The TFR stepped up work on the Moscow City massacre case. As a source told, the Basmanny Court, at the request of the investigation, decided to arrest Abubakar Abakarov in absentia, an active participant in the massacre on the side of the security guards of billionaire Gabriel Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala). This is necessary in order to declare Abakarov on the international wanted list - he is hiding abroad. Abakarov is a close friend of Magomed Ismailov (Cobra), the head of Yushvaev's security, who has already been sentenced to 16 years. But this may not be the last verdict for Cobra. Together with the same Abakarov, on the orders of Yushvaev, he participated in a showdown with authoritative immigrants from Chechnya, which led to the fact that one of the latter, Akhmed Shakhbiev, was fired upon on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and was wounded.

The source says that in the near future the TFR should determine the procedural status in this case of the former first deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow, Sergei Sinyagovsky, the son of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vladimir Sinyagovsky. According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, he covered up the arrested investigator Aghajanyan and admitted that he had not followed the instructions of the prosecutor's office. It should be reminded that Agadzhanyan, who was in charge of the Moscow City massacre case, fabricated the materials so that the victims, the fighters of the Russian Guard, turned into the accused. And the attackers - the guards of the authoritative businessman Gabriel Yushvaev - became victims. Aghajanyan is now in custody, but he was not acting alone, he was helped by leaders, among whom was Sinyagovsky. For a long time he avoided communicating with investigators. And then he appeared in the TFR and tried to protect his subordinate: he explained the "forgetfulness" of the important investigator Aghajanyan by the fact that "the so-called cleaning of the scene was carried out by both sides of the conflict." However, Sinyagovsky did not disclose the source of information about the "cleansing" operation, referring to "operational information". During the same interrogation, Sinyagovsky testified that “during the investigation of the criminal case, despite the prosecutor's requests to eliminate violations of federal legislation, he did not take any actions aimed at discussing the qualifications of the participants in the crime and others, which were indicated in the prosecutor's demands, did not undertake ". Sinyagovsky also told that the instruction to initiate a criminal case against Yakobson (a fighter of the Russian Guard) had been received from Sergei Prokonov, head of the Department of Procedural Control over the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Синяговский прибыл на допрос в СКР

Sinyagovsky behaved in exactly the same way in the case of bribes for ICR officers for the release of the authority of Andrei Kochuikov (Italian), in which he was a figurant and got out only thanks to the connections of an influential father. If this time Sinyagovsky also shirks responsibility, the Russian law enforcement system will lose the rest of its trust.

As for the episode with the shelling on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, according to the correspondent, the events developed as follows.

In the spring of 2014, Shamkhan Shahbiyev, at that time the No. 1 Chechen collector from the President Hotel, came to the attention of a businessman whose business partners believed that he owed them several million dollars. Once the Chechen collectors came to the office of a merchant to take him to the President Hotel, where they intended to dot the i's on the issue of debt. However, they were in for a surprise in the form of a dozen athletes from Dagestan, headed by Magomed Ismailov, Abubakar Abakarov, etc. It turned out that the businessman has long been familiar with the authoritative Dagestani billionaire, known in certain circles as Garik Makhachkala. When a friend had problems, Makhachkala sent his sportsmen to help him.

Магомед Исмаилов

The latter were able to defend the merchant from the Chechen collectors. However, a conflict situation arose that threatened to escalate into a bloody criminal war. They managed to avoid it thanks to the intervention of persons who have influence both on Garik Makhachkala and on Shamkhan Shakhbiyev.

This story did not end there. In the summer of 2014, fate brought Akhmed Shakhbiyev (a relative of Shamkhan Shahbiyev) and at the same time a member of his team, as well as Cobra together with his retinue, in one of the capital's nightclubs. The latter, rather unsuccessfully, began to joke about how the Dagestani athletes, without any problems, recaptured the merchant from the Chechen collectors. A relative of Shakhbiev also went in for sports professionally, so he won over Cobra in hand-to-hand combat.

The response was not long in coming. In July 2014, the "winner" of a fight in a restaurant was driving with his family in a car along Kutuzovsky Prospekt when they opened fire on it. Relatives of the residents of Chechnya were not injured, but he himself received several gunshot wounds. There already persons who have influence on Shakhbiev did not restrain him.

A few days later, Shamkhan's fighters broke into the "Artist" club. This establishment was chosen by not by chance. There you can constantly meet Dagestani athletes. For example, a frequent guest of the club is the world champion in combat sambo Rasul Mirzaev (Black Tiger), who was convicted of a blow that caused the fatal fall of student Ivan Agafonov. Cobra was also a frequent visitor to the club.

Not finding the Dagestanis, the Chechen collectors opened fire with pistols at the ceiling and walls. Soon, four suspects were arrested. Later, Shamkhan Shahbiyev was also taken into custody as the organizer of the attack on the club.

All natives of Chechnya were sentenced to different terms. No complaints were raised against Kobra and other Yushvaev's guards at that time.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued