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At once the successful businessman of the Belarus origin Alexey Khotin now all "falls from hands". His faithful "breadwinner" bank "Ugra", the same look will be closed. At the end of 2016, it became the most unprofitable credit institution (a loss of 32.3 billion rubles). Which is not surprising, since Yugra has long been working under the scheme: get money from depositors at high interest and give them to Khotin for his personal needs and projects. And on April 26, 2017, this bank completely stopped making payments and issuing deposits. In "Ugra" they hastened to name these difficulties temporary and linked them with a "technical" failure. As you can imagine, they are obviously lying, as different versions of the incident were told in different departments. "Yesterday the server fell in the afternoon and did not work at all. Today, only ATMs and card transactions, "said the manager of the Arbatsky office. On Earthen Val, reported a server failure, in NovyCheryomushki - on the planned software update. In Lyubertsy, they wrote off a failure on the "fallen off Internet". And in the press service of the bank, journalists were assured of a "violation in the external power supply system", which caused software failure.



                  From raiding to oil industry

Depositors of banks, which are "kept" at high interest rates, do not listen to such "tales" for the first time. According to, exactly the same problems in their time arose with Rosenergobank and explained to them directly under a carbon copy with those that are now given by representatives of the Khotyn bank. All this ended with the fact that in April 2017, Rosenergobank collapsed, lost its license, and left behind a financial "hole" of 34.3 billion rubles. Which is not surprising. It was found that more than 30% of the corporate loan portfolio of Rosenergobank were "technical" loans (the money went to firms controlled by the bank's shareholders). At "Ugra" the percentage of loans that have passed to "technicals" (firms associated with Khotin) is much larger, and a hole can break all records. Therefore, last week, the CBR in an emergency began an unscheduled inspection of "Ugra."

         And this is not all ofKhotin's troubles. According to, "clouds are gathering" over another of Khotin's breadwinners - the former senator and now the vice president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov. Russian special services have become interested in the Khotin-Margel bunch, which is so naked that there is nothing to "dig" especially. Howdidthisbunchform?

         At home, in Belarus, Alexey Khotin and his father Yuri were engaged in cosmetic business and had good connections in the higher echelons of power. One of the main patrons of the family was Vladimir Naumov (who held the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus from 2000 to 2009). Naumov had friendly relations with a large group of Russian siloviki and officials. When Khotiny conceived to open a business in Russia, Naumov "shared" these ties with his father and son. Initially, Khotiny planned to also do cosmetic business, received for these purposes a couple of shops in one of the capital's factories. However, with the help of the raider attack, they managed to seize the entire plant. He was immediately converted into an office center, the premises of which began to be leased. This business turned out to be extremely profitable. Father and son began one by one to seize other capital factories and factories and redesign them to the business center. In total, thus, dozens of objects were under their control. As you know, "appetite comes with eating." Having gone through the raiders, Hotins tried to correct their reputation and already bought Gorbushkin Yard and the Moscow Hotel for their money. However, real purchases require real money. To do this, they also bought a bank "Yugra", which began to offer a huge interest on deposits. The tens of billions received from the population went in the form of loans to technical firms and were used for the needs of various Khotin projects.

         Along the way, they began to develop the oil business. As Khotiny received "wells" will be the subject of separate publications

         Stepping forward with a broad march across Russia, Khotiny built up and developed "ties", originally obtained from Naumov. Without them, they would have long been behind bars and without money. Among such patrons of Khotynykh one can distinguish Mikhail Margelov.

His man in Transneft

Familiarity with this patron happened not later than 2008, when Margelov was a senator and head of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs. In October 2008, St. Petersburg hosted the Russian-German Forum "Petersburg Dialogue", to which Margelov was invited as a participant. With him, he was allowed to bring a couple of close friends. Do you know whom he chose? Firstly, his close friend and adviser Dmitry Alexandrov. Together with this man, Margelov owns at least two apartments in Miami. And the second "guest from Margelov" was Alexei Khotin, the president of CJSC Integrated Investments, who was not known at that time. Alexandrov and Khotin received observer status at the Forum.

         In 2013, the Russian media reported on the ownership of Margelov's property Miami. To the same Senator almost nakedly supported in most of their actions the NATO countries. Those highly valued such merits: Margelov became the only profile high-ranking parliamentarian who escaped US and EU sanctions.

         As a result, in 2014, the senator was removed from his post as chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs. He also lost his senatorial chair. No other state duty Margelov was not offered. To help him came the father of Vitaly Margelov, a Soviet spy, former deputy director of the SVR. All the leadership of Transneft is made up of other retired scouts, including close friends of MargelovSr.. As a result, Mikhail was attached to this state company. He took the post of vice president. However, Margelov himself was extremely anxious to take this place. He became extremely close with Alexei Khotin, who needed his own nose at Transneft.

         By this time, Alexey Khotin managed to seize a number of oil-producing enterprises, including "NK Dulisma", which became part of the Rus-Oil controlled company. Also, Khotin acquired a stake in the oil company Exillon Energy. The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore Honina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99%) and another offshore SinclareHolings Limited (26.69%). In total, they own 56.68%. SinclareHolings Limited at the time of the purchase of shares Exillon belonged to another major raider Alexander Klyachin. However, it is known that he is not interested in oil industry at all. But Khotin and Klyachin are close friends, they have many joint "dark" deeds. Therefore, no one doubted that Klyachin was buying shares to immediately transfer them to the control of Khotin, who became the main owner of Exillon.


                  Favorite Kayum-oil by Khotin and Margelov

As you know, not just one oil producing company simply can not work without cooperation with Transneft, which is engaged in transportation of oil and oil products via trunk pipelines of Russia and CIS countries. Initially, in this state company, the raider and the newly-born oilman Khotin were hostile. As a savage who has climbed into an industry in which he does not understand anything. And they talked about it in Transneft openly. Here is an excerpt from an article in RBC published in 2013: "Transneftspokesman Igor Demin says that the new owners of Dulisma (the field is connected to the ESPO pipe) began to demand that Transneft reserve storage tanks for their oil In the port of Kozmino. "They wanted to form whole tanker shipments, because they did not have enough of their own," he says. - Complained in different instances, wrote to the Prime Minister. We explained to them that "Trasneft" does not provide oil storage services. " The first time Khotiny did not comply with the requirements for the supply of part of the raw materials to the domestic market, and sold everything for export. "Now, it seems, they began to work. They seem to be civilized. It is possible, and will continue to work, "- said Mr. Demin. According to him, the negotiations were conducted by Alexei Khotin. "

         No, civilized Khotyn and his company did not work. To fit in with their "Wishlist" was already literally next year itself "Transneft". And all because Mikhail Margelov became the vice-president of the state company. The kind of benefits that have fallen for Khotin's oil structures from Margelov and Transneft will be the subject of a separate investigation by In the meantime, we quote a short excerpt from the expert report on the "strange features" of Transneft's activities announced in 2016: "The names of such oil companies as Kayum-oil are known today only in a narrow circle of oil market professionals, but experts say , It was this company that almost instantly became one of the largest oil sellers in the offshore. Now even large oil companies can face in ports with refusal in tanker transportation of oil, and for the same "Kayum-oil", "Tranenfte" allocates in the port of Kozmino a special export schedule for almost 1.1 million tons of oil. "

Owners of Kayum-Neft are two offshore companies - Benito Holdings Ltd (through Optima LLC) and Corewell Limited. The first is off-shore Khotina, and the second is 100% owned by Exillon Energy, which, in turn, is controlled by Khotin. Until February 2017, one of Khotin's managers directed Kayum-neft. This is Egorov Alexey Ivanovich. He is also the general director of CJSC "Crowncity", which is 100% owner of NK "Dulisma". This winter, Yegorov was succeeded by another manager, Khotin, as head of Kayum-neft.

         Pay for his son's career

That is, "Kayum-neft", which, with the filing of the vice-president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov, "unveiled" unprecedented export traffic belongs to his good friend Khotin. By the way, according to the CDU of the fuel and energy complex, the annual volume of oil production at Kayum-Neft is 0.51 million tons, and Transneft has opened twice its export traffic through Kozmino - 1.1 million tons of oil. What is this extra oil and where it came from is another story.

         Of course, I want to "rewind" the article a bit and return to the words of Transneft's press secretary, who considered wild demand from the oil companies of Khotin about unprecedented preferences in the port of Kozmino. However, with the arrival of Margelov in Transneft, all these demands ceased to be savagery and were immediately satisfied.

         With such undisguised corruption, it would seem that Khotin and Margelov should behave like scouts and hide their close ties. But no. They simply revel in their impunity.

         Soon after the arrival of Mikhail Margelov in Transneft, his native son Dmitry Mikhailovich Margelov, who was then only 24 years old, was appointed adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Rus-Oil, owned by Khotin. And in 2016, the young man went on promotion and took the chair of the general director of Exillon Energy. The same Khotyn company, which includes "Kayum-neft", receiving from the filing of Margelov, the senior, unprecedented preferences from Transneft. Such insolent behavior and to think up difficult. And this is on the eve of the election of the Russian president and the outlined course to eradicate all signs of corruption. It is not surprising that the whole situation is now interested in the secret services.

The cross at the career of Margelov in the Federation Council put his apartment in Miami, and Alexei Khotin can put a cross on his career in Transneft.

Source: Rucriminal