In Moscow, the largest underground banker Ivan Myazin, the closest business partner of the ex-owner of Genbank, Evgeny Dvoskin, was arrested. He is accused of stealing 3.2 billion from Promsberbank. However, this is only an excuse for sending Myazin to jail. Myazin, more than 20 years, was one of the "kings" of naked and transit, billions of "dirty" dollars passed through it. He knows everyone who covered this business in the Central Bank and law enforcement agencies. He can from memory name all the big and not very nudity market players. If Mjazin speaks, then in the jail, bankers, bureaucrats, and siloviki will become the strings. The first one is Evgeny Dvoskin. For many years he was a senior comrade of Myazin, they together owned a bunch of banks. In this regard, publishes the second part of the archival information of special services. In it, it is just about Mezine. In the third part of the investigation, which will appear on just the other day, will be told about Eugene Dvoskin.

"Amerkhanov's business relations:

            Myazin Ivan Gavrilovich, 15.05.19 .... born in the town of Abank, Krasnoyarsk Territory, registered: Moscow .. ..

            Actually lives: Moscow, st. Krylatskie ... (divorced).

            The composition of the family according to the data from the first department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

                       According to the FSB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Myazin IG. is the owner of the car "Aston Martin DB 9", g / n H 333 KX 177, 2006 GV, black.

            Since 2003, Myazin was a co-founder of Miriada Tour LLC (TIN 7730122011) and General Director of Stekliarius LLC (TIN 7718235964). According to the information of 2006, is co-founder of the Private Company "Asgard" (INN 7701653561) and the beneficiary of the IKB "Belcom" (the license was withdrawn in 2006).

            In February 1990, Myazin was declared a federal search by officers of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on suspicion of committing a crime under part 3 of Art. 144 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. In October 1991, the search was terminated due to his detention. There is no information about the previous conviction.

           According to the encrypted poll of Myazin I.G. it was established that he was on federal wanted list from 1991 to 1993. Has a conviction a year conditionally. Information from the bases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has been deleted.

            In a certificate that appeared at the disposal of rucrimin.alfo, it is said that according to the data of the FSB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Myazin was checked for involvement in the organization of the murder of the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia AA. Kozlov. In the same year in a place with D.E. Elbakidze was suspected of involvement in the legalization of money acquired by criminal means, illegal banking activities and evasion from paying taxes in a very large amount.

            During the analysis of a number of criminal cases No. 169777, No. 248103 it was established that Myazin, as part of a stable organized community, has involvement in conducting illegal banking operations related to "cashing out", laundering large amounts of money through the following credit organizations (PTP materials):

            - CB "European Settlement Bank", was registered with GTU No. 2 of the Bank of Russia, the license was revoked on 06.06.2006 on the basis of 115-FZ. According to the constituent documents of the bank Myazin IG. and AA Kotelnikov. (nickname "Kettle") were the board of directors of the credit institution.

           Through the credit organization carried out illegal operations:

             -credit cash withdrawal period in rubles and currency from 01.03.2006 to 13.04.2006 using the details of front organizations: Tsentrolessbyt LLC, ANO Council for Mutual Assistance of the Community of Chinese Citizens and Emigrants, Grand-Style LLC, "ANO" League of Mutual Aid of Chinese Community of Wen Joe ", LLC" Partion ", LLC" Amadeus ", LLC" Vesta ", LLC" Stroytechnology "- 20.619.419 thousand rubles. The total amount sold by the bank for this period of currency to individuals is 569.500.819,07 US dollars, 105.260.442 euros.

              - since 14.03.2006, there was only one cash officer in the cash department, the head of the cash department of Stupin IM;

            - Commercial Bank "Bank for Investment and Crediting", was registered with GTU No. 2 of the Bank of Russia, the license was revoked on 09.08.2006 on the basis of 115-FZ.

           Through a credit organization carried out illegal banking transactions:

             - cash withdrawal in rubles and currency for from 01.04.2006 to 10.07.2006 was carried out through 20202 "Cash desk" of transactions for the amount of 83,352,270,852.61 rubles. Issued from the cash office of the bank

A certificate issued by the special services published by rucriminа states that Myazin has real estate in the Dominican Republic. On materials (PTP) has a stable business relationship with the head of the MGTU of the Bank of Russia Shor KB.


To be continued