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The brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev urgently "plug holes" in their owned PSB. According to, the CBR's audit revealed a shortage of reserves in this credit institution for a huge amount. If before the end of January Ananjev will not find the means, the bank can be sanitized.

A few well-informed sources of in the banking sector reported that the Central Bank, during the inspection of the PSB, revealed a gigantic "hole" amounting to tens of billions of rubles. Since this happened almost at the same time as the decision was made to reorganize BIN-Bank and Otkrytie Bank, the question arose about launching a similar procedure for Promsvyazbank. The brothers Ananyeva "vowed" promised "hole" urgently "shut up" and add additional missing reserves from their own capitals. As a result, the Central Bank appointed them the hour "X" - the beginning of 2018. If promises are not met by the end of January, the PSB can be sanitized.

Interlocutors told that after this the brothers went the path "paved" by the bank "Yugra". Promsvyazbank raised interest rates on certain deposits, accordingly, money flowed from the population into it. How to convert the funds of depositors into the bank's capital, Ananyev can tell a lot about the ex-owner of Yugra Alexei Khotin. However, the brothers and they themselves have considerable experience of such financial manipulations.

Also, according to sources, Ananyev sold a number of non-core assets and are preparing to sell others. However, in any case, by the established deadline they will not be able to plug even half of the "hole".

In theory, in such a situation, already now Ananiev could be forgiven with Promsvyazbank. This is well seen by international banking analysts. Thus, S & P revised the credit rating of Promsvyazbank in the direction of its decline from BB- to B +.

But analysts, apparently, do not know that Ananyeva, like Alexey Khotin in his time, prefers to solve similar problems with the help of ties. Even now, they do not so much "plug holes" as they work in the field of "solving". And it should be noted very successfully.

Ananjevs found "paths" to the two main "shredders" in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - deputy chairman Dmitry Tulin and Vasily Pozdyshev. The latter is famous for the fact that it has long been not considering questions about one-time gratitudes, but prefers to designate stable monthly payments, the so-called "abonentku."

As a result, Promsvyazbank received an interbank loan from the Central Bank of Russia for 150 billion rubles. At the same time, that usually such loans are provided for several days and then not for everyone. The bank of the Ananiev brothers suddenly received this loan for three months. The money will be written off from the accounts of Sberbank and VTB. Thus, it can be concluded that "Promsvyazbank" is saved at the expense of taxpayers.

That is, the loan is provided exactly for such a period that when the January check of the PSB, this money was still in the bank. In this regard, the interlocutors of believe that January Promsvyazbank will still survive successfully. But how much it still holds "afloat", it is extremely difficult to say. The same Khotin, thanks to his connections, managed to drag "Ugra" with an ever-growing giant "hole" for several years.

In any case, how many ropes do not curl .. For "Ugra" this "rope" has already ended. Sooner or later it will end for the PSB and its owners Ananyev.

In addition, the brothers have "pain points" that can cause a sharp discontent in the Kremlin. And then no Tulins and Pozdyshev will help.

For example, Ananievs together with Timofeyev Kurgin own two wholesale distribution centers (ORC) for long-term storage of food products in the Moscow region with a capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORCs are called "Four Seasons". As repeatedly told, Timofey Kurgin, an outspoken representative of criminal structures and his life is accompanied by all the attendant components: disassembly, arrows, gatherings, shooting, etc.

Also, Ananyev has a profitable company called Technoserv, which works under major contracts with the Defense Ministry and a number of special services. reported that investigators repeatedly identified the theft of gigantic amounts in the implementation of these contracts. However, every time Ananiev managed to "remove" representatives of "Technoserv" from criminal cases. But it can not go on forever.

Source: Rucriminal