Andrei Chesnokov, a member of the EMK-Engineering board of directors, who was previously close to Kovalchuk and was a top manager of the Rossiya bank, who is in custody for embezzlement of funds of the Ministry of Defense, is being prepared to present new episodes of theft, now according to St. According to a source, this primarily refers to theft in the energy sector, where Evgeny Stanislavovich Shtykov, General Director of one of his companies, CJSC OPEC Management Company, testifies against Chesnokov. He does not give testimony anywhere, but immediately to the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the central office.

Andrey Chesnokov is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. And the chairman of this council is the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller. Despite the fact that Chesnokov has been in custody since October 2020, information about him, as a member of the board of trustees, remains on the vuzav website.

As the publication found out, in fact, a lot is connected with the gas industry. The Kontur.Fokus system sees the involvement of a businessman in 17 legal entities. Among others, he is still the general director of CJSC Gazenergoprom-Invest, headed CJSC Gazenergopromleasing and JSC Gazleasingtek. Behind all these companies are the structures of "Gazprom", and the portfolio of state contracts "Gazleasingtek" - under 3.5 billion rubles. However, for Gazprom it is not that much.

According to, in April Chesnokov will be presented with new episodes of fraud with direct "contracting" without tenders for the construction of several energy facilities in St. Petersburg, as well as for the theft of an electric sewage system on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg.

It follows from the materials that more than 50% of the funds from the contracts were stolen by banal overpricing in the absence of participants in the tender procedures.

I must say that over the past 4 months, the former power roof of Andrey Chesnokov (the owner of EMC-engineering, detained for embezzling almost half a billion rubles from the Ministry of Defense), realizing that the situation was losing, also tried in various ways to distance itself from him, on the other hand, as can show the top management more that their initial goal was to undermine

a presumptuous merchant from the inside.

Expose all his schemes and bring him to clean water ourselves. As an excuse, they will say, as it should be, that the development went on for "500 years", but alas, the Investigative Committee and the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with the support of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation suddenly worked.

According to sources, in parallel, the "roof" is putting pressure on prosecutors and judges in order to return all cases from the archives, even sentences that have entered into legal force, at least somehow related to Andrei Chesnokov and direct them against Chesnokov himself. At the same time, all the levers of pressure are used, but a lot, especially for regional judges, prosecutors, and it is not necessary - a little frightened and here you have a business 100 years ago again relevant, you can again enter it from the other side.

In these battles, the team of the former director of the Petrodvorets energy systems (close to a bunch of Sizov, Traber, Goloshchapov), whom Chesnokov offended, turned out to be much better protected because of which the latter "flew" in an adult way. They are throwing coal for their ICs, as well as friends of the detainee, the former deputy head of the 11th department of the "C" department - the head of the 1st department of the Main Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Dmitry Ataev and the ex-head of the 12th department of the 4th ORCH UEBiPK Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Evgenia

Kashmatov, Chesnokov and friends of the former chairman of the St. Petersburg KBDKh Vladimir Rublevsky, as well as friends of the imprisoned Kirill Liben from the land FSB of the Kirovsky district, do not disregard Chesnokov, the son of the deputy head of the RF IC Elena Leonenko, who was searched according to Chesnokov's statement (more precisely according to the statement of the general director Shtykov, who is now already testifying against his master). The Entente against the axis of evil turns out to be too large.

With this arrangement, it seems like a dream that the problem of the Chesnoks and the Lesnykh, Stakhanov and Shtykov testifying against him, will resolve by itself.

Let's remind that Andrey Chesnokov had one interesting hobby. He will easily surpass all the "decoy ducks" of the ex-head of the GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov. Chesnokov, who had powerful connections in the power block, with the help of statements constantly eliminated opponents and solved other issues of his business. In total, he has filed them recently more than 15. Here is just a small list of cases and operational measures with the participation of Chesnokov. In 2019, he directly (he wrote a statement and organized wiretapping) put FSB officer Kirill Libenko, who was carrying money to the chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for the Improvement of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Rublevsky (Rublevsky himself or Ruble, as he is called in certain circles, was almost shut down). In 2019, Chesnokov, through his face value Shtykov Yevgeny Konstantinovich, tried to imprison the son of Bastrykin's deputy, Elena Leonenko, Igor Leonenko. We are talking about materials related to with the company ZAO UK OPEC, in which Chesnokov is the owner. In 2018-2019, Chesnokov tried to send one of the top managers of Lenenergo, Andrey Vasilyevich Malkov, to the pre-trial detention center. To do this, Chesnokov wrote a statement about the theft of equipment from one of his companies in relation to JSC "Petrodvortsovaya Electricity Network" and Lenenergo. Thus, putting at risk the former general director of Lenenergo - Sizov Andrei Andreevich, who is a close friend of Konstantin Goloshchapov and Vagif Mamishev.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued