"These are all the carriers of dirt carry it to Andrew Malakhov, stand in line, show only our dirt... Homo, in General, terribly love her taste...Because all go "Immortal regiment", shed tears, cross themselves and soon include Malakhov. Terribly interesting to them, will tear himself in half Volochkova once the splits, and if I break it, then halves sew the halves or will go separately on different shows...And Andrew is just such an excellent cook," - said the other day to representatives of a number of media journalist Alexander Nevzorov. He's the moralist now. And 20 years ago did absolutely the same thing that now Malakhov, only in the conditions of that time. In particular, poured out all dirt about the mayor Anatoly Sobchak. And did it for a reason, and in the interests of Boris Berezovsky. continues to publish confidential conversations of officials, oligarchs, journalists which debts were fixed by Boris Berezovsky for years. From these conversations readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian imperious and business elites, what they say and think actually, instead of "sing" in ears from TV screens.

During Boris Berezovsky's conversation with the well-known TV journalist Alexander Nevzorov, the first says that just discussed it (Nevzorov) with Alexey Pushkov (now holds a position of the Chairman of the Commission of the Federation Council on information policy and interaction with mass media). Nevzorov reports that everything is fine, the plot is shortened, now everything is "cynical, impudent", before you "the most famous old man of Russia". Nevzorov says that Sobchak was invited on TV to comment on something, is indignant at it, Berezovsky answers that he doesn't know. Nevzorov says how to contact Badri Patarakatsishvili "about financial matters".

Reception house...Good evening.

N.: And this Nevzorov Alexander Glebovich, Hello.

A.: Hello, this is Andrew.

N.: Greetings. Where's Boris abramitch?

A.: Here.

N.: Can I talk?

A:, wait, right?

N.: Sure.…

A.: Now.


B.: Ale

N.: Hello, Boris Abramitch?

B.: speaking of which, just about 10 minutes you said.

N.: Who?

B.: Mr. Pushkov know?

N.: Pushkin?

B.: Yes…

N.: Oh, what does he do?

B.: ...Alexei, he works (unintelligible)

N.: No, well, I don't think he could have said anything good about me.

B.: It Worked.

N.: Really?

(forth unintelligible)

N.: I think it's just that he feels your relationship and…

B.: Nitsche such a, Nitsche such a. We incidentally a long time our with you talk heartfelt (part of words unintelligible)

N.: mmm.

B.: Confused?

N.: Okay.

B.: (laughs)

N.: How are you, Boris abramitch?

B.: Well, if that is where you will find, the office says

N.: Okay, well, I'm calling to report back all right.

B.: Well... You took a list to the court (inaudible)

N.: All sent, all we shortened, shortened terribly…

B: What's creepy?

N.: Well, I did what he thought was right.…

B.: Oh, I'm sorry.

N.: In General everything is correct, the observations were absolutely correct, and I would have considered that for the first time had to parserbase, and then decided that well, it nafig.

B.: I also... you know, I did not want of course (inaudible) did not want due to the fact that I am really an Amateur in these matters...

N.: No, no, that's right..

B.: It does not need you... you were not so significant, what do you have to lose something (some words unintelligible)

N.: No, I was you will see, there is all this cynical, brazen, fat, and huge (word inaudible) said that here in front of you with the famous old man of Russia.

B.: (laughs) Well done, that's right.

N.: And without any talk on the subject. Everything is calm.

B.: Well

N.: So here I am saying…

B.: (interrupts) How many minutes did it work?

N.: It happened on the 23 (inaudible), I already Ignatiev explained.

B.: Good, good…

 N.: Yes, about 16 we with him, too, found finally common language, fell each other in embrace. And somehow he overpowered all. See how he is, he's so good, but he's cunning!

B.: Cunning, cunning, cunning…

N.: No, well, correctly, everything is normal…

B.: Cunning, and not very good

N.: Huh?

B.: Cunning, and not very good!

N.: Well, then we'll talk some more on this subject... I'm calling one more question to ask…

B.: I'm listening.

N.: Here I have any fantastic has passed information, that Blagovolin (?) called Sobchak (B.: Yes.), and invited him (B.: So.) immediately means to comment on the horror that (unintelligible) showed.

B.: First time I hear about it…

N.: Yes I, too, frankly, but I thought, that this either born in the ground Smolnogo any game...

B.: No, no, no, I'm just sure he wouldn't have done it without consulting me.

N.: Oh, and secondly, in General, as I understand it, this our here the head of the city (B.: Yes) , it is so to speak a slightly different camp

B.: No, just Sasha, we are right now, I still know, that I do not want as it were (inaudible) , so that's why we are here as it were Vice versa're trying to do exactly the opposite, as I understand it…

N.: Yes.

B.: ...not divide it, but Vice versa. That's why I'm sure I'll double-check. Generally get anyone good at all these things I think just absolutely unreasonable.

N.: No, no, he has a kind of good, but as if here's a pier …

B.: (inaudible)

N.: Well, I think so too, it is a legend, because (inaudible), then we speak about it, no questions asked, so no, there's also the idea of nothing as it were, and no

B.: No, no, it's not that, Sasha. Yes let there, his problems, correctly?

N.: Yes…

B.: All... Okay…

N.: Huh?

B.: OK

N.: Okay, Boris Abramych.…

B.: Thanks for the call.

N.: And here is how me, this most, then with Badri the contact?

B. With Badri?

N.: Yes, about financial issues…

B.: Well, Badri... call him, that's the same way and contact.

N.: Yes?

B.: Sure.

N.: Yep.…

B.: with Badri (inaudible) decide whether you will be there (inaudible)

N.: No, I'm fine, you see, calm.

B.: No no no no, I was just told by Badri…

N.: Just the production we have, the gasoline is all there

B.: on Me Badri said he was, so to speak, a bit surprised, the attitude.

N.: So, what's his attitude?

B.: Well, to financial these... not as at others, at others this on the first place, and all the rest on the tenth

N.: No, so I explain, gasoline is just here physically…

B.: Okay, well, here you come and hear everything

N.: Okay, I'll be Tuesday.

B.: Agreed.

N.: Understood, Boris Abramitch.

B.: Hugging.

N.: Hugging.

B.: Thanks for the call, bye!

N.: Yeah, bye!


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov