Source: Rucriminal

As it became known to "", the former owner of the bank "Yugra" Alexei Khotin for a short time returned from Cyprus to Russia. He did this with one goal - to try to stop Alfa Bank in filing a lawsuit on subsidiary liability for a large loan. It was not possible to do this.

As told a source familiar with the negotiations, Alexei Khotin flew in a private rented plane, in order to personally try to dissuade the representatives of Alfa Bank from filing a personal lawsuit against him. Just a couple of years ago, Khotin solved all the issues with Alfa through Mikhail Fridman and had a limit of $ 1 billion there. Many real estate items were purchased with this money. This time Friedman did not honor Khotin with personal communication, negotiations were with the top manager of Alfa. Those categorically did not like that the interest on huge loans has not been paid for a long time, and the mortgaged property will not be enough even to pay off half of the debts. According to the source, Khotin was extremely frank. He honestly said that all of his most "tasty" objects he issued on bail at the "Rosselkhozbank" and only this bank is regularly paid interest on loans. This is explained by the fact that Alexei Khotin and his father Yuri have long been in trust with the Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, whose son Dmitry heads the Rosselkhozbank. It is worth noting that "Rosselkhozbank" remained the only bank that until the last credited Khotyny, even when their "Yugra" was already in full swing by the CBR.

According to the source, Khotyn offered the bank as an additional collateral for its loans a number of assets, but their quality was categorically not satisfied with representatives of the structure of Friedman. The former owner of "Ugra" pressured that if he had nothing more to take from him and he actually gave the last. However, Alfa-Bank has other information. His specialists found out about the huge assets of Khotin abroad, in particular about very large funds on accounts in foreign banks, hidden behind all trusts and off-shores. And Alfa-Bank has a wide experience of conducting litigation, including on the seizure of assets, abroad. Also in the structure of Friedman believe that in Russia, Khotin has good assets, only he "hid" them, rewriting to his top manager Sergei Podlisetskogo and a number of structures. As a result, it did not work out. Hotin urgently returned to Cyprus.

And Alfa Bank has prepared a claim for subsidiary liability personally to Alexei Khotin on loans received by its structures in Alfa-Bank. According to, after this claim is satisfied by one of the courts of Moscow and entered into legal force, hunting for assets of Khotina abroad will begin.

As already told, now in Cyprus, in private conversations, Khotyn directly laments that he succumbed to the entreaties of the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin and "recorded" "Ugra" for himself. He considers this his main mistake. And, of course, he curses the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia. Also, Alexei honestly says that he is afraid of the DIA's claim of subsidiary liability. It's when the state will collect tens of billions from Khotin, withdrawn from Ugra. And take it from him is what.

     Khotin managed to seize a number of oil-producing enterprises, including NK Dulisma, which entered the Rus-Oil controlled company. Also, Khotin acquired a stake in the oil company Exillon Energy. The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore Honina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99%) and another offshore Sinclare Holings Limited (26.69%). In total, they own 56.68%. Sinclare Holings Limited at the time of the purchase of shares Exillon belonged to another major raider Alexander Klyachin. However, it is known that he is not interested in oil industry at all. But Khotyn and Klyachin are close friends, they have many joint "dark" deeds. Therefore, no one doubted that Klyachin was buying shares to immediately transfer them to the control of Khotin, who became the main owner of Exillon.

         As a partner in his oil projects, he attracted the vice president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov, and his own son Dmitri Mikhailovich Margelov, previously was an adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Rus-Oil, and in 2016 he took over as general manager of Exillon Energy. Khotin, of course, quite humbly hid the oil assets. Something rewrote to offshore, something - to his assistant Sergei Podlysetsky. But this will not help him. Sam Khotin himself believes that Rosneft and Igor Sechin have "put an eye" on his "oil company." And in this situation, on whom I would not write down, they will still be selected.

Source: Rucriminal