The story of the shootout on Rochdelskaya may take a new turn. A source familiar with the case file said that the criminal case against police officer Denis Romashkin was falsified by the former head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District, chief Alexander Bukach and his HR assistant Sergei Solod. The police decided to shove the blame on an ordinary employee by forging documents on the temporary performance of his duties as the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Presnensky OMVD.

Кенес Ракишев

 In reality, on the day the shootout took place, Romashkin was an operative at the Khamovniki Department of Internal Affairs, and the search was headed by Captain Zakharin. At the direction of one of the heads of the police department, Romashkin was forced to join the criminal case against the lawyer Budantsev, as the interim chief of the search. This information, even before the policeman was brought to justice, was transferred to the investigators of the capital's department of the TFR. Nobody began to understand the situation and the case was sent to court. According to the source, Judge Vasyuchenko sent inquiries to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as part of the judicial investigation. In response, she received orders and salary statements, from which it was clear that Romashkin was an operative on the day of the shootout, received a salary as an opera, was at work and had to fulfill his duties. Despite this, Vasyuchenko passed a guilty verdict against Romashkin, while she did not assess other documents that appeared later, at the stage of the investigation. These orders and statements were drawn by the police chiefs at the direction of General Bukach and Solod. Incidentally, it was they who put pressure on the officers who gave false testimony in court. In the process, the judge illegally substantiated Romashkin's official position with Articles 72.2 and 61 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In fact, Vasyuchenko appointed Romashkin as the head of the search retroactively. All these cunning schemes were built to conceal the illegal dismissal of Romashkin and devalue his testimony against the lawyer Budantsev. Strange, but so far this situation for some reason has not interested the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov and the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin.

Жанна Ким

The main scriptwriter of the blockbuster, which changed the configuration in the law enforcement agencies and the criminal world, was the oligarch from Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev. The millionaire completely confused the case and involved representatives of the law enforcement agencies in it, many of whom still cannot cleanse themselves of their sins. In December 2015, at the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street, there was a conflict between a former FSB officer, lawyer Budantsev, his people, and the fighters of "authority" Andrei Kochuikov (Italian). Kochuikov is known in the criminal world as the right hand of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro molodoy). After the shootout, the Italian ended up in a pre-trial detention center, from where they tried to rescue him for a bribe to the ICR officers. The shootout, which grew out of the usual everyday conflict between the owner of the "Elements" Zhanna Kim and designer Fatima Misikova, was the landing of Shakro Molodoy and high-ranking officials of the Investigative Committee. The culprit of stirring up the conflict is obvious - this is Kenes Rakishev, a close friend of Zhanna Kim. It was with his submission that Budantsev was involved in the dispute between economic entities, who opened fire to kill from an award weapon. To justify the use of military weapons and to divert criminal punishment from the FSB lawyer, a strategy was developed, which later grew into a multi-move combination and was used to discredit the top of the TFR.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov