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In May of this year, Technoserv, a company owned by the brothers Ananyev (also they own Promsvyazbank), announced the launch of a new service based on its own cloud platform, Cloud Data Storage. The service provides round-the-clock access to data regardless of location. This is very important, because many of those who collaborated with "Technoservom" for some reason seek to change a cozy apartment on the bunks in Magadan. It is characteristic that, basically, these are representatives of law enforcement agencies who before they met with Technoservom made a successful career in their departments. As of the end of 2016, 100% of Technoserv's shares belonged to Technoserv B.V., registered in the Netherlands. The ultimate beneficiaries of the company are Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev.

Although the Ananyev brothers position themselves as "Orthodox bankers," there is always some devilry in their business - after working with the Ananievs, destinies of people and their business are being destroyed. For example, after the bearded brothers became shareholders of the successful Vozrozhdeniye bank, the financial institution quickly approached bankruptcy. Only last year, the bank's losses amounted to 270 million rubles, while the entire loss of the "Renaissance" amounted to almost 4 billion. After the arrival of the Ananievs from the bank, assets began to disappear and regular customers leave. Among them - Nikita Mikhalkov, cardiac surgeon Leo Bockeria and conductor Valery Gergiev. It's no secret that the purchase of the "Renaissance" bearded bankers was preceded by the strange death of the founder of the bank, Dmitry Orlov.

Despite the ostentatious vetserkovlennost, the brothers Ananyev clearly inclined to undivine business in the field of IT technology. And then for some reason they are constantly persecuted by scandals and criminal cases. In 2015, Tagansky Court of Moscow considered the criminal case of former head of the Center of the customer-developer of the Interior Ministry Sergei Maresov, who was accused of misusing 42 million rubles in budget funds. The money was intended for the creation of the "Unified Information and Telecommunication System of Internal Affairs Bodies". In 2008, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation signed a contract with Technoserv, a company owned by the brothers Ananyev, for 260 million rubles. IT-company undertook to deliver an automated system for managing the financial resources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Documents for the payment of invoices were signed by the head of the Center of the customer-developer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Maresov and his deputy Sergey Toporov. As found out by the Investigative Committee of Russia, high-ranking police unreasonably paid Tehnoservu 42.5 million rubles, allegedly for training the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, how to use the supplied equipment. However, the state contract did not presuppose the costs of training police officers and the investigation regarded this as an inappropriate spending of budget funds. As a result, the money went to the structures of the Ananiev brothers.

Before that, their company Technoserv had already been involved in financial fraud with the money of another security agency, this time the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry's General Staff. In 2014, the Moscow City Court sentenced Colonel Vladimir Filashikhin, the former head of the GRU Directorate, to a suspended sentence, who signed a contract with Technoserv companies to equip three military units with encrypted communications and encryption equipment. The contract amounted to 44 million rubles, an additional agreement was signed for the supply of the same equipment to eight more military units for the amount of 80 million rubles. After that, it was found out that the terms of the contract were broken, "Technoserv" received a few tens of millions of rubles more than the works actually cost, and the programs themselves were actually developed by the specialists of the Defense Ministry itself. Filashikhin was found guilty of abuse of authority and received four years of prison conditional. It's unclear how Technoserv itself and the Ananyev brothers left responsibility - it turns out that they robbed the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Russia! In addition, experts doubt the quality of the encryption equipment supplied to the Ministry of Defense - the secrets of our military might be in jeopardy.

Now in the Novgorod region a new business is unfolding, in which the ubiquitous "Technoserv" is involved: under a contract with Rostelecom, he acted as a subcontractor of the delivery of a system of photo-video recording of traffic violations in the region. At first it turned out that the "system" sold by Technoservom recorded violations and collected fines three times less than expected. And then, of course, it turned out that the cost of the system is overestimated by a minimum of FOUR times. The cost of works on the creation and maintenance of the complex was determined in the amount of 733.4 million budget rubles. In 2015, Rostelecom concluded a contract with ZAO Technoserv A / S (Technoserva structure) for a total of 483.4 million rubles. That is, Rostelecom immediately received a profit of 250 million rubles. What income was planned by Technoserv is still unknown, but the vice-governor of the Novgorod region Viktor Nechaev, who oversaw this state contract, has already been convicted of fraud.

The company Ananyev constantly receiving government contracts for the maintenance of law enforcement agencies and state institutions, does not bear any responsibility, although periodically becomes a participant in criminal cases of fraud with state money. Now "Technoserv" offers "Cloud data warehouse", and we must expect new contracts with government agencies that will certainly want to store their data in the clouds of the Ananiev brothers. Is it worthwhile to trust such a business, in which the budget money evaporates no one knows where, the agreements are violated, the officials go to jail, and only the bearded bankers of Ananyev are left to win?

Source: Rucriminal