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A native of Azerbaijan, Aras Agalarov known incredible ability to raise funds for their projects. The ambition and scale of the project, the faster under him money - they can come from America, from the Moscow government or even "out of thin air." These suspicious "air" money allowed Agalarov to become one of the richest men in Russia: in the Forbes magazine's list of the year 2016, he took 55th place with a personal wealth of 1.2 billion US dollars.. And, of course, as believes not without the help of the mafia, or rather a series of "thieves in law".

Not bad for a former employee of the trade union, which is only in the late 80's he moved to Moscow from Baku. Agalarov started modestly - a co-operative "Saffron", which was engaged in the export and import of Russian souvenirs then fashionable computer equipment. The scale was not very big, but where did the capital to "import computers" is unknown. In 1989, trade unionist Agalarov unexpectedly creates "Crocus International" Russian-American joint venture. Once again, the financing sources were somewhere in the shadows.

It is known that free money in large quantities are accumulated in the "informal sector", to put it simply - in criminal structures. In criminal authorities is always the problem of laundering of proceeds. Usually "washing" money is through their investment in profitable enterprises, criminal means are liquid assets under the control of "their" people - criminals do not trust strangers. At the same time, criminal bosses are covert or overt co-founders of companies, which allows them to make a profit on the legality and build "white" capital energize "black" schemes.

The real impetus to Aras Agalarov's career was the equity participation in the Cherkizovsky market, which kriminalizovannost exceeded all reasonable limits. Cherkizon gave the country's billionaires more than the Grand Theatre - dancers. The person has successfully completed the hard school of the flea market, overgrown by such criminal connections that became forever "respected" in the criminal world. Cherkizovsky market has become an excellent platform for Agalarov in terms of primitive accumulation of capital and illegal nalogoneoblagaemogo purchase bonds.

Already in 1997, Aras Agalarov, eight years ago was selling dolls, built luxury complex «Agalarov House», located in one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow - the intersection of the streets and the Grand Georgian Klimashkina. In 2005 Agalarov becomes the owner of the furniture "Grand" center, together with businessmen Year Nisanovu and Zarah Iliev. According to rumors, to gain control of the largest furniture store capital Agalarov helped the former chairman of the State Customs Committee Mikhail Vanin - a close friend. Through familiarity with the "head of the customs" Azerbaijani businessman has significantly expanded its business.

I must say that not only acquaintance with officials helped Aras Agalarov build your empire. According to, he was for many years on friendly terms with a "thief in law" Vagif Suleymanov, who was once Russia's oldest ally "authority" Ded Hasan (Aslan Usoyana). In 2013, Hassan's grandfather was killed by a sniper, and his place was taken by Shakro Young (Zachary Kalash), which is closer to his Suleymanova. Therefore, when the Year of Nisan and Zarah Iliev created agroklaster "Food City" and they had a problem with wholesalers, they turned to Agalarov. By the way, it is the largest agricultural market was presented in 2014 with the participation of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The problem was that the business mafia (mainly Azeris) were dispersed in different markets of Moscow, the Moscow region, traders work under different "roof" and move in the "Food City" is not going. It turned out that large areas would be idle and not profitable. Nisan and Iliev after Agalarov enlisted the help of Vagif Suleymanov, who shared problem Shakro Young. As the project "Food City" has promised to bring the two "thieves in law" constant huge profits Shakro gave the nod and Wholesalers "orderly" moved on "Food City". All the problems with the Azerbaijani "authority" have been resolved peacefully.

But not always criminal showdown ended in the "world" - in April 2006, one of the leaders of the Azerbaijani criminal known "thief in law" Ikmet Mukhtarov was killed in Moscow. According to investigators, the murder was due to the redistribution of control over income from several major markets and shopping complexes in Moscow. This war, supposedly, for a long time are few Chechen and Azeri criminal clans. During the investigation it was found that according to the documents, the Mercedes car, the cabin of which was killed Mukhtarov, he belonged to one of the co-founders of the holding "Crocus International" - to Rail Zeynalov. This holding includes hypermarkets "Your House", shopping center "Crocus City Mall", exhibition center, fashion boutiques and shoe-class "luxury" "Crocus Moscow" - the whole empire Aras Agalarov. It turns out that the victim "lawyer" traveled to the founder of the car "Crocus International".

Such "accidents" clearly demonstrate the business connection with the criminal world, where personal contacts are supported by cash flows and financial liabilities. For many members of the legal business are "shadow" patrons and secret criminal funding sources.


Source: Rucriminal