March 23 marks the 8th anniversary of the death of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky. On this day in 2013, security guard Avi Navam (a former Mossad agent) found the chief's body on the floor in a locked bathtub in a house located in the village of Ascot, Berkshire, near London. Nearby was a torn neck scarf. Berezovsky died of strangulation. Coroner Peter Bedford, after several years of investigation, issued an open verdict on the circumstances of the death, stating that it was impossible to reliably establish the circumstances of Berezovsky's death. The main version is suicide. The oligarch's son-in-law Yegor Shuppe said that in the last months before his death, Berezovsky was depressed, he had little contact with relatives and friends. Throughout the week before his death, Berezovsky had several heart attacks. In the last months before his death, Berezovsky, according to the testimony of the guard, often spoke with different people about suicide.

However, such allegations are denied by the source, who at one time was the best friend of Boris Berezovsky, they started a business together, they parted not that badly, but with a “sediment”. “Shortly before Boris's death, I was in Israel, and one of the restaurants ran into him. He was with another young girl, he was beaming all over, he was just in a great mood. We would embrace, chat for a long time, remember the past. I joked: "Come on, come and visit me in Moscow." Boris laughed for a long time and replied: "Well, no, you'd better come to me." I saw Boris in different life situations and I can say with confidence that he did not have any depression. On the contrary, he is full of strength and in an excellent mood, ”said our interlocutor.

As for the testimony about "conversations with different people about death," then, having studied the "archive of Beredovsky's wiretaps", which is at the disposal of, it is fashionable to find such phrases in almost every conversation. Berezovsky and Chubais are discussing yet another fierce political war waged by the oligarch. The conversation is notable for the fact that during it the usually self-possessed Chubais calls Yuri Luzhkov a "shit-eater." And suddenly, completely incomprehensible to what, Berezovsky says ":" Probably, my time is up. "

And here is a recording of a conversation between Boris Berezovsky and one of his closest people, Nikolai Glushkov. The latter also died under mysterious circumstances. On the evening of March 12, 2018, his body was found in an apartment on the outskirts of London on Avenue Clarence with signs of strangulation.

   On the tape, Glushkov informs Berezovsky about the report of the then top officials of the Russian special services - Korzhakov and Barsukov - to President Boris Yeltsin. They said that the "LogoVAZ" group had no money and its owners could be "killed". “Well, they will sort it out with everyone (meaning themselves - Ed.), I have no doubt about that,” the oligarch says sadly.

We bring to your attention a transcript of the conversation between Berezovsky and Chubais.

     B: Ale.


H: Ale?


B: Yes, yes.


H: Boris Abramovich!


B: Yes, I'm listening.


D: So I continue to ponder ...


B: Yes.


D: And I have something more doubt than positive. So what counter-arguments ...


B: Yes.


D: Well, actually, one main counterargument.


B: Yes.


D: All this would be nice if not for our common fund. This is, in fact, a strategy of how to catch the enemy on the move, strengthen him, and in the same direction, as it were, swing and win.


B: Yes.


D: But the buildup itself, which appears here, ...


B: Yes.


D: It seems painful to me in terms of the consequences. Especially against the background of our next week, with all the things, there since November 5, with all-Russian strikes and so on and so on ...


B: Everything is calculated. Here, I tell you, one of ... exactly from these positions, and argue. This means that it will be very difficult for us to explain it like this, but they don’t hear. And what is heard - this act is heard, right? And everything else is much less audible. Nobody made any statements there officially, right?


D: No, just this fact is not very audible.


B: This fact is very audible.


D: This fact is only, therefore, in the news, and nothing more ...


B: Her.


R: If the day ends with a comment about the trip, that is, about the business part.


B: Yeah.


D: Not about, then, who accused whom of what, who said what about whom, what new scandal arose with Berezovsky. Instead, just what Berezovsky was actually doing that day. That is, there is a kind of transition from a scandalous plane to a completely working plane, without strengthening the scandalous component.


B: You see, here we are now, as it were, here is Igor Milashenko.


H: Yes.


B: And Dobrodeev.


H: Yes.


B: So Igor is against this idea. Igor is against this idea, and Dobrodeyev is for it.


H: I see.


B: So, at the same time, we have now assessed, in fact, we, counterparts, cannot do any serious scandal, because the first one will not be able to work out, he went, right, so he must be silent. Nobody will put on NTV either, so only the second will work, right? Ale!


H: What? What to work out

B: Well, this information. Really.


H: What kind of "this", I did not understand.


B: Well, here's the one that I just told you.


D: Oh, this one ...


B: Yes.


H: Yes.


B: That is, it will be weak enough, and therefore it is just good. But on this, as I do for myself ...


H: Wow, the second channel for the whole country.


B: No, it's weak anyway. I’ll tell you. But with that, how can we get the editor-in-chief's commentary, right? They will comment on this. And with great pleasure. But this is very important. Izvestia, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Moskovsky Komsomolets ... Got it, right?


D: Yes, in my opinion, this is all wrong. These are all Moscow tricks, these are all the chief editors that no one in Russia reads. For the country as a whole, another half of the country learns about what, what does it mean, he left, as it was said, that in general they were completely "brutalized", damn it, then the refutation will reach half of those who heard about the first ... , superfluous, superfluous elements of the buildup, which, in our general background, in my opinion, are now extremely risky. Extremely risky. In my opinion, a smart tactic is to generally reduce the scale of the event, which I asked Igor and Oleg to do. Reduce the scale of the event, and go to the content part, comments on which on the content have been made.


B: Good. Let's do it then, we'll think about it now, I accept your arguments, I accept. It's just that the idea is beautiful, and that's why ...


D: I understand, I understand that perfectly. (Berezovsky chuckles) You see, if there were, if there was an election campaign, this kind of thing is exactly what we need, and since instead of an election campaign there is an all-Russian strike (Chubais grins, Berezovsky laughs out loud) on the fifth.


B: Okay, so let me think some more if you don't mind.


D: Okay.


B: Anyway, like, my time is running out, huh? As long as I have a flight, right?


H: Yeah.


B: Well, and if you will, then, well, I don't know, or Igor or Oleg then, I don't know, will argue this or that position, okay?


D: Come on, well, I’m actually, I’ll leave in the morning, so as you decide, you decide, but just add my voice to Igor, I have ...


B: (interrupts) Thank you, I’ll tell you now, I’ll voice what you said. Anatoly Borisovich, then, now further, how do you look at if tomorrow, right before your departure, or ... well, yes, a camera will appear there? Is it bad or not?


H: So, journalists are flying with me.


B: Ah, everything is clear. Well, it is very important that you are together with Yuri Mikhailovich?


D: Well yes, yes, yes.


B: That is, all this will be, as it were (inaudible).


D: Yes, that's the only reason I'm flying with this shit-eater.


B: (laughs) I am now ...


D: You are waiting for the situation to calm down


B: Absolutely, absolutely ... Yes, by the way, another idea appeared there, you still need to appear together with Viktor Stepanovich several times.


D: Yes, I agree.


B: Yes, well, it’s like a number of ideas, now we have already thought about it ...


D: Listen, if I show up with Yuri Mikhailovich, the rest is easy for me ...


B: (interrupts, laughs) Yes, yes, yes. I talked to him right now, curious, well, this is when we met ...


H: Huh?


B: We will discuss it at the meeting.


D: Okay, okay.


B: All the best, Anatoly Borisovich.


D: Ah, well, happy.


B: Thank you. Happily.


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov