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The Federal Antimonopoly Service has yet mastered the new role of a mega-regulator of the domestic economy (in liquidation FTS), and its leaders on the table is ready to go to the "case of the collapse of PJSC GK" TNS energy. " After all, the head of the country's largest power supply company Dmitry Arzhanova seems to haunt the laurels scandalous "oborzevshih of Power" from "Energostrima".

Expanding by the Federal Service for Tariffs of FAS has already taken over the reins of government in the tariff sure hands and offers a freeze rates of natural monopolies in 2016. Electricity Consumers are asked not to limit freeze one year, because, according to experts, the tariffs of network monopolies have grown faster than the economic growth in recent years.

If we add to this the fact that Vladimir Putin still in 2011 called the scheme "for accumulation and output of energy resources in the offshore area", as well as the artificial overstatement of sales allowances (money necessary for marketing companies - size sets FTS), to which recourse some mediators of natural monopolies - electricity sellers - it becomes clear that the case "Energostrima" is alive and well. And with that the FAS has yet to seriously deal.

At whose expense the banquet?

Just over a year ago, the Russian millionaire and owner of GC "Transneftservice-Energo" (TNS energy) Dmitry Arzhanov (Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 800 million) showed the world how to know how to walk the Russian energy sector. August 14, 2014 in the famous resort of Capri, he celebrated his birthday surrounded by more than a hundred guests took four days the whole five-star hotel Capri Palace, a public beach, which is closed to the locals, several restaurants and street cafes, and near the shore gave mini-regatta - all this feast cost energy tycoon almost € 2 million.

They say that such excessive luxury led to confusion even accustomed to all the islanders, especially because of the loud music and too violent behavior of drunken Russian had to call the police. Apparently, such snobbery is no stranger to those who made his way to the great state of uncertainty. Only such a space bill for a banquet does not stick to the position of energy companies in his homeland, where "sweeping" Energy has to literally everything: banks, State (IDCs) and public. Note that "celebration of life" in Capri and present head of the electric power industry regulation of the Office of the Federal Tariff Service Maxim Egorov - for his role in "reality TNS energy" we will be back.

Dmitry Arzhanov was born in 1972 in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod), where he began a march to the Forbes rankings through participation in regional policy, the union of energy companies and, finally, the leadership in the production and sale of rice. Having started his career in the energy sector in 2002 as Deputy General Director of JSC "Nizhnovatomenergosbyt", to date, Mr. Arzhanov with "TNS energy" took 31 th place in the ranking of the largest private companies, according to Forbes. She is the subject of the wholesale electricity market, and also manages the 10 guaranteed supply companies, serving over 17 million consumers in 11 regions of Russia: JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Retail Company", OAO "Voronezh Energy Retail Company", OAO "Karelia Energy Retail Company", OAO "Kubanenergosbyt" (Krasnodar Territory and Republic of Adygea), JSC "Marienergosbyt", OAO "Tula energy Retail company", OAO "Energosbyt Rostovenergo", OAO "Yaroslavl Retail company", LLC "Garantenergoservis" (Novgorod region) and "TNS Penza energo" LLC.

In his well-being, Mr. Arzhanov based on four "pillars": bank loans; artificially inflated sales allowances and cost of electricity sold (according to some sources, the cost of electricity sold earlier "Transneft" inflated by a third helped the former head of the AK Semyon Weinstock and ex-deputy head of RAO UES Mikhail Abyzov.); withdrawals and growing debt to the energy state company MRSK (for about 9.45 billion rubles). Rather than extinguish the debt, "TNS energy" to the creditors and electricity suppliers, Dmitry started up in all the "business-grave": buying up regional energy companies to invest in agriculture, implementing development projects and building an oil refinery in Vietnam, includes sports clubs and finally, just living in a big way. At the same time there are rumors that it energoimperiya is literally on its last legs breathe because of multiple debts.

"To whom should I - I forgive all"

In the case of bank loans company Arzhanova group did not invent nothing revolutionary: like "Energostrima" "TNS-Energo" actively attracting loans from credit institutions, even those projects that have no money. "Arzhanov - an addictive personality - says about him his friend Dmitry Raskopin. - If it lights up, it does not stop. This is the case when the person does not have sufficient capital, and he concluded a multibillion-dollar deal, because it caught the drive. " Bankers have been profitable to give loans and sales, because it ensures the passage of billions of dollars of revolutions (power user charges) for current accounts.

By 2014, compared with 2010 the volume of "TNS-Energo" the Group's loans and loans has grown twice. The media got the information on loans taken "structures" Arzhanova "Garantenergoservis" OOO (Veliky Novgorod) - 340 mln. Rub .; JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Retail Company" - 4.4 bln. Rub .; OAO "Voronezh Energy Retail Company" 1 billion. 250 mln. Rub .; JSC "Marienergosbyt" - 470 mn. Rub .; OAO "Tula Energy Retail Company" - 1 billion 50 million rubles .;.. JSC "Energosbyt Rostovenergo" - 5.9 bln. Rub .; OAO "Karelia Energy Retail Company" - 260 million rubles .;. JSC "Kubanenergosbyt" - 3 billion 200 million rubles .;.. LLC "TNS Penza Energo" - 550 million rubles .;. OAO "Yaroslavl Retail Company" - 716 million rubles.. As a result, the total amount of loans is 18 billion. 136 million. Rubles. And in the years 2015/2016. It accounts for a substantial amount of payments of the Group (50% of all loans / loans 62%, where there is information about the lending banks).

It is said that some large banks are already blocking structures "TNS energy" their credit lines. For example, early PSB withdrew credit limits in GC, which led to the deterioration of the situation in the calculations with suppliers and network companies in LLC "Garantenergoservis" (Veliky Novgorod) and OAO "Nizhny Novgorod Retail Company".

Above the bar!

While for the 2011-2015 biennium. cumulative inflation was about 25%, while the growth rates IDGC - about 50%, sales allowances (CH) "TNS energy" increased 3.8 times. In 2015, the Group's total CH proanonsiroval at 18.83 billion rubles from 16.08 billion in 2014 (2.75 billion rubles. / + 17.1%).

And sales allowance "TNS energy" in 2013 were approximately 2.1 times higher than that of other energy supply companies. In this part of the structure CH Dmitry Arzhanova do not hesitate to include unjustified non-operating expenses: interest payments on loans, the creation of reserves for "bad debt" (actually - unpaid debt "TNS energy" to IDGC), charity, eat indications and advertising.

They say that the cost of "Readings" The Group for fictitious consulting agreements, and as part of allowance they simply can not be taken into account. Indeed, under the current legislation, eat meter readings is the responsibility of only the network companies (IDGC), and everything else - fraud.

Then for any "TNS-Energo" such beautiful eyes gets double "portion" CH requesting the FTS is clearly non-market the rates? It's simple: according to rumors, Mr. Arzhanova structure successfully promoted in the Tariff Office is not alien to their citizens. For example, the deputy head of the Federal Tariff Service Elena Pomchalova, Head of the regional monitoring FTS Stanislaus Brzhezyanskogo, head of the Regional Tariff Service of Nizhny Novgorod Region Alexei Semennikova (ex-colleague Arzhanova LLC "Nizhnovatomenergosbyt"), and finally, the familiar head of department of regulation of the electricity industry FTS Maxim Egorova.

Recall that Vladimir Putin in the formidable power sales for 2011, stated that the increase in tariffs of natural monopolies (except gas) should not exceed the rate of inflation. In 2013, the crazy growth of rents in some regions has caused anger first president, and then became one of the reasons and the resignation of the head of Ministry of Regional Development Igor Slyunyayev and dissolution of departments. Some officials apparently did not understand the hint, and it is likely it is for him now will be "skating rink" FTS reform.

The government will wait

Huge amounts of money from consumers walking through "TNS-Energo" to IDGC, lost in the "Bermuda Triangle" structures Arzhanova. Moreover, the Civil Code before the state company debt is growing, including due to disagreements between the parties for the cost of services and electricity losses sizes, as well as due to the fact that the slightest controversy "TNS-Energo" prefers to solve only in the courts, and this is clearly delaying deadlines payment.

There was a precedent, when the JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Grid Company" (NSC) of the Group through the courts forced IDGC of Center and Volga Region to conclude a contract for the provision of electricity transmission on unacceptable conditions. In fact IDGC obliged to provide hard copy of documents for each customer (over 1.2 million), agreed with all the adjacent network organizations (about 70). To fulfill this condition was not possible, and thus the NSC received the formal right to do not pay for the services of IDGC. Moreover, the sales through the Nizhny Novgorod court tried repeatedly to get to the IDGC of cross-subsidies in the amount of ~ 1.14 billion rubles., But the court refused to satisfy the claim.

Nedopoluchit only one "TNS-Energo" for about 9.45 billion rubles, the state energy company risks not perform the planned investment program for the modernization of networks, and eventually it will hit the consumers. That "guilty" only that Arzhanova and Co. want to eat out of gold dishes, relax on the most expensive resorts in the world and use the escort services for VIPs.

And Sweden, and the reaper, and the dude igrets

Instead calculated IDGC Dmitry Arzhanov directs profit regional sales, takes money to offshore, and is engaged in construction of other businesses, not related to the sale of electricity.

In reporting on the energy supply companies January 1, 2015 reflects the long-term investments in PAO GK "TNS Energo" in the amount of 1.42 billion rubles. In addition, the accounts of "daughters" and affiliated with the Group companies were listed nearly 20,335,000 rubles (long- and short-term investments, as well as in the form of loans).

According to some reports, the accounts of the Cyprus offshore Sunflake Ltd through VTB and "Alfa-Bank" were removed about 3 billion rubles net (not including fees for banks "run" money). According to market rumor has it that because of this "tax haven", which owns shares of "TNS energy" is not only Arzhanov, although he calls himself the sole beneficiary of the company (formally owned by the businessman Sunflake and three offshore). They say there is a second "influential shareholder", however, according to observers, this rumor is profitable "TNS energy" when it comes to lobbying.

The bottom line comes out of that CC were withdrawn at least 23,335,000 rubles. And it's still not counting dividends. According to reports of the issuer for the period 2009-2014, the regional sales are companies in general have received 9.1506 trillion rubles (IDGC duty to recall, is comparable 9.45 billion).

About debt State Dmitry Arzhanov seems, completely forgotten, being an enthusiastic new business ideas. Back in 2006, he began to buy land in the south of Russia, and in 2013 increased agricultural holding "AFG National" - Russia's largest producer of rice, formed by the confluence of AF-Group (owned 57.5 hectares with / agricultural land in the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov region) and the company "Angstrom" (a major producer of packaged cereals).

According to media reports, Dmitry Arzhanov tried to buy the biggest asset is its main competitor in the rice market - "Razguliay" Groups - Slavic elevator, but the founder and shareholder Igor Potapenko agricultural holdings declined the offer. Then, apparently, Dmitry recalled his Nizhny Novgorod "tricks" to eliminate the electoral competitors: bribing the chief of the Security Council "Razgulyai" Igor Purina, he initiates the ordered articles in the press and prosecution Potapenko, who is charged with embezzlement of 20 billion rubles. By the process were connected buddy Arzhanova, managing director of the "T" GUBEPiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Yevgeny Pavlov and Director of the Department of Natural Resources VEB Ilgiz Valitov. Last on the rights of "offended" agricultural holding minority shareholder wrote a statement on Potapenko for allegedly stealing the available funds, and, voila, Dmitry Arzhanov becomes "rice king", got hold of the most valuable assets "Razgulyai".

Not surprisingly, the "case" against Igor Potapenko is now spreading at the seams. But "AFG National" establishes the export of rice and buckwheat in the western regions of Ukraine, the increasing shortage of cereals in Russia. In addition, they say, can be seen with the help of Viktor Lebedev - Assistant Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Mr Arzhanova managed to push through the decision to cancel the preferential tariffs for the supply of cheap rice from Burma. In fact, Myanmar, this means closing the Russian market, and the "AFG National" (Dmitry Arzhanova investments Ltd. up 5.5 billion rubles) becomes the largest rice producer in the country (32% leguminous Russian market).

He is fond of Energy-managed agrarian engage in megaproject two Vung Ro Petroleum in Vietnam: construction of a refinery and a sea port in Vietnam's Vung Ro Bay. "It sounds very ambitious, but at the start of the project (Refinery) by 2017, we need $ 5 billion, of which we have not, so long as the asset is measured funny (!)" - Smiles Arzhanov. In July 2011, he headed the board of directors of Vung Ro Petroleum, in which, according to him, it owns 50%. Refinery included the Vietnamese Government in the number of facilities that ensure the energy security of the country - Dmitry Arzhanov, according to some, has already invested in the project is about 3.7 billion rubles. Its construction was made to the five-year plan for Vietnam, promised direct compensation from the budget to $ 250 million.

Project construction of the complex on the coast of Vietnam will include 350 sea berths, several hotels with more than 760 rooms, 4,300 apartments and villas, 100 townhouses, as well as shops and boutiques. It Arzhanov, say, invested about $ 3.5 million As you can see, the Vietnamese projects are also close to the heart of the restless Russian adventurer, rather than payments to electricity suppliers -. Partners in the core business of Dmitry Alexandrovich. However, it seems, because of the growth of the dollar and debt "TNS-energo" Arzhanov can not continue their ambitious projects in Vietnam.

Even with such investments by all parties Mr. Arzhanova remains at a comfortable (frankly even luxurious) life: birthdays at the cost of two million euros, teaching the daughters of the prestigious British school «Queenswood» (about 1 - 1.1 million rubles per semester) , expensive foreign holidays in places like Courchevel and finally escort services for VIPs. They say that the "girls" - models of premium from Spain, Hungary and Brazil - Dmitry Arzhanov partially paying for services out there most Maxim Egorov from FTS (all sorts of services the cost of "Miss Bikini" and Playboy girls amount to $ 5-6 thousand dollars per night!). On the Internet you can find a sms-correspondence between Arzhanova and handy in this regard.

There is a "portfolio" Mr Arzhanova and such "small things", as support for regional sports clubs (FC "Volga", FC "Rostov" FC "Arsenal" FC "Torch" HC "Torpedo" and BC "Ataman"). It is possible that the command content is used as a way of influencing the governors of the regions - it is difficult, perhaps, to deny, to those who invested tens of millions of rubles (for example, FC "Rostov" PJSC "TNS Energy Rostov-on-Don" has been invested 50 million rubles, according to the quarterly reporting of energy sales companies as of 1 January 2015) in some favors?


In fact, Dmitry Arzhanova can not be called a strategist, his business empire he is building the image of the infamous "Energostrima": through corruption fills their pockets other people's money, engaging in direct robbery of the population. "Feast or Famine" pay us and the Russians (inflated sales increase only in 2013 brought "TNS Energo" about 6 billion rubles), banks (loans and borrowings of about 21.4 billion rubles) and the State (failure to comply with obligations to IDGC) . It is said that during the last years of the Civil Code brought no less than 32.48 billion rubles in loans to offshore companies and one-day companies, dividends, and various schemes for cashing.

Power sales companies who come up with another Chubais, produce nothing and have nothing, it's resellers. Any assets the company does not have, but passes through a huge cash flow. And the content of these companies is fully at our expense and with the help of influential officials. In the case of "TNS Energo" names called Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzova (even rumored that in the offshore was he owns shares in the distribution and sales), assistant Dvorkovich Victor Lebedev, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Yuri Sintyurin and the above-mentioned officials FTS.

It seems that in the near future holding "TNS-energy" the same fate as "Energostrima": the mind boggles, but the amount of accumulated debt from "TNS-energy" is already higher than earlier in Zhelyabovsky companies. This group itself is almost two times less (turnover "TNS-energy" 160 billion. Rub., "Energostrima 'turnover was about 260 billion. Rub.).

According to recent reports, the network companies have already applied in some regions of the application for initiation of criminal cases against management, "TNS-energy" on the fact of non-payment and are preparing to intercept the status of guaranteeing suppliers in the regions where the Group operates. Just to NSC claims brought by IDGC of the total amount of 5.4 billion rubles.

And FST is not the same - it rapidly absorbs the FAS. Most likely, the new leaders who claim the tariffs will not be as loyal to Dmitri Arzhanova - because FAS powers virtually equal to the Bank of Russia, and Mara in the second "energostrime" agency is unlikely to want. But TFR fit to look at the "carousing" energy-Agrar - rumored to be actively interested in Arzhanov residence permit in Europe. How could he, after a colleague Zhelyabovsky not gone "live in London."

Source: Rucriminal