Source: continues to acquaint the reader with the "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. Today we will continue to acquaint readers with numerous recordings of conversations between Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky. Earlier, we have already cited a record on which two oligarchs argue about the correctness of Berezovsky’s decision to renounce Israeli citizenship. Roman Abramovich also connects to the conversation. Berezovsky asked him about the head of Israel, Natanyahu, and Abramovich said that Natanyahu was a US citizen and the Secretary of Defense was a US citizen, but by the time of election they had renounced American citizenship.

On another record you can hear how the TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselev “serves” the air with Gusinsky and Berezovsky. Berezovsky thanks Kiselev for the “necessary” transmission. Sings praises. Kiselev assented. Gusinsky connects and asks about how they beat MK in the program. Berezovsky agrees, which is very good, and says that you need to get out from under the bushes and beat them (MK) in full force. Sergey Dorenko will be engaged in this the other day.

This time, will produce two entries.

At the first one, you can hear Berezovsky talking with Badri Patarkatsishvili and at the same time gaining Gusinsky. When the latter answers the phone, Berezovsky tells Gusinsky that he has information that Ram (Gazprom’s head Ram Vyakhirev - Ed.) Relies on the National Reserve Bank (this bank belonged to banker Alexander Lebedev-Ed.) And invests 800 million there. “This is Vavilov,” Gusinsky explains. (We are talking about the then Deputy Minister of Finance-Ed.). However, he believes that Vyakhirev does not have that much money. Berezovsky believes that the head of Gazprom has such an amount. “Let's not calculate if he has 800 or 500. The fact is that there are many,” Berezovsky notes. Gusinsky agrees and asks Berezovsky’s proposal. He does not have them yet. Gusinsky clarifies: “Does Ram want to go in there?” And he gets an affirmative answer. “I think that all this is the work of Vavilov, because he is friends with Lebedev,” sums up the conversation Gusinsky.

“Hello, Volodechka,” - with these words Berezovsky begins the second record published by The oligarch wonders with Gusinsky whether he will go to the club. “I will not go to the club out of shape. And you would have stopped by 15 minutes, ”Gusinsky replies. But Berezovsky does not want without Gusinsky. From the words of the latter, it becomes clear that the oligarchs were planning to have fun with the girls or, as Gusinsky put it, singing ... fucking. “Andrei was talking with Rem right now (it’s about the head of Gazprom, Rem Vyakhirev-Ed.), There is purely bureaucracy and there are no other problems. He does not have time to look and sign, ”Gusinsky goes on to business. Berezovsky does not believe. Agree to discuss at a meeting. Berezovsky wonders who won the election in Israel. Gusinsky says that Netanyahu and gives his expert opinion on this matter: “Damn No, we all the same will be fine. But it’s not good for the country. It will be a purely pro-American policy, full of fuck .. They will turn us on x ... I saw both of them yesterday. There were interests and everything will be fine. ”

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov