In the apparatus of the government of Bashkiria, difficulties arose with the coordination with Moscow of the candidacy of the owner of the Granel company Andrei Nazarov for the post of prime minister of the republic, the telegram channel Politkurai reports. The process dragged on for a long time and “there are certain contradictions. It is known that the head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov does not intend to abandon the idea of ​​appointing Nazarov to the post of prime minister. There is no need to be surprised. Nazarov’s arrival in a high position can only be compared with an apocalypse at the federal level. They will openly show the population: "You are holding spontaneous rallies in order to punish the rapists more severely, and we will put the rapist to rule you." Anyway, Nazarov’s moral character, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.

For example, as found out, in 2015 Andrei Nazarov began to have a very close relationship with ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Nastya certainly accompanied Andrei at all events (as prima called him). At one of the parties, Nazarov gently laid his head on Anastasia's shoulder.

And in secular chronicles one could read articles with the following headings: “Anastasia Volochkova came to the deputy’s holiday without underwear”.

It's like about Nazarov’s holiday, he was then a deputy. Volochkova almost daily began to write social networks about "Andrei", arrived at the cemetery to his parents in Sibai.

Less than a year there was such an extremely close communication. And then the ballerina driver Alexander Skirtach gave an interview that in those days Volochkova was already engaged in escort with might and main, there were regular customers. Some customers have confirmed this and put the appropriate pictures. \

Agree for the premiere of a somewhat raunchy story.

Now back to the favorite topic of about gang rape of a minor, of which Nazarov was a participant and for which he received a suspended sentence. We wrote about this more than once and even published a copy of the sentence, extracts from the archives of the State Information Center, etc. with Nazarov’s conviction cards for rape and hooliganism. However, if you punch Nazarov online, then there is no mention that the future prime minister was held accountable. On August 8, 2008, Nazarov’s criminal record card was transferred to the archive, and he destroyed all other data for money. And on this basis he began to say that he had never been brought to justice at all. And now will consistently show Nazarov’s lies.

Here is an interview with the injured Gaysina in the “Moment of Truth” program.

She talks about the details of the attack on her by Nazarov and his two friends. And in the end, he recalls the old publications in the newspaper Uralsky Prospekt. This is the publication of Nazarov himself, which was published in his hometown of Sibai since 2000. So, according to Gaisina, in an interview published in Uralsky Prospect, Nazarov’s mother admitted that her son was held accountable, but only for hooliganism, and for rape he was not prosecuted. That is, we fix Nazarov’s position at that time: yes, he was judged by his youth, but only for a hooligan. Here is a demonstration show with Nazarov.

A terribly frightened Gaisin was brought to him, who, despite the eyes of the assembled, minted a new memorized version of events and immediately ran away. According to her, rape took place, but there were only two attackers, not three. That is, Nazarov was not present at the crime; someone slandered him. AND HE WAS JUSTIFIED BY THE SUPREME COURT. Moreover, Gaisin repeats about Nazarov’s acquittal by the Supreme Court twice. But Nazarov does not interrupt her and agrees with everything. Now fix this version. That is, in addition to hooliganism, there was also rape, but Nazarov was slandered and the Supreme Court acquitted him.

And all these versions arose due to the fact that by that time Nazarov had not yet destroyed the traces of his criminal record. When he managed to do this, Nazarov began to say that he was not convicted at all.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov