In March 2023, Konstantin Borisov, the head of the Kupchino Defense Ministry, was arrested, also known as the son of one of the leaders of "gangster Petersburg" Vladimir Borisov "Ensign" extradited from Bulgaria in 2021.

Article 159 (fraud) imputed to Konstantin Borisov seems to be inherited, or rather not an article, but inclinations.

In the dashing 90s, his father Vladimir Borisov (Ensign) and his accomplice Yuri Biryuchenko (Tankman) became famous for loud and daring contract killings, today Vladimir Borisov is in Kresty in the case under article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - about the seizure of a building (state property) on st. Avtovskaya 16, and Biryuchenko is hiding from Russian justice.

Владимир Борисов «Прапорщик»

But wants to recall some other "achievements" of the Borisovs and Co.:

Konstantin Borisov, managing MO Kupchino, was remembered not only for his excessive passion for beauty - having fictitiously spent more than 26,628,600.00 rubles in just the first five months of 2022 on tickets to various events and concerts. But also by the fact that he repeatedly resorted to Photoshop in reports and publications on the work done in the entrusted municipality.

Konstantin Borisov had a love for forging documents before, for example, in 2019, as the head of RosPromInvest LLC, TIN 7811498502, Konstantin Borisov did not want to return 3,400,000 rubles to another scammed counterparties of Kraft Group LLC, which he tritely forged them signature and seal on the documents on the additional agreement (photo_2)

This fact was recorded in the meeting of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg in Case No. A56-128325 / 2019 dated May 02, 2021, and confirmed by several experts, but again left without the attention of law enforcement agencies

Apparently, at that moment, the long-standing strong friendship of some judges of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Borisovs, which originated in the days of active raiding by bandits, had an effect.

As found out, also, Borisov Konstantin was already involved in 2017 under an article on fraud for embezzlement during the construction of the Efimov Special (Correctional) Boarding School of the Boksitogorsk District of the Leningrad Region (contract No. 0345200002211000077 of November 9, 2011) , investigators counted only 1.5 million stolen by Borisov out of 37,081,543.99 rubles paid by the customer. But in fact, more than 30 million were stolen.

It would seem that justice has prevailed. But no. Of course, Konstantin Borisov does not act alone, but as part of an entire organized criminal group, as he repeatedly wrote about by the Cheka-OGPU.

So, for example, UGS LLC, which included the Boksitogorsk boarding school, was headed by two - Konstantin Borisov and Dmitry Kuzmin, both the eldest sons of experienced bandits Vladimir Borisov and Vitaly Kuzmin. UGS LLC has more than half a billion of stolen budget funds allocated by the state for the repair and construction of children's institutions for the period from 2009 to 2013

For more than 10 years, crimes have been ignored by law enforcement officers. But once a year, even a stick shoots, and in 2017, Konstantin Borisov was nevertheless attracted for fraud during the construction of the Boksitogorsk boarding school, but this episode was also worked out by the organized criminal group according to the traditional scheme - “expiration of the statute of limitations”.

This is the favorite method of the faithful defender of the organized criminal group - lawyer Pozdnyak Vadim Nikolaevich, while still being the chief investigator of the Prosecutor's Office, conducting the case of contract killings of the Ensign's organized crime group, he methodically dragged out the processes so that the gang of killers first left Kresty on a written undertaking not to leave, and then completely got off with conditional terms.

The same trick Pozdnyak V.N. tried to crank and in the process of raiding a gang of Borisov and Kuzmin state. Property - buildings on the street. Avtovskaya 16, the court was delayed for as much as three years, because in 2024 the statute of limitations expires.

But thanks to the numerous publications of the Cheka-OGPU and, the case was brought to the attention of the judge of the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg Eyzhvertina Irina Gvidonovna, a strong-willed decision was made to go to the Sentence, which will be announced on 06/16/2023 at 12:00 in Hall No. 4, perhaps to many colleagues - journalists will be interested to know whether judicial justice will falter under the onslaught of corrupt officials or State property worth more than 200 million rubles will return to its rightful owner and the attackers will receive according to numerous merits.

Also, we have been wondering for a long time: why all the troubles fall only to the share of the Borisov family, literally miraculously bypassing the Kuzmins?

And indeed: both Konstantin Borisov and Dmitry Kuzmin are equal founders of UGS LLC, but the case for the Boksitogorsk boarding school was initiated only against Borisov.

In an absolutely incredible way, it became known exactly where and when exactly Vladimir Borisov would be, given that he was moving on forged documents, the details of which were known only to the closest circle, and for about 8 years law enforcement officers could not find him.

The Borisovs have lost both the possibility of a political career and, worst of all, their freedom - father and son are in a detention center and will not be released soon, and Svetlana Viktorovna Kuzmina - Dmitry's mother, still heads the MS MO Ivanovsky in St. Petersburg.

The income of the organized crime group often passes by the "Ensign" located in the Crosses, while the assets of Dmitry Kuzmin in Dubai are only growing.

And in general, the Kuzmins easily maneuver from punishments, for example, in the case of the raiding of a building on Avtovskaya 16, Vitaly Gennadyevich Kuzmin is convinced of receiving a suspended sentence and a small fine, according to the participants in the process.

While Vladimir Evgenievich Borisov, despite numerous contestations of his own measure of restraint, obviously understands the doom of his fate.

One can only guess what kind of "Gray Cardinal" (photo_3) is hidden behind the misfortunes of the Borisovs, on which the successes of the Kuzmins grow.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued