In connection with the planned escape for the cordon for permanent residence with a billion in the pocket of the "adviser" of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg M.Yu. - "acting but without shoulder straps" Rodionov VN, the accomplices-accomplices covered by his group fell into a state of prostration. We have already talked about the quality, or rather the lack thereof, in the areas of work carried out by the organizations protected by Rodionov. According to a source of, accordingly, all this non-working equipment worth billions will be inherited by city structures, and completely different people will be responsible for this. Indeed, all those tax frauds, embezzlements, and embezzlements committed by them under the security guarantees of the RODIONOV-VELESEVICH group now surface and become an absolutely clear goal of the employees of the relevant departments operating in uniform, whose operational interest is gaining momentum at the moment.

The group RODIONOV (adviser) -VELESEVICH (committee on transport) -SIZOV (KRTI) - GONCHAROV (KRTI) - MOLCHANOV (DTS) -LYZIN (Passazhiravtotrans) - includes one more link.



      Mironovsky A.L. created affiliated commercial organizations, is the founder and CEO of two legal entities:

1. LLC "Management Company" RTS "INN 7842322058;

2. LLC "Polytech" INN 7813571966;

      The organizations were created with the aim of participating in public procurement for the implementation of construction and installation works, the implementation of repair, modernization, reconstruction, using a corruption component.

LLC "Polytech" is the executor of government contracts, the total amount of 119 million rubles for the needs of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans".

LLC "Management Company" RTS "is the executor of government contracts, the total volume of 1.3 billion rubles, of which:

- 5 government contracts in the amount of 865,000 million rubles for the needs of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Passazhiravtotrans".

- 20 government contracts in the amount of 388,000 million rubles for the needs of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans"

- 1 state contract of 29,000 million rubles for the needs of the Transport Committee.

   Theft by the transport group is between 10 and 50 percent of each contract. Then count yourself. It's good when you know the right people. Is not it?

    "Advisor" to the Vice-Governor Sokolov M.Yu. - dismissed from everywhere for defamatory reasons and corruption motives, Rodionov Vitaly Nikolaevich, Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of St. Company "RTS" Mironovsky A.L. cooperate and distribute among themselves the funds withdrawn from government contracts since at least 2016:


  No. 2783000175818000277

  No. 2783000175818000278

  No. 57830001758160002220000

  No. 57830001758160001480000

     more than half a billion rubles was won by LLC MC RTS

       And according to the results of the auction No. 32009526305 ( - November 12, 2020 between St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Passazhiravtotrans" and LLC RTS Management Company has concluded an Agreement for the reconstruction of TO-1 with the installation (installation) of equipment in the Bus Depot No. 2 at the address: St. Petersburg, st. Bus, 8, worth 289 609 690.00 (two hundred eighty nine million six hundred nine thousand six hundred ninety) rubles 00 kopecks. Of course, the RODIONOV / VELESEVICH / LYZIN / MIRONOVSKY group will profit very well, of course, within the framework of the execution of the above-mentioned state contract.

How many this time?

10-30-50 percent will flow from the state budget into the pockets of accomplices-accomplices?

        The participants in this purchase are affiliated persons of Mironovsky A.L - MTK LLC (TIN 7705875149), SK POINTER LLC (TIN 7811373380), in connection with which the drop in the initial contract price is only 2.5%. The situation was similar with purchases No. 32009453016 (, 32009741906 ( 223 / purchase / public / purchase / info / common-info.html? RegNumber = 32009741906).

         Previous collaboration of V.N. Rodionov, A.A. Velesevich, A.V. Lyzin, and A.L. Mironovsky. provided the latter:



- Apartment: St. Petersburg, PR. Enlightenment

- Non-residential premises: SAINT-PETERSBURG, SH. VYBORGSKOE



- MERCEDES-BENZ V 200 CDI, s156ho178

- MERCEDES-BENZ S 450 4MATIS, a171tm198


    This is about a couple of million euros.

    Not a bad collection for a simple director of an LLC, agree? And the welfare of the rest of the members of this group of officials and businessmen is no worse. However, this has already been clarified by the relevant services.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin