As it became known, lawyers of "Alfa-Bank" consider the possibility of breaking the settlement agreement concluded with the former owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin. If this happens, the banker will receive an extremely serious enemy and before him still "looms" the prospect of becoming a defendant in a criminal case. The fact that this did not happen earlier is explained by the fact that Alexei Khotin and his father Yuri have long been in a trusting relationship with Dmitry Patrushev, now holding the post of Minister of agriculture.

As told several sources in the banking sector, the lawyers of the Bank Mikhail Fridman have already begun to prepare documents on the possible rupture of the settlement agreement with Khotin, signed in 2017. "This is due to significant violations of the terms of the settlement agreement by Khotin. We are talking about objects of real estate included in the settlement agreement", - suggested sources promised the details of such violations to reveal later.

If the alpha Bank all the same will go to the gap of the settlement agreement, the situation of Khotyn is a bit involved. Mikhail Fridman is known as a" tough "fighter, who will not" mince " with opponents and will certainly lead the situation to the initiation of criminal proceedings. They say that in 2017, he was not eager to go to a settlement agreement and agreed only at the urgent request of Patrushev. And here it turns out that the Hotins decided to use the agreement not to delay the payment of debts, but to try not to give them at all. More precisely, not to part with their real estate. 

"The parties confirm that Khotin Alexey Yurievich is a person under the control and significant influence of which is PJSC Bank YUGRA, and that the revocation of the license from the said credit institution by Order of the Bank of Russia dated 28.07.2017 No. OD-2138 from 28.07.2017 certainly indicates a significant deterioration in the terms of security under the Loan agreement, since there is a high risk of a significant reduction in the size and value of assets of Khotin Alexei Yurievich, which in turn affects the solvency of Khotin Alexei Yurievich, including as a guarantor under the Loan agreement», - it was said in the settlement agreement, a copy of which is available ahhh! Nevertheless, Khotin undertook with a huge delay and with the help of real estate will pay.

As already mentioned, in may 2017, Alexei Khotin, who was then holed up in Cyprus, urgently flew on a private rented plane to Moscow to personally try to dissuade representatives of Alfa-Bank from filing a personal lawsuit against him. A couple of years ago, Khotin resolved all issues with the" alpha " through Mikhail Fridman and had a limit of $1 billion for this money, many real estate objects were purchased. This time Friedman did not honor Khotin with personal communication, negotiations were with the top managers of alpha. Those categorically did not like that the interest on huge loans have not been paid for a long time, and the mortgaged real estate is not enough even to repay half of the debts.  According to the interlocutor Khotin was extremely Frank. He honestly said that all his most "tasty" objects he issued on bail in the "Rosselkhozbank" (it was then headed by Dmitry Patrushev) and only this Bank regularly paid interest on loans.

"Alfa-Bank" excuses Khotin did not arrange and the lawsuit was filed. In November 2017, the Meshchansky district court of Moscow decided to recover from businessman Alexei Khotin debts under surety agreements in favor of Alfa-Bank in the amount of " about $ 700 million»

The proceedings continued in the Arbitration court until they were crowned with a settlement agreement. But it may soon come to an end.

To be continued

Arseny Drones