As it became known to, big problems with law enforcement agencies may arise in the near future for the former head of Sergiev Posad, Sergei Pakhomov, the current deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, who is predicted to be the governor of the Moscow region.

Сергея Пахомов

The Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region is investigating the Seversky organized crime group, which have been operating in Sergiev Posad for more than 20 years: they have killed, kidnapped, forced out businesses, set their own rules. Several members of the organized crime group have already been convicted, some are awaiting their verdict.

Any gang that exists in the city closely cooperates with the law enforcement bloc and administrative bodies.

Sergiev Posad is no exception. According to the source, the leader of the organized criminal group Gladyshev worked very closely with Pakhomov, who at that time was the head of the city district, and is currently a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, had a common business with him. During the investigation of the criminal case, Gladyshev confessed, pointing to a close relationship with Pakhomov. Surprisingly, it was after Gladyshev testified that he was found hanged in his cell in a pre-trial detention center.

Pakhomov worked for a long time with Mikhail Men in the Ivanovo region, where the latter was the governor. Their team also included Alexander Vladimirovich Matveev, who is also a native of the city of Zagorsk (now Sergiev Posad), like Pakhomov and Men.

Matveev served as the first deputy head of the city of Ivanovo and was waiting for an order to appoint Sergiev Posad as head, but it did not work out, and on February 27, 2014 he was detained for taking a bribe.

The Ivanovo District Court found Matveev guilty and sent him to prison for 4 years. Matveev was released on parole in 2017. The path to the authorities was closed to him, but Pakhomov put him in charge of the entire business of Sergiev Posad, which was created by the hands of the administration and the law enforcement bloc.

Pakhomov left his team in the administration, which includes Tokarev, who is the former head of Sergiev Posad. The administration, with the help of its people in business, develops the country's budget, and Matveev controls this development "on the ground" and reports to Pakhomov whether all the funds reach him or not.

Matveev in Sergiev Posad actually manages the Posad House Maintenance management company, which the administration of Sergiev Posad, represented by Tokarev and his deputy Afanasyev, put in the city and tried to transfer the entire housing stock by falsifying the minutes of general meetings of residents. Further, from the administration, the employees of the managing organization were given specific instructions that it was necessary to falsify the protocols, and then send them to the GZHI in the Moscow region.

From the side of the GZhI, according to the administration, there should not have been any problems - Pakhomov in the State Duma is the chairman of the committee on construction and housing and communal services, so there was full understanding on the part of the GZhI, even despite the violations. The houses were illegally transferred to Matveev's management company, after which law enforcement officers identified and interrogated those who could be involved in this.

Employees of Matveyev's management company, including people close to him, during interrogations confirmed that the administration of the city district, represented by Afanasyev, set a specific task: to falsify the minutes of meetings, forge signatures for citizens, and then send them to the GZhI. Their goal is to generate income in connection with the illegal transfer of houses to their management.

And Sergiev Posad is currently sleeping in a very restless sleep and is trying with all his might to lick his wounds from a recent visit to them by law enforcement officers, to solve the problem financially or physically, as Pakhomov knows how to do.

Let's see if they manage to block Pakhomov's path, behind which a criminal trail stretches from the days of his work in the Ivanovo region, to the place of governor of the Moscow region.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued