The war of the brothers has been going on for many years. In the fighting, relatives, officials, deputies and law enforcement agencies are involved. The brothers exchange accusations of fraud for billions of rubles. Courts go one after another. And here on Ekaterinburg the hearing has spread. Sergei Elizarov is ready to pay 20 million rubles. The silovik, to close his brother under any pretext. And the business of the brothers began, really, in a brotherly way. And then nothing in the 90s did not foreshadow war. Arkady just returned from the army and decided to do business. The times were hard, and my father advised Arkady to work with his brother. Still, my own, and seven years older.


The brothers chose the alcoholic direction, distributing their duties. Arkady engaged in the organization of the trade process, Sergei - documentation and accounting. By the year 2000. Their joint company "Rus" has become a major holding company in the wholesale and retail trade of alcohol.


Gradually, the brothers' business expanded. To the alcoholic, construction and rent direction were added. In the absence of large storage facilities, the brothers began to build them themselves. And rent out to other entrepreneurs.


And in 2009. In one of the terminals of Elizarov, it was decided to hold an exhibition "Innoprom", which was to become a visiting card of Ekaterinburg and make it speak about the whole country.


The terminal had to be urgently completed, the brothers coped with the task on time. Yes, so that the federal ministers went and wondered how in such a short time the terminal turned into a real exhibition complex. It would seem that both success and recognition came to the brothers. And later Elizarov will face a cloudless future.


The first blow of Sergey


However, very soon in the arena of fraternal relations fighting began. And the oldest brother, Sergei, started the war. To restore the trade direction, it was necessary to take a loan for an amount that was very small for the company of Elizarov.


However, Sergei said that he was not interested in the trade direction. And he will develop the rental business. Only one - without Arcadia. Sergey's statement sounded for Arkady like a bolt from the blue. It, in principle, was the first shot in the war of the two brothers.


Suspecting nothing, Arkady decided to act independently. How could he, and he was the founder and director in all companies of Elizarov. And suddenly ... found that he had not been so for a long time. It turns out that Sergei has long led against Arkady undeclared war.


Arkady Yelizarov (right)


5 years ago, in 2006, Sergei due to access to documents, increased his share in all firms to the control. And he carefully concealed this for 4 years, while waiting for the deadline to pass.


The deceitful act of his brother was a real blow for Arkady, because it was not caused by anyone, but by a native person, a member of the family whom Arkady trusted completely and completely. And it turned out that where money is said, fraternal feelings die.


The most terrible thing is that Sergei struck not only on Arcadia. With this blow, he destroyed all of their family, because the mother sided with Sergei, and Arkady now almost does not communicate with her. Father by that time had already died, there was no one to reconcile the brothers.


Perhaps Sergey was pushed to the war by his wife Eugene, who seemed to have little earning. She also quarreled with Arkady's wife with his mother, and then with Arkady and Sergei. But she became the owner of shares in companies, apartments and cars.


With Eugene, everything is clear, she was driven by greed. But how could Sergei betray his brother, with whom he lived his whole life? It's in the head of a normal person does not fit at all.


Return of Arkady


Quite legitimately considering himself robbed, Arkady for two years tried to persuade Sergei to return shares in business. However - to no avail. Then he wrote a statement to the police at Sergei. And at this time, their lawyers fought in arbitration courts, which are at the same time about three dozen.


In 2015 Yekaterinburg's district court acquitted Sergei Yelizarov, who was accused of stealing from his brother Arkady assets of 1 billion rubles. According to the investigation, Sergey blurred his brother's share in the logistics company in his favor.


During the trial both the representatives of the injured party and the representatives of the prosecution considered the guilt of Sergey Elizarov to be proven. The prosecutor's office in the debate asked the defendant for 6 years of imprisonment. However, Sergei Elizarov managed to escape punishment. The court considered that the transactions were of civil law character.


Who will strike next?


Arkady does not intend to retreat. He rightfully considers himself a victim. Its representatives intend to appeal the verdict of the court. Moreover, two more such cases against Sergei Yelizarov are in the preliminary stage of the proceedings. And what will be his result for Sergei, it is not known.


Apparently, feeling the smell of fried and his guilt, Sergey Elizarov decided to strike a preemptive blow. And in fact for a bribe to the official to find any reason for the arrest of his brother.


I wonder what Sergei means by the word "any"? Most likely, for him it is synonymous with the word "illegal". Because all the actions of Sergei Elizarov in this story are illegal.


Someday the war between the brothers will end anyway. Only they brothers, in all likelihood, will never again become.


Sergey Elizarov himself chose his fate. And has long been a toy in the hands of money. For the sake of profit, he destroyed the brotherly ties, the family, and lost the respect of others. Thanks to the war, he also smeared his brother's honest name, so her course is constantly being discussed in different circles.


Is there really nothing sacred for Sergei Elizarov? But Arkady often suggested that he come to an agreement. Does Sergei want to go to the end? Let him go. Maybe this road will lead him to a well-deserved sentence.