After the news about the reduction of funding for the Moscow Investigative Committee by almost half, as the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel wrote about, the committee began to actively discuss "what to do now" and "how to continue to work." Meanwhile, publishes the New Year's revelation of the investigator, who decided to honestly and openly sort out everything that, in his opinion, is happening now in the TFR. For obvious reasons, the story will be anonymous.

“When I went to the Investigative Committee, I no longer had some kind of“ romantic ”idea about this department (for several years I went as a social activist while I was studying at the university), I understood perfectly well that there were some troubles, and it wouldn’t be easy. Statistics indicators are regularly changed, new criteria are added. Also, ideas for organizing procedural checks are becoming more and more delusional, especially when the issue concerns minors and pensioners.

An investigator can only get moral satisfaction from work

At present, an investigator can only get moral satisfaction from his work, a kind of personal "high", but unfortunately, the financial component of the work leaves much to be desired. Let's face it, the average salary of a trader in the UK (not in Central Asia) is 55,000 rubles, for the regions this is, of course, a significant amount, much higher than the average, but for Moscow, where the average salary is 100,000 rubles, our salary is / n leaves much to be desired. Looking at their colleagues, it becomes a pity for them - they have a lot of loans, can barely make ends meet, live practically at work, many have a mortgage that takes away their entire salary.


In Moscow, a huge burden on investigators. On average, an investigator has 8-12 criminal cases pending, of which at least half are with guards. At the same time, even though the Ministry of Internal Affairs, even the Federal Penitentiary Service, directly oppose the investigation, each of these departments considers itself "great" and believes that the Investigative Committee, and the investigation as a whole, should work for them. So, for example, for everyone who is "in the subject", it is obvious that it is simply unrealistic to get to the pre-trial detention center in Moscow, since the electronic queues are clogged 3-4 weeks in advance, and to get to the pre-trial detention center, investigators need to stand 8 hours the queue for the sake of an hour of communication with the accused, that is, it turns out that a trip to a pre-trial detention center is equal to minus one working day. When trying to take the accused to the IVS, problems immediately arise: the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not agree, there are no guards, there are no cars and other problems. These circumstances directly interfere with the work, and force to spend time (which is always not enough) to resolve artificially created problems.

Investigator investigates crimes only 10% of working time

A significant number of criminal cases investigated by investigators in Moscow are under control. That is, for them every week you need to make a certificate of the investigative actions carried out and draw up plans, for each certificate you need one more on the right, each controller needs his own edition of the certificate, thus, a significant part of the time is spent on drawing up useless certificates for inquiries for the sake of inquiries. Plus, no one canceled the extension of the investigation period and the term of custody, the preparation of documents for which also takes a lot of time, copying materials, etc. The extension of the investigation period also turns into hell, for each extension a set of documents is prepared from various certificates, plans, instructions and other documents that no one will ever read. Summing up, we can say that the investigator has a maximum of 10% of the time left to investigate criminal cases, the rest of the time is spent on drawing up certificates for the sake of inquiries, unsubscribing controls, and compiling a heap of unnecessary waste paper. There are cases where it is difficult for a young investigator to figure it out, or the story is confusing and the advice of an experienced professional is needed, but this is also a problem, many professionals, seeing what is happening, simply leave the profession.

The forensic investigators who are supposed to help - in fact, they do it extremely rarely, or rather, they do something only when they are kicked by their leadership, there is no need to expect any help from the forensic specialists in the working order. Leaving Krasnova I.V. to the post of attorney general undermined the situation inside the UK, as many Krasnov AND.The. was perceived as a person who knows the work of an investigator from the inside, understands all the problems facing the investigation, and also, importantly, that he stood up for his investigators like a mountain.

To please the top management of the UK, instead of a real fight against crime, we are doing "charity"

Special attention should be paid to the conduct of procedural checks. Unfortunately, instructions from top leaders to conduct checks on the composition, investigators under investigation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs interrogators too often come because of the fact that potential victims are minors or retirees, and this, as everyone knows, is the favorite category of Glavny's citizens. For the sake of pleasing "top leaders, instead of actually fighting crime, we are doing" charity ".warrants during inspections and the fact that too many formal inspections are carried out, the futility and absurdity of which everyone understands, but none of the management can take responsibility and say no. This is especially true for checks related to minors. The logic is now simple: the children had a fight at school - to urgently conduct a negligence check against the school principal; a drunken adult touched a minor - we quickly register an attempted murder, and, unfortunately, there are hundreds of such absurd checks.

One of the "favorite" activities of investigators is to travel to orphanages and nursing homes to congratulate orphans and pensioners. Everything would be fine, but instead of employees of the media department or moral and educational work, "live" investigators are engaged in this, as a rule from the ground, who are already head over heels in cases, maneuver between extensions, investigation of cases and drawing up certificates for inquiries, they still have to be engaged and these aspects.

The apparatus of the court has long been degraded

A separate aspect of the work is, let's say, "accompanying a criminal case in court." Unfortunately, the apparatus of the court has degraded so much that the assistant judges cannot open the last sheets of the indictment, which contains the list of persons to be summoned to the court session and summon a witness. All work on organizing the appearance of witnesses in court lies with the investigator, although according to the Criminal Procedure Code the investigator's work in the case ends when the criminal case is sent to the prosecutor, but, in fact, this is not the case. The logic of the court is simple - "do not ensure the appearance of a witness in court - we will return the cases for additional investigation." Since no one wants to quarrel with the court, it turns out that the investigator is simply forced to do more work for the court and the prosecutor.

It's scary from what will happen to the UK next

I would like to say about the training of "future personnel" at the Academy of the UK. The level of knowledge and skills of "students" is close to zero. In theory, they should go as public assistants to the territorial divisions of the Investigative Committee, but in fact, only a few go. As a rule, they do not go because “my dad is a general,” “my dad is a general,” “my mother is a prosecutor,” “a judge,” etc. etc., or those who are simply not interested in it do not go, but study at the Academy of the Investigative Committee, since they did not enter anywhere else, or they were sent by their parents. In general, looking at the current graduates of the Academy, it becomes scary from what will happen to the UK next.

To get in shape, you have to go through all the circles of hell

Tangent provision with form, office equipment and paper. To get a shape, you need to go through all the circles of hell, and getting a shape by size is simply unrealistic. In the best case, you will be given a form 2 sizes larger. You have to tamp the shape for yourself in the atelier, and this is not a cheap pleasure. When it comes to providing investigators with computers, printers, cartridges and paper, the situation is no better. In the best case, the department has one modern office computer and one office printer (work). There are no more technical departments.

95% of investigators buy a computer and a printer on their own, since they have to work on something. Office computers of the mid-2000s, even if they turn on, then it is impossible to work on them. It is impossible to get a new technique in the MTO, they always answer that it does not exist. Investigators also buy cartridges on their own for their own money, naturally, there can be no talk of any compensation.

What kind of future can the UK have in this form, judge for yourself.

To be continued

Maria Groznya