Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, which includes intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, materials of "wiretapping" and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related persons among them Which mass of large businessmen, former and current officials. In the thirteenth article, we continue to list the commercial structures, organizations and individuals around the world that interact with the leaders of the Solntsevo OPG. Among those representatives of Interpol are called high-ranking dignitaries of the Russian church.

"Contracts for the supply of medicines for the Russian government were used to cover the money laundering contracts for the Solntsevo organization. AzimovTofik received contracts through his companions-Vladimir Koshel and Volodin Valery. Volodin was a doctor and a professor, first deputy director of the Russian medical center. He also worked as Boris Yeltsin's personal physician.

Volodin Valery and Vladimir Koshel allegedly received a large task about the supply of medicines, which they transferred to Mikhailov and Averin. Atcom Consulting was used to receive supplies. As a result of one of the latest deals, Atkom received 50 million Austrian shillings and ordered consignments of medicines from Mennen, a company in Tel Aviv / Israel, led by Dutch Aaron (see also sections: Sanikidze and Dutch). The money paid by "Atkom" for deliveries from "Mennen" was blown numbers. As a result of such a transaction, "Atkom" received 10-20% commission.

Mikhailov Sergey also planned a purchase of an open bank in the Netherlands for $ 250,000, with a branch in Miami. He wanted to take full participation in the enterprise of MogilevichSemyon, who had already taken control of the Moscow-based "Neftyanoi Bank", sent money to Solntsevskaya and Mogilevich to a new bank. This new enterprise should facilitate the easier conduct of operations between Moscow and the Caribbean islands. "Oil" already has the necessary licenses.

Smolensky Alexander distributed the proceeds from the false schemes of the "Capital Bank" and other machinations "Solntsevskaya". The network of legal companies created for the anticipation of the capitalists includes: "Csm Leasing Gmbh"; "Ship Trading Gmbh"; "K.I.M.HandelsGmbh"; "CM HandelsGmbh"; "GS Finanz" and "VermogendGmbh"; "SmolgaImmo Bet Gmbh"; "ValeaHandelsGmbh"; And "DeteLigunge und VermogensGmbh". Since there were no ready-made addresses for these firms, they arose as German companies.207

Other companies controlled and used by Solntsevskaya:

• In addition to the above, Vnekom, the main distributor of Mars Candy Corporation products in Russia, was used as a commercial enterprise for Mikhailov and Averin (see the section of Sergey Ferronsky) .208

• The company "Arbat International" (see the section "Enterprises of Mogilevich") was used by Ivankov, Mogilevich and Mikhailov to send money to Budapest / Hungary.

3. Organizations and Foundations


* Organization "Participation", Moscow / Russia:

A charitable organization for the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, one of whose investors is Mikhailov. It is led by a certain ZiminVasily, a former police officer, a member of the "Solntsevskaya" grouping. Mikhailov and Averin-s-presidents. This organization is a small "obshchak" for "Solntsevskaya" to provide assistance to prisoners, their families, etc. It should be noted that donations are not taxed. "Sistema" and other companies, even those that are victims of extortion, deduct donations in favor of this organization.

* Organization "World 2000", Vaduz / Liechtenstein:

Family organization, owned by Kandov Boris and KandovDayanova Galina.

* Children's Home, Tel Aviv / Israel:

In 1994, Mikhailov went to Israel and became president of an international organization for orphans called "Orphanage."

* CharitableFoundation "TheParticipation":

In 1994, Mikhailov founded a foundation that helps churches. This fund financed the construction of the bell tower, which was engraved with the following inscription: "From the abbots of the church, the charity fund The Participation, SV-Holding and Solntsev Brotherhood." The Participation Foundation also provided ongoing support to the orphanage, prison and Police department.211

According to open sources, the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow received financial support from Yeltsin in carrying out commercial activities to help the poor, rebuild churches, etc. She did not pay taxes from her commercial activities. The church concluded contracts with foreign companies that produce alcohol and tobacco. For example, it is known that Tobacco International, which has a connection with MogilevichSemyon and smuggled cigarettes, is one of these companies. The church also signed an agreement with Russian companies selling alcoholic beverages to them. The companies involved in this company were the property of "Solntsevskaya" or worked for it. The incomes were distributed among several high-ranking dignitaries within the Russian church. One of them signed a petition for Mikhailov, when he was convicted.

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Source: Rucriminal