We can only be proud of in a good envy deputies of the State Duma. After working tirelessly towards the elimination of gaps in the Russian legislation and at the same time to earn back-breaking labor and outside Parliament.

A striking example - the deputy Alexander Bryksin. Recently, he simply eclipsed all his colleagues in the law-and got on the front pages of the tabloids all secular.

And it was well-deserved! Who else will be able to spend on your own birthday 400 thousand euros? Not many people who. Because for this it is necessary to work more. Aleksandr Yurevich could afford it. Round date in 50 years, he said simply gorgeous.

Everything happened in the capital's Congress-Park Hotel Radisson Royal. The guests - about 500 people. On the table - fine cuisine from the best restaurateurs of the capital. As calculated greedy for sensations and "fried" the facts of journalists, only snacks anniversarian cost nearly a million rubles. Because of the hot dishes, desserts and drinks was a separate price list.

Decorated banquet room was illustrated snowy Russian winter, made in 3D-image. But it is in the light of the above it (and what will be discussed below) - just a trifle, simple surroundings.

Master of ceremonies at the banquet of the famous actor and hero of many gossip columns Igor Wernick, which sometimes changed on the stage of the project the former resident Comedy Woman Marina Marina Fedunkiv. Together, the services of these two "clowns" cost the hero of the occasion more than 20 thousand euros.

But it was only entertainers, even, perhaps, and witty. The main actors in the entertainment part of the day was the birth of the other, much more expensive in every sense of the stars.

They include actress and singer, by the way, is very popular thanks to the constant presence on TV screens Anastasia Makeyev. But it certainly eclipsed the idol of Russian fans of pop music Grigory Leps.

He sang some of his hits, taking as it does little for their level. They say that somewhere between 100 thousand in the European currency, and even allow guests to go along with him on stage on vocals. Perhaps, for a fee.

But he did not become the main surprise of the evening. The "creative" part of the banquet was crowned itself Diva domestic platform. Yes, yes, she is. Alla Pugacheva! Star also personally came to congratulate Alexander Brykina. How much is the greeting to the deputy, "got out", we can only guess.

Rumor has it, the average check for the singer of such presence is around 250 thousand euros.

After such a brilliant performance with a number of ball gymnast Margarita Mamun perceived already granted. Services that the current Olympic champion! She and pay-it was, by and large there is no need.

Who would dare even shy to ask for money from his boss. After Alexander Bryksin is Vice President of Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Even on the occasion of a banquet in some places mentioned dessert served on huge cake decorated with figurines of gymnasts-artists (it's understandable why) and the miners as a reminder of Bryksina hometown Kemerovo.

Father's daughter

I wish that Alexander Bryksin or not it discredit his name in connection with his beloved daughter. All representatives of gossip do not forget to unsubscribe in detail how to Elizabeth Bryksin left the famous St. Petersburg businessman Anton Petrov. Why did he leave. And because it is for the daughter-mazhorki just threw famous singer Maxim.

It happened a little over a year ago. It happens to everyone, many ask? Yes, but the fact is that the millionaire jeweler Maxim left one, when she was seven months pregnant. Since then, as they say, Petrov did not even asked any chores Maxim, nor the fate of her child. I not asked the question, and the newly-born father-Petrov. Oh, such a "calf tenderness" - this is definitely not about him!

Meager career stages

From Kemerovo, where Alexander Bryksin was born and raised, he left in his youth, but had poprobavat themselves in business. However, small-scale - selling Chinese consumer goods. But many oligarchs started. Apparently, when he created a start-up capital needed to build its future prosperity.

After that he moved Bryksin pozapadnee Siberia, where he engaged in more serious cases.

What exactly is hard to say - Bryksin always tried to hide their business ties. It is known that at one time he was the vice-president of Russian International Bank, and was a member of the Kursk Kurskrezinotekhnika factory's board of directors ", being both one of the principal owners. In connection with this company and I connected the loudest scandal. He broke out in the spring of last year. A whole group of workers of the enterprise (and in Kurskrezinotekhnika "work mainly women) went to an open conflict with the management and owners. In our time, and even a private enterprise it happens very rarely. After all, for disagreeing with the boss, you can fly with elementary work on the street. But the woman decided, and even caused the TV and press.

Just workers were desperate unbearable working conditions and boorish attitude toward them. Here it is necessary to clarify that the factory produces ingredients for the production of rubber. By itself, the work is very harmful and even dangerous.

However, as a member demarche believe it all a little worried about their current owners in the person of the deputy of the State Duma Mr. Bryksina. In the shops just can not breathe by exuding toxic chemicals present, and funds from the basic protection of working women no one gives out, they say, to survive as you know!

That's what they say on the subject of protest participants:

We have to assess the jobs indicated - says the compiler batches of plant ingredients №1 MCT Irina Episheva - that chemistry dangerous we do not work, heavy loads, we do not transfer them, dust normal.

However, in reality it looks far less rosy. Get at least the same chemistry ...

- There used to be all the European chemical, - tells the compiler batches of ingredients workshop №1 Nizhmakova Anna - now it is gradually replaced by Chinese. It is very toxic. If the European - quality. From it does not peel his hands, he did not burn the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, but now his hands are painted. The skin peels away with systematically.

And the person becomes a "miner". It does not save even a means of individual protection, entitled "Petal".

- A cotton-gauze bandage - outraged Anna Nizhmakova - A thin, through which I feel the taste, smell (chemical ingredients). With eyes closed, I can determine - where some bitter, some sweets, which burns everything.

- There poisoning - remember the woman - that's taken away in hospital.

Another problem - back pain. Women have to move on with his own shop multikilogram packaging with "chemistry".

- A bag of 25 kilograms. How can we explain - you do not have to pick them up. We can not find - who should. And they tell us. "You two"

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. But, instead of at least blush, apologize and do everything possible to rectify the situation at the factory, Mr. Bryksin zhiruet on their posh partying. These businesses now and in combination popularly elected "defenders" of the people themselves ...