A very original way to protect an Israeli citizen, the owner of the BKF bank arrested by the Basmanny Court and the Russian Product company, accused by the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR of giving several bribes to Olga Mirimskaya, was chosen by her lawyers.

Rescuing the prisoner, they filed a complaint with the Bar Association of the Moscow Region against the lawyer Vadim Bagaturia, who exposed Mirimskaya in several crimes, demanding to deprive him of his lawyer status.

According to, the essence of the claims of Mirimskaya's defenders is that Bagaturia did not allow the ICR investigator Yuri Nosov to get rid of the evidence - the Mitsubishi Outlander car, which is the subject of a bribe from the banker: the lawyer carried out an operational combination, bought a crossover, tied Nosov to the fact and gave the car to the investigation of the central apparatus of the ICR as material evidence.

Выемка регдела в ГАИ упоминание взятки

Even more defenders of the banker were upset that Bagaturia found all the offshore and foreign assets of Mirimskaya, after which he transferred data about them to the investigation for arrest. Given the number of episodes of corruption and the size of the upcoming fines, Mirimskaya risks losing all her property.

The fate of Bagaturia on April 28 will be decided by the qualification commission of his chamber, but, according to the source of, the chances of depriving him of his status are zero due to the closeness of the lawyer to the special services and the leadership of the TFR.

Юрий Стец

   After the devastating publication of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU about the relationship with the "Right Sector" banned in Russia, a citizen of Israel and Panama, the owner of the BKF bank and the Russian Product company, arrested for bribes, Olga Mirimskaya, how crazy she is promoting herself on the topic of helping Donbass . Helps her in this daughter - Natalia Golubovich. She also threatens the "Moment of Truth" with criminal prosecution "for interference in private life."

Coincidence or not, Mrs. Golubovich, who also has an Israeli passport and her husband, a citizen of Great Britain and the United States, traveled to the areas bordering the Donbass at the same time with Yana Lantratova, a volunteer PR woman, a deputy from Just Russia, who used to love to stay at an Italian villa and the golden yacht Mirimskaya in exchange for assistance in organizing the investigation of custom-made criminal cases through the head of the department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Golub.

Mirimskaya’s lawyers call the topic of Right Sector sponsorship a hoax and refer to the results of a certain procedural check on Mirimskaya’s application, which in 2017 was kindly organized by investigator Yury Nosov, who was arrested for taking bribes with cars, and Valery Ivarlak, head of the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, in 2017. True, no one has ever seen the results of this test.

Maybe because Mirimskaya's defense is embarrassed by other juicy details of her cooperation with Ukraine?

For example, the fact that Mirimskaya's son, Ilya Golubovich, who lives in the United States, admired the emblem of the Verkhovna Rada and connected his mother with Prosecutor General Lutsenko through his friend. Or Mirimskaya is now extremely ashamed because in October 2016, again through her son, she tried to give a bribe to one of the ideologists of the Nazification of Ukraine - at that time the Minister of Information Policy Yuriy Stets, so that he canceled the passport of a surrogate mother, from whom Mirimskaya took her granddaughter who stubbornly calls her daughter?

While a special military operation is being carried out in Ukraine to demilitarize and denazify, the owner of the BKF bank, Olga Mirimskaya, who was arrested by the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR for giving several bribes on an especially large scale, is quietly trying to earn political dividends on the situation and get out of the pre-trial detention center.

Recently, on behalf of a prisoner, a whole "Gazelle" of hercules and kissels, which is produced by "Russian Product", owned by Mirimskaya, was sent to the refugees of the LDNR. The price of the issue is 100,000 rubles, but this is presented as an act of unprecedented generosity and patriotism in difficult times.

Oh, it’s not for nothing that Olga Mikhailovna received Israeli citizenship in 2018, not for nothing! You have to be able to play effectively on both sides...

After all, in 2017, during searches at Mirimskaya, a letter and paraphernalia of the "Right Sector", banned in Russia, were confiscated. And a couple of months before that, Ukrainian nationalists posted a public gratitude to the woman on their website.

And so that the specialized division of the FSB of Russia would not take any action on this fact, the investigator of the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR of the Moscow Region Nosov and his head Valery Ivarlak organized an audit, allegedly on the fact of spreading slander against Mirimskaya, and with their refusal they actually legalized her actions for financing extremism .


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov