The deputy commander of the Lynx SOBR of the Russian Guard told the details of the storming of the mansion, from which the authoritative businessman Vladimir Bardanov was shooting. “I can say that the assault itself lasted about 30 minutes. The rest of the time we waited until the ammunition that he had stored burned out,” the commando said on the YouTube channel Solovyov Live. Bardanov was repeatedly offered to surrender, but there was no reaction. According to his daughter, he was afraid to go to prison, said a member of the special operation. According to him, the soldiers could go upstairs, where the attacker was hiding, only along the spiral staircase. At the same time, a stretch was installed in Bardanov's office. It was decided to use a flashbang grenade. At the same time, a high-power explosive device went off at Bardanov, then a fire started and ammunition began to explode. The businessman was killed. correspondents managed to get acquainted with Bardanov's "track record", it is clear from it that he was not "white and fluffy." In 1976, 26-year-old Vladimir was sentenced to two years of robbery. Then he, together with his friends, attacked a man at the entrance of the house. Threatening him with words, the attackers took the victim's money and watch. After Bardanov was released, the mark “blackguard” was added to his card. In 2000, he was detained on suspicion of fraud. Vladimir and his wife Nina were co-owners of the Tver-Express company, its other founders were a group of people, including the famous Tula director, ex-head of the Tula Regional Philharmonic Society, Genrikh Gindes. The law enforcement authorities considered that Bardanov took possession of the shares of the founder, Stepanov. He was released on subscription, he disappeared and was put on the federal wanted list. However, Bardanov solved this problem and a year later he was removed from the wanted list. In April 2021, officers from the 2nd department of the FSB department for Moscow and the region and the 9th department of the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation came to him, this ended with the shooting and storming of the building, which lasted more than 10 hours.

Bardanov, of course, is not a "gift", but also not a professional shooter. Therefore, it is not clear why such enormous difficulties arose with his detention.

 As the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reminds, in 1998 (as they like to say now in the dashing 90s), the SOBR of the RUOP of Moscow carried out an operation in the mountainous area of ​​the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan to detain members of the Chelyshev gang who had committed a lot of contract killings, including Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich. All members of the organized criminal group were professional killers or previously served in the special forces of the Armed Forces. The bandits were armed, the operation took place in the village, which at that moment was covered by a destructive mudflow. All the bandits were detained and taken to Moscow, there were no casualties.

And in 2021, fighters from three special forces at once stormed a residential building for 10 hours unsuccessfully, where a 61-year-old pensioner settled. Unable to cope, when it got dark and there was a possibility that the "intruder" would escape, the soldiers simply threw grenades at the building and burned it down together with the pensioner.

Владимир Рушайло

“By the way, Vladimir Rushailo, whose brainchild was RUOP, is now only 67 years old. Maybe he will ask him to work with the fighters so that they are not only imprisoned for rallies and students? ”- the authors of the Cheka-OGPU joke.

It is worth noting that at one time Rushailo was an influential figure in the law enforcement bloc, but in October 1996 his career could end. Then Rushailo was appointed first deputy head of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, after which on October 22 of the same year he gave an extraordinary press conference, at which he said that he "did not have a good relationship" with First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Valery Petrov, whom Rushailo named dishonest and dishonest person. After that, a big scandal erupted, the question arose about the removal of Rushailo from office. At this moment, the conversation between Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky takes place, the record of which is at the disposal of

At the beginning of the conversation, Gusinsky jokes about Berezovsky's job as deputy secretary of the Security Council, whether he wants to know if he needs someone to open the door to the car. Berezovsky immediately gets down to business and offers to meet the next day. Gusinsky agrees and raises the "Rushailo problem." He admits that “Volodya is to blame,” but explains the gravity of the situation.

“Borenka, beloved. I’m talking about Rushailo. We decided that Stroyev (the then speaker of the Federation Council-Red) would take him to his Federation Council, ”says Gusinsky. At the same time, he explains that it is not possible to arrange Rushailo for other positions. “Imagine, they demand from you:“ Berezovsky, write that you are a used condom and a goat. And the signature is Berezovsky. Here Savostyanov (Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration for Personnel Issues - Ed) offered him to sign such a paper. I saw her. By agreement with Kulikov (Minister of Internal Affairs - Ed.). Therefore Rushailo goes to Covfed, but they do not want to let go there either. They say quit the authorities and that's it, ”Gusinsky explains the situation.

Berezovsky asks to do nothing for 24 hours and promises to solve the problem. And he did it very successfully.

As a result, Rushailo was removed from his post, but not fired, but enrolled in the reserve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Almost immediately, he was appointed to the post of adviser on legal issues and security to the chairman of the Federation Council, Stroyev.

In 1998 Rushailo became Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, and a year later he was appointed Minister.

Nobody helped Berezovsky himself. He ended his days in exile in England, where he committed suicide.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin