Source: continues to acquaint the reader with the “wiretaps” from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. On this record, during the pre-election period, the oligarch explains to Alexander Nevzorov what stories he should have and what he needs, and also explains why he should “forget” about Anatoly Sobchak for a while. Berezovsky also explains to Nevzorov why he in vain sympathizes with the Communists and Gennady Zyuganov.

Berezovsky begins by saying that he spoke a lot with Sergey Kurginyan about Nevzorov’s latest programs. They aroused concern in Kurginyan. “He even wrote a note about it. You have untwisted. Well, more precisely, you yourself untwisted. Sasha Nevzorova has her own ideas about the political situation. I also have mine, Kurginyan has his own. But you make the decisions yourself. And how does any propaganda machine work? And this is what you are doing. This cannot be the creation of one person. Here is NTV. There are Dobrodeev, Kiselev. But they get together and make decisions. There is a task that is being implemented. You directly hit Sobchak hard. You show the dancing man, at that moment when people are dying. Who will vote for him. But such a task was not posed. This is a serious political thing that affects BN (Boris Nikolaevich ... Four weeks left before the election, five programs left. They must be played according to the rules agreed upon, ”explains the“ producer ”Berezovsky to his untwisted“ star ”Nevzorov. He only sighs: “Kurginyan tapped me. A friend is called. "

Berezovsky continues: “Svanidze smeared Zyuganov on the wall. And your content does not work for us. We cannot shove this election. ”

Nevzorov says he needs a first-person interview.

“I did not solve this problem for you. Everyone came over me. And Tanya too. (Tatyana Dyacheneko, daughter of Yeltsin - Ed.). We need to leave Sobchak, ”Berezovsky returns to his place.

Hearing the name Sobchak, Nevzorov started his favorite "record": "I have a lot of material regarding this bastard."

There Berezovsky was already angry and raises his voice: “Sasha, then do what you want. He went to ... this Sobchak. Shit on this Sobchak ten thousand times. There is a fundamental problem that I solve in all available ways. Let's solve this problem together. And then express yourself for four years as you want. "

Nevzorov sighs again: "Well, we agreed."

Further in the wiretap at the disposal of, Berezovsky criticizes the Communists and their leaders, whom Nevzorov sympathizes with: “What did Zyuganov offer? And what about the bastards who are with him? They have no truth. And who is Anpilov, who recorded the conversations of his comrades and sent them to the KGB to be fired. And Seleznyov what a bitch. I stepped over the flags. He put it on Korzhakov and Barsukov. And I'm not ashamed. But Bryntsalov shows his mansions. New Russian. They are all bitches and stupid. "

Then the oligarch slows down and again criticizes the plots of Nevzorov: “Sasha, you are a master. But you raised Chechnya to the rank of national confrontation. You cannot demand that all Chechens be wiped off the face of the earth. There are those who want to solve the problem with Russia. ”

Berezovsky again turns to Kurginyan’s note.

“Kurginyan is a traitor. I will not communicate and say hello, ”Nevzorov summarizes. Berezovsky defends Kurginyan. They end up like this.

"Sasha, you are having a conversation, from the series all went to ..."

"Everything except you."

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov