In the case of the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi), a jury is being selected who will consider materials about 25 murders. However, it is too early to put an end to the investigation into the activities of the organized criminal group. There were many more murders and they were committed not only in Russia. So, according to, all the threads from the abduction and murder in Abkhazia of businessman Sergei Klemantovich and his girlfriend Oksana Skarednova lead to Kostya Bolshoi. They disappeared in September 2012. And two years later, the bodies of the businessman and his acquaintance were found in a well in the village of Adzyubzha. It turned out that after the kidnapping, they extorted $ 2 million from Klemantovich, and when he tried to escape, he was shot. Skarednova was dealt with as a witness. For this crime, the deputy of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia Nodik Kvitsinia was convicted. However, it is known that Klemantovich came to Abkhazia to buy a plot of land for the same $ 2 million that was later extorted from him. The plot belonged to Piskarev, a close friend of Kvitsinia.

It is worth noting that Kostya Bolshoi might not have had a bloody path. Having started his way as a member of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, he became the roof and the head of the businessman Georgy Pirtskhalav, who headed JSC Balchug. And soon he was behind bars. On February 1, 1994, on the square near the Central Museum of the Armed Forces (Sovetskoy Armii Street, 2), the Orekhovskies were dismantled with competitors, during which four people were killed. Several more people, including a bystander, were injured. MUR and RUOP officers established then that the shooter was 22-year-old Konstantin Piskarev, who was listed as a security guard at Balchug JSC. Piskarev was detained, but he was released. It was bought by Orekhovskie and Pirtskhalava.

In the new publication, the testimony of Pirtskhalava, as well as the operational information about the execution in 1994. To this we will add the testimony of a witness about how Piskarev, through his lawyer, conveyed instructions from the pre-trial detention center to his accomplices and his wife. The last he conveyed: "Let him build his life as he wants, I am here forever."

“The testimony of the witness GN Pirtskhalava, according to which in 1993 Pirtskhalava, being the vice-president of Balchug JSC, met Piskarev K.Yu. and at the suggestion of Baburin, Arkady took him to his position as a guard. Piskarev accompanied Pirtskhalava during the working day and in the evening. At one time, Pirtskhalava drew attention to the fact that Piskarev looked very tired and did not get enough sleep, in connection with which he assumed that he was engaged in crime and offered to decide whether to work for him or leave. Approximately two weeks after this conversation, Piskarev was detained by on suspicion of the execution of several people and was held in custody for about 3 years. Around 1996, Piskarev was released for lack of evidence of guilt. After his release, Piskarev often came to Pirtskhalava's office and was present during his negotiations with partners.

Виктор Найшуллер

At that time, Bank Balchug was in a difficult situation and could not answer for its obligations. Pirtskhalava had a receipt from the owner of the bank, Naishuller, in which it was stated that the latter assumed all responsibility for financial activities. When creditors turned to Pirtskhalava with demands to return the money, Piskarev showed them this receipt and explained that all responsibility lay with Haischuler.

Since Piskarev has an unusually large physique and was associated with crime, he managed to convince creditors that they should not put unnecessary pressure on Pirtskhalava.That is, Piskarev, not being an employee of the bank, helped Pirtskhalava to resolve issues with creditors. During this interrogation, Pirtskhalava explained that Piskarev did it in a comradely manner, and it was not a criminal patronage of the "roof". Subsequently, in 1998, Pirtskhalava and Piskarev established a joint venture "Agrokonstanta" on the basis of the former Chapaevsky collective farm in the Zhukovsky district of the Bryansk region. Piskarev acquired the ownership of outbuildings, and Pirtskhalava acquired land plots.

In this organization, Piskarsv acted as a founder, and Pirtskhalava as a director and, thus, was Piskarev's subordinate. Subsequently, Pirtskhalava, together with Piskarev, established a number of organizations, where they were founders and leaders. Among these organizations were the Shield and Sword restaurant, Aqualand LLC, Kidov CJSC.

 From the entourage of Piskarev, Pirtskhalava named Zamyatin, Bezrukov S.A., Aleksandrov, Lupichev, Saryan, Yurov D.N., Yurov N.N., Zemtsov, Mishin, Pankin, Tomilin, Tkachev. Soon after Piskarev's arrest, lawyer Avdeev came to Pirtskhalava's office, who asked to convey to Aleksandrov two requests from Piskarev: to remove the container (which one was not specified) and not to devote all questions to MA Piskarev. On the same day, Pirsakhalava passed on the request to remove the container to Aleksandrov, who at that time was working with him in the same building. "

“Testimony of witness ON Avdeev…. Interrogation of the lawyer Avdeeva was carried out in connection with the testimony of Lupichev about the possible involvement of the defenders Piskarev K.Yu. for the illegal transportation of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices. It follows from Avdeev's testimony that all his conversations with Piskarev SIZO took place in a whisper. At the same time, Piskarev knocked on the floor with his foot or on the table with his hands so that the whisper could not be heard. All of Piskarev's messages were perceived as encrypted, because when they were written, it was often not clear what the speech was about. Piskarev called people not by surnames and first names, but more by some nicknames. A few days before the arrest of Aleksandrov and Lupichev, Piskarev voiced an order to convey to Pirtskhalava so that Nixon (Aleksandrov) would get and destroy something on the spot that they were hiding together in a box. In the event that Pirtskhalava does not know who Nixon is said in the message, then let him find Videoglaz (Bezrukov S.Yu.), who knows Nixon. Avdeev wrote down this information on a piece of paper and gave it orally to Pirtskhalava on the same day or the next. The next time he visited Piskarev, Avdeev learned that Aleksandrov and Lupichev had been detained. Piskarev asked Avdeev to find lawyers for the indicated persons. When Avdeev informed Piskarev about the discovery and confiscation of weapons, he closed himself off, at the end of the meeting asked to tell his wife: "Let him build his life as he wants, I am here forever."

"Criminal case Ne 133304 was initiated on 02/01/1994 by the Sokolniki Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office of Moscow on the grounds of a crime under paragraph" "of Art. 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, on the fact of the murder of Timoshenkov A.O., Kikin A.A., Konovalov V.V. and Ptitsyna I.M. A preliminary investigation established that on 02/01/1994, at about 14 o'clock, near the building of the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, located at the address: Moscow, st. Soviet Army, 2, using several copies of short-barreled rifled firearms (from 9 to 12 units), the murder of Timoshenkov, Kikin, Konovalov and Ptitsyn was committed. In this criminal case on 02.02.1994 in accordance with Art. 122 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR, Piskarev was detained, who was charged with committing crimes under paragraphs. "A", "d", "s," n "art. 102, part 1 of Art. 218, part 1 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, and a preventive measure was taken in the form of detention. According to the results of the investigation, the criminal case was sent to the Moscow City Court three times for consideration on the merits, but it was returned for additional investigation on 31.05.1995. 02/29/1996 and 09/05/1996. In the course of the additional investigation, the investigator did not take sufficient measures to check Piskarev's alibi and re-interrogation of a number of witnesses who left their former place of residence in an unknown direction, and witnesses A.Yu. Butorin. and Misev V.N. for unclear reasons, they refused to testify. In this regard, on 26. 10. 1996, the senior investigator of the Investigation Department of the Meshchanskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office of Moscow, investigator PI Naydenov. a resolution was issued to terminate the criminal case against the accused Piskarev for lack of evidence of the accusation. Earlier, on 24.10.1996, the investigator Naydenov P.I. also made a decision to terminate the criminal prosecution against Zamyatin A.The. on the basis of paragraph 2 of Art. 5 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR, due to the lack of corpus delicti in his actions, provided for in paragraphs. "A", "d", "z", "n" art. 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR ".

To be continued

Arseny Dronov