Source: Rucriminal

A scandalous situation was the head of the public organization "Union of Armenians of Russia" Ara Abrahamyan. Businessman Ruben Grigoryan, one of Moscow's first co-operators, accused Abrahamyan of trying to "squeeze out" a huge building in which residential apartments and offices are located. According to, everything happens, as in the fairy tale Teremok. Abrahamyan was allowed into the project and even given him a share. But eventually he decided to get everything.

   As it became known to, back in the early 90's on the site of Grigoryan's trading pavilions on Prospekt Mira decided to build an unusual for those times multifunctional house, which will be an office and retail and residential part.


Construction began in 1995, which was taken credit in the bank. After the completion of the underground part, it turned out that money was not enough. Negotiations were conducted with potential investors. Ara Abrahamyan appeared in this period. Having contacts with the administration of the President and federal officials, he offered his services in the form of selling part of the living space at the stage of construction to the Office of the President's Affairs at the expense of budgetary funds, which in itself was legal. For this he put the condition that his share in the revenues from the management of the constructed building will be 50%. That is, he did not invest his own means and his own construction efforts.


Upon completion of construction in 1998, the owner of the building was ZAO "2N Company", in which Ara Abrahamyan owned 50% of the shares. According to, in order to "not shine", the shareholder instead of himself appointed his wife Natalia Abramyan (now a US citizen). All business management issues related to management and operation were assigned to Ruben Grigoryan, who had borne the brunt of the construction and commercial implementation of the facility.


The form of building management shareholders chose "trust management". The head of the management company was appointed Alexei Gorinov.

For all the years, the shareholder, Natalia Abrahamyan, has never attended meetings of shareholders, nor has she contacted any other shareholder, either with the director or with the accountant of the joint-stock company. That is, did not show any independent interest in the activities of society. But every time, a nephew (the son of a sister) Ara Abrahamyan came to the quarterly shareholders meetings with the power of attorney from the shareholder.


As found out, in 2016 Ara Abrahamyan went on the attack on the partner and the form of building management elected by the shareholders. In the fall of 2016, the head of the representative office of the management company, Gorinov, was telephoned by a certain lawyer, Karafelov, and in a derogatory manner began accusing the leader of actions aimed against the interests of shareholders, their deceit, by volunteering, "for good", to vacate the office. Karafelov was also told that they would still achieve this in any way.


Having received the power of attorney from the US citizen Natalia Abrahamyan, Karafelov said at the regular shareholders' meeting about the intention of the second shareholder to independently manage the construction. At the same time, he was sued by the arbitration court to terminate the trust management agreement.


Having not received a positive outcome of the trial, Karafelov, on behalf of shareholder Natalia Abrahamyan, in February 2016 wrote a statement to the Interior Ministry's Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of Moscow, accusing the shareholder Grigoryan and the Governor Gorinov of acting against the interests of the company "2N Company" and the second shareholder. After the verification of the application and the refusal to initiate a criminal case, the prosecutor's office returns the application to the police and directs them to initiate criminal proceedings.


According to, at the same time the owner of the previously owned shares of Natalia Abramyan is Ara Abrahamyan's nephew Vardan Khachatryan. In order not to sell shares, they were passed through a chain of donations between close relatives on the following path: H. Abramyan - A. Abramyan (spouse) -A. Abrahamyan (sister) - V. Khachatryan (the sister's son), having turned the whole scheme for several days without informing the second shareholder Ruben Grigoryan and the company's director about it.


And now A. Abrahamyan, hiding behind his nephew - the new shareholder, again goes to the arbitration court to recognize the trust management agreement as invalid. A formally open criminal case allows you to make any operational actions up to a complete paralysis of economic activity.

Source: Rucriminal