens – Skripnik, Gagaev and halts in absentia, who is currently wanted.

At the same time, the consequence doesn't take due measures to disclosure of all episodes of illegal activity of these persons, and also heads of OPS standing behind them and all criminal community functioning more than 10 years in the territory of Moscow and the Chechen Republic. As a result, battered forced to go abroad after repeated threats from community leaders about his physical elimination.

These actions on elimination of the victim are connected with plunder earlier at it money in the sum more than 200 million us dollars, heads of OPS.

            According to the authors of the document published, the group consists of:

A. N. Remezova – head of the group, former General Director of JSC

"Moke" has stable relations in the environment of officials, the courts, etc.

Khoroshilova T. D. – Remezov's wife

Lawyers of the Moscow bar Association "Vector of law" – Skrypnik

K. V., Gagaev R. D., Akmalov A. L., Orekhov V. V., V. M. Miklavcic

Depending on complexity of raiding other schemes are connected

person: Chumanov, A. V. (convicted of raiding in another episode

Volgograd military garrison court in 2017), Terekhov D. I.,

Zhuravleva E. S., Privalov G., and others.

The scheme of criminal acts is as follows: by drawing up false documents and/or registering one of the fictitious defendants on the territory of the Chechen Republic, the necessary jurisdiction is created. On the basis of forged documents are claims, the amount of which amounts to millions of dollars. All cases fall to the judge of the Gudermes city court Tamakova R. A.

The court shall appoint a handwriting examination of forged documents in the non-state expert organizations on the territory of Chechnya, which in all cases are former officials of the interior Ministry of Russia for the "CHR" and the neighboring republics, while the brother of one of the band members – Gagaeva is the chief of the forensic center of the MIA for the Republic of Alania citizen Gagaev.

Expertise always gives the desired conclusion, which allows, using the judicial power of the Russian Federation, to seize the property, money the victim's account to which the statement of requirements by the raiders. Further, having stable corrupt ties in the courts of Moscow, the group blocks through the court consideration of the victim's complaints, as a result of the victim illegally deprived under false pretext of protection from justice.

Subsequently, on the basis of the received in Chechnya writs in Moscow initiated enforcement proceedings, headed by the bailiff Omarov S. A. (IPRs FSSP across Moscow). On this production the group of police officers is created, and now, after Omarov's call on interrogation to the investigator, the main person acting from bailiffs is the member of this group Yashenkov I. A. In addition to the arrest of the building belonging to the company's shopping center, the bailiffs filed a claim to the tenants of the building on the transfer of rental payments to them, as a result of which they have already received and transferred more than 6 million rubles to Skrypnik, Gagoyev and Elbiev.

To be continued

Timothy Mushrooms