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Former chairman of the board of the company "RusHydro" Eugene Dodu changed the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest. According to investigators, in 2014, he overestimated himself an annual bonus of 73 million rubles. To make it possible, thanks to the fact that Dod "pririsoval" for profit "RusHydro" in 2013 to 7 billion rubles (its premium dependent on income). The representative of the TFR said that the investigation does not concern the current management team "RusHydro" and involves individuals who previously were related to the company (Dod left his post in August 2015). According, during the investigation in the TFR there were many questions to another "former" - now ex-member of "Rosgidro 'board of directors, but is still applicable to the governor of Khakassia Viktor Zimin. And at the same time to his "puppeteer" - the head of administration of the head of the republic Vladimir Byzova. The first - was on friendly terms with Dod and alleged "fake" the financial statements "RusHydro" to "draw" a profit. Instead Dod allowed Zimin family structures make big "pharynx" from the "river" of budget funds received for the restoration of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant (HPP NL). Byzov, in the time of the disaster led the economic security department of FSB of Khakassia and its direct responsibilities included expose corruption schemes by Zimin and Dod. However, it is "closed" to the eye, so quickly moved from "chair" Chekist mid-level official in the chair and became the second man in the region, if not the first. Before the New Year Byzov was arrested on corruption charges. And, according to, along with actively cooperating with the investigation Dod, ready to talk about a lot of Zimin and his family. And at the same time of Khakassia Prosecutor Denis Popov, who sleeps and sees the continuation of his future career in Moscow.


"I will punish them billions"

In 2016, Viktor Zimin announced a real information war to the federal center, and his statements in their field can be compared only with the statements of Dzhokhar Dudayev, when he demanded the separation of Chechnya from Russia. Here are excerpts from the fiery speeches head of the region facing the population of the republic and his subordinates: "We will not allow" RusHydro "to deal with us as with the natives," "Buried, children learned, the people lost, threw all the resources the country. Now they sat, consulted and say - we do not need representatives of Khakassia "; "We have a lot to turn a blind eye, I suggest them to open"; "Think of everything - from the land flooded by reservoirs and toxic phenols water sub-wood, to mist and water suspended in the atmosphere due to the freezing ceased after the construction of the dam of the Yenisei"; "Count and show them all the way up to flight delays and cancellations due to fog in Abakan airport. Expose them to claims for billions. "

         Such an angry reaction from Zimin was the fact that it pushed by the beloved "feeders" of recent years-not included in the composition of the Board of Directors of "RusHydro". Recall that the main owner (66.8%) of the company is the Russian Federation and all the solutions in the "RusHydro" are accepted by the state in the interests of the Russian state. Thus, the fiery speeches of the "natives", "buried us," "Total Recall", "get billions" - directed against the Russian Federation, which includes Khakassia.

It is worth noting that for all communication with the media have responded Vladimir Zimin Byzov. It was he who decided which of the governor's statements fall into ribbons local news agencies, the "build" of journalists, and so on. D. The purpose of all these threats was one. Making the federal center or return to a favorite Zimin "manger" and restore the board "RusHydro", or select another Khakassia billion tranche of budgetary funds. That will help the family Zimin compensate financial losses incurred after its exclusion from the state-owned company.

         However, the "game", this is very dangerous. It is known that the Kremlin on such blackmail lately react also explicitly removed the source of blackmail from the post. Suffice it to recall the resignation of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin.

         As Zimin Byzov and "ruthless" to the federal government, because they remember the tender love Evgeny Daudet. Here are the statements of the former Zimin predpravleniya "RusHydro", made shortly before his arrest and when he was already in rapid development of the FSB: "We decided to disregard the fact that the representative of the Republic shall be the Board of Directors. I do not need to know the investment program of the company. Why? We constantly saw their profit planning, how much money will go to social needs. And much has been done by the former head of Yevgeny Dod. I would like to personally thank him "; "And let those promises were oral, but Yevgeny Dod served them. A new leadership RusHydro forgotten about them. I try to remind them about it. ""

         And now it is time to move on to perform some "verbal" promises requires Zimin and why he is so fond of and Byzova Evgeny Dod.

As Khakass security officers fought with holes in fences

Evgeny Dod took over as chairman of the "RusHydro" in November 2009 years- two months after at SS HPP accident that killed 75 people. At the time of the accident, Viktor Zimin was governor of Khakassia (HPP is a big part of the territory of the region), and Vladimir Byzov headed the economic security department of Federal Security Service of the Republic of Khakassia. It includes in its structure unit, designated by the letter "P", which deals with counter-intelligence provision of large enterprises. In Khakassia such enterprises is not too much, so the main "object" for Byzova department was just HPP. Also counterintelligence other law enforcers to get there at all difficult, as the custodial facility. However, under close tutelage Byzova, state power has been brought to such a disaster that happened there. Her reasons were not clear at first, considered a terrorist act version. From which Khakassia FSB preferred to quickly disown, and understandably so. Otherwise, the agency leadership in the region would have flew down from their posts, including the most Byzova. By a strange coincidence, right after the accident at the hydroelectric department headed Byzova, Moscow began to fill up a report on its successful efforts to protect other objects Khakassia from the terrorist threat. These reports can only be compared with finotchetami Evgeny Dod profit HPP.

         In fact subordinate Byzova began one by one to write prescriptions boiler and so on. N. That insufficient security measures are taken there. But in reports to Moscow, there was no specifics, just the bare figures, saying that the FEC on so many sites identified and eliminated signs of terrorist threats. For ponimaenie as Byzov "fighting terrorism" after HPP accident, here is an excerpt from an act of his deputy: "According to the report on the audit of the state anti-terrorist protection boiler GPTU LLC" TEPLORESURS "deputy head of the economic security department of the Russian Federal Security Service of the Republic of Khakassia regulating safety and antiterrorist security of fuel and energy facilities: on boiler GPTU "Heat-resource" LLC at the time of writing there are no engineering and technical means of protection: protective metal window constructions for vulnerabilities, dividing warning signs or prohibiting signs ... "etc...

Where to find a hole in the fence counterintelligence where you forget to hang the sign "No Trespassing!". These are the "achievements" of the department Byzova submitted to Moscow as a successful operation. At the very same Byzova appeared more interesting goal - to cover up the theft of the budget. On the SS HPP (via "RusHydro") began to receive budget funds for the elimination of consequences of the accident. And mastered these tools just Dod and Zimin, who quickly became good friends. Moreover, with the filing of the head of Doda Khakassia was incorporated with the composition of "RusHydro", the Board of Directors (although he loves all Zimin told each version- the board he allegedly hit by Vladimir Putin's personal instruction).

         Brother gubernatora- partner, not freeloader

To get the board "RusHydro" Zimin was very necessary not only to generate new profits, but also to preserve the former. First of all he cared about his family members Alexander Alexandrovich Wittmann. He himself seems to all cousin Zimin, is constantly in the office of the governor and is the "staring" at the head of region Sayanogorsk. The city can not survive almost no one company, if it is not put into their founders or subcontractors of Wittmann and he called the structure. Those who do not just survive soglasen- of Khakassia. Here, as described by their similar history major Krasnoyarsk businessman Victor Panyushkin, who decided to start a business in Sayanogorsk, "the spring of 2010 had the pleasure of meeting some Wittmann AA who introduced cousin VM Zimin Whitman offered to become a partner, I naturally refused to "free-riders" and this is where it all started, the prosecutor's check, the authorities disagreed, meetings and so on. D. ".

         In a similar situation at the time it was Sergey Ivanovich Burkov- known and honored builder, co-owner of JSC "Sayan basic management structures". This company is a contractor for the construction of shore spillway at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPS project with a budget of 10 billion and is constantly growing. After a conversation with Wittmann, which developed the script, as well as a conversation with Panyushkin, suddenly came to light of "dam". The founders of the company have become a cousin of the governor and of "power plant" owned Burkov. Immediately after this "dam" Ltd. has become a major subcontractor for the project construction of the shore spillway, in particular postavyatsya concrete. Another subcontractor was sold to OOO "UMS", belonging to Wittmann. Soon (in May 2010), following the accident at the SS HPP, Burkov at the age of 57 years he died under very strange circumstances. After that Whitman is completely captured "dam" and began to simply survive the widow and heiress Elena Burkova of "EMS."

Zimin believes billions and drug addicts work

This happened at the same time, Viktor Zimin entered the "RusHydro", the Board of Directors, and the government decided to allocate only in 2010 to restore the SS HPP 10.9 billion rubles (a total of 40 billion rubles), and on the shore spillway - 3 5 billion rubles. And among contractors to rebuild the station turned out to be the same, "EMS", and among the subcontractors - "Dam" and "UMC". And the money for the Coast reset so flowed into the pockets of a cousin of the governor.

         As Whitman worked for the restoration of the structure SS HPP and construction of coastal discharge reports indicate UFSKN for Khakassia. So, in the same 2010 he was arrested by operatives of LLC "Dam" driver pumping systems, the sale of party gashisha.Pri that he too was "obkurennym" It turned out that this man has combined his work on the restoration of SS HPP drug trafficking. . But the main buyers were the other employees "Dams" and "EMS". Soon UFSKN officers descended on the place of the construction of the coastal relief and took 17 employees "EMS" and "Dam" to be checked. Some of them were in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication. And the one working all right before going out on the object itself injected morphine.

However, it is possible that the workers did not relax and just "mastered" salary obtained foolishness? The fact that, as established Federal Service for Labour and Employment in the Siberian Federal District, real money workers LLC "Dam" is almost never seen. After numerous complaints of employees who worked at the school vossnanovlenie HPP and construction of coastal relief, Whitman repeatedly brought to administrative liability. But the situation did not izmenilas- workers have not received salaries. Moreover, successfully mastered the money earmarked for work associated with the SS HPP, Whitman declared LLC "Dam" and LLC "UMS" bankrupt, leaving them with debts in the tens of millions of rubles. Following with his help was bankrupt "EMS" - once (at Burkova) is one of the most successful enterprises in Sayanogorsk with the staff more than 2,000 people.

         Since filing Zimin and Doda shortly after the accident at the SS HPP were born of "Directorate of restoration and reconstruction of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP." The Board of Directors 'management' includes only two employees of "RusHydro" and the most prominent place there was a deputy Andrei Zimin Novoselov. Concrete Supplier for work at SS HPP is the company "Bamtonnelstroy ', which previously led the other vice-governor of Khakassia Alexander Golyshev.

         After the accident at the hydroelectric metal scrap parts, wires, concrete lessons c crash site was delivered on a piece of land in the tract "Charles log", which was leased by the SS HPP. A year after the incident, in September 2010, the district prosecutor Beysky suddenly demanded "RusHydro" to eliminate the contamination of the site. "RusHydro" quickly found a contractor for the metal recycling in the face of two firms with the same name - LLC "Prommetall" - but different TIN. They signed contracts worth over 100 million rubles. One of "Prommetall" 60% owned by the wife of the head of Khakassia Tatiana Nikolaevna Zimin. Other OOO "Prommetall" 60% belonged to Catherine Dmitrievna Primolennoy - the chief accountant of the farm Zimin daughter.

         "Prommetall" very actively undertook to export tons of metal, "Charles Logan". Just do not recycle. Customs officers found that steel, the rest after the accident, "Prommetall" under the guise of junk sold in China.

The bureaucratic seat in exchange for "blindness"

It is understood that the past led the "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod all these pranks could not pass unnoticed. Well then you will not notice: that the restoration of hydroelectric power station and the construction of the onshore discharge completely zadeystovany company related to Zimin; that the relatives of the head of Khakassia, or sent to work stoned addicts, or does not pay staff salaries. And, of course, all this could not pass by Vladimir Byzova that line on the FSB was to identify and stop all these cases. But both were, as the financial interests of what is happening, and others.

         Evgeny Dod, as established by the RF IC, "invented" fabulous profits "RusHydro", thanks to which could inflate the premiums currently tens of millions of rubles. However, this trick was impossible without reliable allies from among the members of the Board of Directors "RusHydro". So finotchet for 2013, which, according to the investigation was "lime", approved and adopted Viktor Zimin, a member of the state-owned company board of directors. And if he was hinting about it, when was blackmailing "RusHydro" and angrily said: "We always saw their profits ... and much has been done by the former head of Yevgeny Dod. I would like to personally thank him. "

         In turn, Vladimir Byzov ambitious, knew that had stayed in the chair Chekist middle managers. A closing eyes on the tricks of Zimin and Doda was clearly progarantirovano him an interesting offer. And soon, this offer was fulfilled - in September 2011 he was appointed Deputy Head of Administration of the Head of the Republic of Khakassia, and after three years became the head of the administration.

Career rise Byzova explained not only by the fact that he has a serious service and Zimin Dodu. Byzov has always been in good standing, and the chief of SEB FSB Yuri Yakovlev, with the filing of which many security officers become top managers of banks, large businesses and officials. However, in the summer of 2016 Yakovlev filed resignation. And they built a little empire crumble. This explains the arrest and Evgeny Dod. And what Byzov did not know about the impending arrest the former head of "RusHydro". Otherwise, he, along with his boss Zimin so strongly and publicly praised. And, of course, would Byzom himself behind Dod, I did not go to jail. It is not difficult to guess who is next in line in jail - Wittmann and Zimin. Well, the story deserves a separate prosecutor Denis Popov Khakassia. His glorious biography and millions of dollars in assets, recorded at his wife, with whom Popov allegedly divorced, will be discussed in the near future.

Source: Rucriminal