Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska in the London Court of Appeal lost to the former head of VEB, the former Deputy Minister of Finance Vladimir Chernukhin. In 2017, Mr. Chernukhin appealed to the International Arbitration Court in London, accusing Mr. Deripaska of an unfriendly takeover of the Trekhgornaya manufactory. Arkady Sargsyan led Oleg Deripaska's right-hand raider capture, he even got on video. According to sources, since the 90s, Sargsyan has been covering Deripaska through law enforcement, special services and the mafia, and at the same time has been carrying out military operations for the oligarch.

The court sided with the plaintiff and ordered Oleg Deripaska to pay the former head of VEB $ 95.2 million. The London Court of Appeal confirmed the legality of this decision.

Oleg Deripaska's Bazel bought a controlling stake in the Trekhgornaya manufactory textile factory through Cypriot Navio Holdings in 2002. The share of Vladimir Chernukhin in Navio was formalized for his common-law wife Lolita Danilina - she headed the Trekhgornaya manufactory after its acquisition by Bazel structures.

In 2010, the former partners met in Davos, where Mr. Deripaska allegedly promised to buy back Vladimir Chernukhin’s stake in Navio for $ 100 million, but he didn’t. Instead, the Strong Mountain guys seized the Three-Mountain Manufactory under the leadership of Arkady Sargsyan. During the trial, a video was shown in which a group of people was surrounded and then thrown onto the floor of a man named the head of the security service of the Trekhgornaya manufactory. The footage shows that the men take the head of the security service by hand and take him to the corridor. Then the lights go out for a few seconds. The man is on the ground, after that he is taken by the hands and taken to the side (where exactly, it is impossible to understand from the video). One of the people in the video is Arkady Sargsyan. He, like other attackers, was called “Deripaska fighters” at the trial. The oligarch himself in court, when asked if he would have used Sargsyan in case of problems, answered: “In the 1990s, yes.” The director general of Trekhgornaya manufactory Dmitry Novikov (speaking as a witness from Deripaska) said in court that Sargsyan had been involved in Deripaska’s security issues until the early 2000s.

According to, back in the 1990s, Oleg Deripaska's former partners, while the co-owner and CEO of the Sayan Aluminum Plant (SaAZ), offered the young businessman an assistant Arkady Sargsyan, a man associated with the power structures of Khakassia, where he is located SaAZ. Sargsyan became an active participant in the criminal warriors around SaAZ, and then some other enterprises of Deripaska, which subsequently entered the holdings Siberian Aluminum and Russian Aluminum. In a short time, Sargsyan acquired contacts with security forces at the federal level. He also improved relations with mafia leaders, for example, with thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik).

However, later with a graduate of the Nakhimov School, in 1976-1994. serving in the Baltic Fleet, political ambitions leaped. He wanted to become a member of the Federation Council. It was not without difficulty that we managed to persuade Alexei Lebed, the head of the Government of Khakassia, to nominate the former head of the SaAZ security service from the Supreme Council of the Republic. But, becoming a senator, Sargsyan was engaged in anything but legislative work in the upper house of the Russian parliament. At meetings he could be seen no more than once a quarter. And such behavior, of course, did not go unnoticed by the leadership of the Federation Council. Last year, the patience of the chairman of the upper house, Sergei Mironov, was exhausted, and on his initiative Arkady Sargsyan was recalled from the senators.

From that moment, Arkady Sargsyan began to behave somewhat inappropriately. In particular, he tried to write a statement to the Prosecutor General’s Office about instituting criminal proceedings against Mironov for allegedly “arbitrariness” and “abuse of authority”. Moreover, the statement - for solidity - was written on the form of the Basic Element Group.

In order for Sargsyan to "cool off" a little, he was sent to Israel, and upon his return, he was already ready for the seat of the State Duma deputy in the LDPR. From 2007 to 2011, Sargsyan was a parliamentarian.

And in 2011, Oleg Deripaska appointed Sargsyan as curator of his construction sector, which included Glavstroy, Baselcement and Transstroy.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin