When you ask operatives about the most characteristic example of crime in power, they confidently point to the head of North Ossetia, Vyacheslav Bitarov. publishes a continuation of the story about the extremely interesting way of the head of the republic and his closest associates - the owner of the Salute plant Elbrus Komaev and the current mayor of Vladikavkaz, Tamerlan Farniev (Karkusha). The last two were members of the Family (group) of the "authority" Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). So, at one time, Farniev was an assistant to the thief in law Makharbek Kargaev (Ruslan) and Karkush collected tribute for him from businessmen from North Ossetia. Then Raslan had a conflict with Jaco and the thief in law was killed. Farniev was soon captured in the basement of the Gagiev cottage near Moscow, where he swore allegiance to Dzhako and the Family. After that, Karkusha began to collect tribute from North Ossetian businessmen already for Dzhako. Among such businessmen was Bitarov, who was the ward of the ominous Gagiev. Soon, tribute collector Farniev and the youngest businessman from the Dzhako Bitarov Family became friends. Recall that this is not a short retelling of the chapter from The Godfather, but a real description of the life path of the current head of North Ossetia and the mayor of Vladikavkaz. All these data are in operational certificates, are present in the testimonies of witnesses.

At the same time, Karkusha was friends with the omnipotent mayor of Vladikavkaz, Sergei Dzantiev, and was his junior partner. When Vyacheslav Bitarov decided to build a political career, he started an affair with the 60-year-old influential chairman of the Parliament of North Ossetia Larisa Khabitseva. She helped Pivnik (as Vyacheslav Bitarov is called) to become a deputy, and then get into the government of the Russian Federation. Further, Bitarov’s career depended solely on Dzantiev, at that time “person No. 1” in North Ossetia. Both Khabitsev and Farniev were asked for Pivnik, as a result, Dzantiev took him under his guardianship. According to sources at, when the then President of the Republic of North Ossetia Tamerlan Aguzarov died, the first post was offered to the first deputy minister of defense Ruslan Tsalikov. But that post in the military department did not want to leave. And then Dzantiev, who had good contacts in the presidential administration, began to propose candidate Bitarov “his” for North Ossetia. Dzantiev hoped that Bitarov would become the controlled leader of the region. He could not even imagine that the word gratitude is not included in the vocabulary of Bitarov.

The latter quickly created a secret club of conspirators, which included Bitarov, Komaev and Farniev. They decided to combine their resources and ties in order to “dump” Dzantiev. There was commercial interest. Dzantiev’s friend Karkushu had access to over 140 plots of very good land in Vladikavkaz, which was controlled by Dzantiev. And the partners decided to “squeeze” these sites.

As a result, Bitarov, Karkush and Komaev lobbied for the “left” criminal case against Dzantiev, he is still wanted. After that, the trio together began to squeeze out the land and other assets of Dzantiev to the end, as well as reign supreme in North Ossetia. Edit in the spirit of the 90s. Bitarov is now the head of the republic, Farniev mayor of Vladikavkaz. And without Komaev not a single issue is solved in the field of alcohol in North Ossetia. It is Komaev who is the number one alcoholic solder in Ossetia. “If someone wants to work on the alcohol line, he must pay him a percentage, otherwise either the local security forces will come or the federal ones. Depending on the steepness of the object. Or maybe Rosalkogol pick up the license, ”a source told

In his opinion, all the successes of Komaev are suspiciously associated with many deaths.

For example, Komaev began his career as the commercial director of the Salyut distillery, which belonged to Oleg Gioev. In April 2007, in connection with the information received about the thefts at the plant, Gioev called Komaev to Moscow. During their meeting in the Moscow office, Gioev smashed Komaev’s head in blood. And a week later, on April 18, 2007, Gioev was killed by blowing up a scooter at the entrance to his office on Shmitovsky passage. Three more people passed by, one of whom died. As it was found much later, the crime was committed by killers of Aslan Gagiev, a good friend of Komaev. Then Komaev became the owner of the "Salute" officially. And Jaco unofficially was a co-owner of Salute.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov