The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia sent to Ukraine a request for the extradition of ex-owner of the bank "Pushkino" Alexei Alyakin, who was on the international wanted list and was detained in the Odessa region. In the opinion of, this news is extremely sad for the owners of Sovcombank, which is part of the TOP-20 banks of Russia. Alyakin was not only a co-owner of this credit institution for a while, but also carried out a number of dubious projects with the owners of Sovcombank, in particular - to "squeeze out" the assets of Sergei Polonsky. The main trouble is that Alyakin has already admitted that part of the money he received together with partners was allowed to support Ukrainian militants fighting in the Donbas.

The fact that Alexei Alyakin is hiding from the Russian investigation in Ukraine was not a secret. In the Independent he was "warmed up" by an old business partner and friend Pavel Fuchs, who was also a very important co-owner of Sovcombank. Moreover, sources in banking circles expressed a opinion that Fuchs and Alyakin did not lose ties with Sovcombank and its co-owner after the flight from the Russian Federation, there were common interests, including those related to the assets "squeezed out" from Polonsky. However, in Ukraine "raider" and "naloschik" Alyakin managed to cross the road many. As a result, he decided to "merge". First, Alyakin was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. And then the banker was detained by the SBU on the 79th kilometer of the Kiev-Odessa highway. After the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs sent to Ukraine a confirmation of his search, he was placed under pre-extradition arrest by a court decision.

His defense insisted on home arrest, arguing that Alyakin supports Ukraine in the armed conflict in the Donbas. In particular, according to lawyers, the businessman served in the volunteer units of "Arata" and "Aidar", and also provided Ukrainian soldiers with work and housing. Money to support the fighters was spent, including those that he earned, as a shareholder of Sovcombank.

Judging by the mood of the Ukrainian side, Alyakin will be extradited to Russia, where, under the threat of a long term, he can begin to talk. Including to begin to be frank about the close mutual relations and projects with co-owners of "Sovkombank".

Back in 2010, longtime partners of Alyakin Pavel Fuchs and his brother Roman joined Sovcombank. In 2012, registered in the Netherlands Sovco Capital Partners B.V. consolidated 85% of shares of Sovcombank. Pavel Fuchs, through three offshore companies, owned 37.16% of Sovco Capital Partners B.V. According to, simultaneously shares in Sovco Capital Partners B.V. owned and Alexei Alyakin. Thus, he was also one of the co-owners of Sovcombank. In 2015, Fuchs and Alyakin officially withdrew from Sovcombank. Alakin is charged with the fact that he stole more than 600 million rubles from the Pushkino bank. And, it happened in the period from December 2011 to August 2012. At this time, Alyakin and Fuchs were simultaneously co-owners of Sovcombank. During this period, the bank "Pushkino" and "Sovkombank" were extremely close, if not related, structures. So, former top manager of Sovcombank Sergey Bespalov from 2011 to 2013 was vice-president of the bank "Pushkino". Many of his very strange payments Bank Pushkino spent in 2011-2012 through Sovcombank, etc.

As has already told, a large co-owner of Sovcombank Vasily Klyukin (later rewritten his stake in the bank for Mikhail's brother) together with other co-owners of Sovcombank carried out a joint project with Fuchs and Alyakin to seize assets of Sergei Polonsky.

When Polonsky agreed to sell his construction empire with the banker Alexei Alyakin and his friend Pavel Fuchs, Alyakin took the helm of Potok and began to actively take the company's assets. Alyakin took out loans on the pretext that they were needed for the daily needs of the company, but in reality they paid money with Polonsky. Moreover, loans were taken against the pledge of the Potok facilities in banks controlled by Alyakin and Fuchs, including Sovcombank. Polonsky understood this all and broke off relations with Alyakin and Fuchs. However, by that time Alyakin, Fuchs and their partners from Sovcombank had managed to withdraw a number of objects from Potok. In particular, an object of 200 hectares in Khimki was laid in the bank "Pushkino". And the object Literaturnaya gazeta in November 2012 was mortgaged in Sovcombank under a credit line of $ 25 million. Preposition: you need money to pay salaries to employees of Potok and other companies from the Polonsky Empire. From this line, "Potokom" under the leadership of Alyakin allegedly spent $ 19 million. In the opinion of the same sources,, this amount was actually a lot less. The rest of the loan money existed only on "paper", but as a result, Sovcombank had a huge building site Literaturnaya Gazeta. With the participation of Sovcombank and Vasily Klyukin from Polonsky, part of the Federation Tower also left.

The investigation, after Alyakin's extradition to Moscow, obviously adds work. The information that needs to be worked on, including the joint affairs of Aidar's sponsor with co-owners of Sovcombank, is more than enough. Will study it and and acquaint with the results of its readers.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov