The property of brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev, who owned 50.03% of shares of Promsvyazbank, arrested at the suit of PSB, said in the definition of the Moscow arbitration court. We are talking about assets worth more than 282.2 billion rubles. Under arrest were owned by Dmitry Ananiev 33% of shares in the company "PSB-MANAGEMENT", Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft and money in Bank accounts. In addition, all transactions with Russian real estate and four businessman's cars are prohibited. According to sources, followed by criminal cases. Now it is checking against a "child" Ananyeva company Technoserv. The work of operatives "through the roof". "Technoserv" received hundreds of millions from secret units of the interior Ministry, the defense Ministry and other departments. A significant part of these funds were stolen. Earlier, on these occasions, investigations were repeatedly conducted, then ananyevs were "on horseback" and went from responsibility. Now the situation has changed dramatically.  

 100% of the shares of Technoserv's belonged to was in the Netherlands Technoserv B. V., the Ultimate beneficiaries of the company are Alexey and Dmitry Ananeva. Despite the veneer of the apartment to the Church, Ananiev brothers obviously prone to non-divine business in the field of IT-technologies. And here for some reason they are constantly plagued by scandals and criminal cases. According to, the company "Technoserv" was involved in financial fraud with the money of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Ministry of defense. In 2014 the Moscow city court sentenced to probation former head of the Department of the GRU of the defense Ministry, Colonel Vladimir Philashihina, which concluded with Technoserv a contract for equipping three military units of encrypted communication and encryption equipment. The amount of the contract amounted to 44 million rubles, the contract was signed an additional agreement on the supply of the same equipment in eight military units in the amount of 80 million rubles. After that, it turned out that the terms of the contract were disrupted, Technoserv received several tens of millions of rubles more than the actual cost of the work, and the programs themselves were actually developed by experts of the Ministry of defense.  That is, "Technoserv" did almost nothing. Then ananyevs were still the richest people of the country, having many connections. As a result, they agreed that Technoserv is removed from the case, Filushin pleads guilty, but gets a little. And so it happened, Philashihina was found guilty of abuse of office and received four years in prison conditionally. Technoserv and Ananiev brothers took on the responsibility.

In 2015 the Tagansky court of Moscow considered criminal case of the former chief of the Center of the customer-the Builder of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Maresov who was accused of misuse of 42 million rubles of budgetary funds. The money was intended for the creation of a "Unified information and Telecommunication System of the internal Affairs bodies". By information, in 2008, the interior Ministry signed a contract with the company "Technoserv", owned by the brothers Ananiev, 260 million rubles. IT - company has committed to deliver an automated system of financial resources management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. Documents for payment of bills signed by the head of the center of customer-Builder of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Marasov and his Deputy Sergey Toporov. As the Investigative Committee of Russia found out, high-ranking police officers unreasonably paid "Technoserv" 42.5 million rubles, allegedly for training of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs how to use the delivered equipment. In reality, there was no training.

Sources say such stories with "Technoserv" complete. And these stories may soon turn into criminal cases that lead to Ananiev.


To be continued

Arseny Drones