Source: Rucriminal

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov already may leave his post in early 2017. This reported several sources in the administration of the Moscow region authorities. It remains unresolved only one question: will go nowhere in Sparrows or get a new chair.

         That Vorobiev soon lose his job, not saying a word, the four told his interlocutor that deserve full confidence. "He's already two months misses most conference calls with the heads of municipalities, whereas before, be sure to participate in all of them. Surrounded by Vorobiev speak directly - he leaves ", - said one of the sources He was echoed by another source, "Vorobyov will not be in the near future, it is said to all the officials and people who want to solve something with the governor team. I have specified that information on the Old Town Square (Presidential Administration - Ed.). There they confirmed it. "

         Versions why Vorobiev called out three. According to the first, supposedly two months ago, the governor happened in big trouble with the FSB. As if the fact was recorded, which it could instantly become a "high-profile" corruption case. But it never came down to it, as Vorobyov chose to quietly resign.

According to the second version, the Governor sick from cancer, is constantly undergoing treatment in Germany. Perhaps he will have an operation. Although there are those who argue that the version of the disease was deliberately abandoned in bureaucratic circles to adequately explain skoropolitelnuyu Vorobyov retired.

According to a third version, Vorobyov tries to break out of the governor's seat on the federal level.

It is known that in the autumn of 2016 Vorobiev strenuously tried to "unseat" the current head of Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov to "land" in his chair.

However, expect a successful continuation of a career, Vorobiev hard. He managed to quarrel with anyone you can. In particular, it is very not like the State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. We can no longer put in the number of patrons Vorobyov Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, a man who has long been considered the governor of the team.

 And all because of the unseasoned nature Vorobiev, his oversized doubt and a tendency to abuse. At some point Vorobiev officially declared himself Putin receiver and began to talk back and be rude to literally everyone. Even Shoigu. When he asked to save several people from his team (Shoigu before joining the Ministry of Defence headed the Moscow region), in the Moscow region administration, the Sparrows ignored the wish of the older man. And the comments reacted, to put it mildly, inadequate. A son of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, Igor, who worked the governor advisor, he did a three-story overlaid mat. It happened during a completely innocent conversation. After this "track" Vorobiev and family Seagulls went in different directions. Witnesses watched as the once head of the region and mocked wings last words 80-year-old Vladimir Resin. Moreover, no apparent reason was not for such a reaction.

Well, to say nothing of ordinary people. Due to huge infusions of Moscow budget "media work", in newspapers and on Web sites can not read thousands of stories, how Vorobyov literally yelling obscenities and surrounded by the usual residents of the Moscow region. And did it prilyudno- on public meetings with the governor. Occur after it could quite innocent questions.

However, of course, for rudeness to resign do not send. Rampant corruption in the Moscow region at Vorobyov exceeded all reasonable limits. "Even with Gromov and Kuznetsov (former governor and former Minister of Finance of the Moscow region) was not like this," - remember-officials-timers.

Source: Rucriminal