Source: Rucriminal managed to find out where the former owner of the bank Yugra, Alexei Khotin, had already found refuge. He settled in Limassol (Cyprus). Khotin does not intend to return to Russia, because, as never before, there is a high probability of being behind bars. Several sources confirmed that the material on the Central Bank of Russia initiated a case of embezzlement of funds from the bank "Yugra". And given that, according to Khotin, he was "ordered" by Igor Sechin, then from the initiation of the case to the prosecution and two steps there.

The fact that Alexey Khotin is in Limassol was told at once by several different sources. All of them saw him and even communicated with him in this place during the last weeks. Hotina is not hidden from anyone, it can be found in fashionable restaurants, hotels, etc. So all the stories of his PR-people that he "fights daily for the bank" Yugra "is a complete lie. The sources of were right, who told in mid-July that Khotin had hurriedly boarded a private jet (though not personal, but leased) and departed far from Russia. He is not going to return. Well, why fly to Moscow, when the sunny beaches and palm trees, can be replaced by a dark and damp camera. The interlocutors of confidently tell that, despite the prosecutor's office that rose to defend Khotin, the criminal case initiated by the bank "Ugra" "stood" and its investigation is in full swing. However, while the case "hangs" in one of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, but, perhaps, will soon go to increase. The reason for the transfer of materials to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation may well be the arrival of Khotin, who should be detained immediately, so that he does not again flee from Russia. Khotin himself understands this, so he does not intend to appear in Moscow.

In Cyprus, he confidently informs that he was a victim of Igor Sechin, and his team was performed by people from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, first of all Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev. By the way, the latter is not in Russia either. Victory on Khotin and the prolonged birthday (he had it on August 3), he celebrates on the French Cote d'Azur.

       As reported by, according to Khotin, Rosneft received a "leaky" Bashneft and to plug this hole, Sechin decided to get oil assets of Khotin through bankruptcy of Yugra bank.

And when you have Igor Ivanovich in "enemies", in Russia, really, it is better not to appear. Until you part with the oil industry for free, you will sit. If very lucky, then under house arrest.

The fact that Khotin chose Cyprus as his refuge is also not accidental. According to, he owns real estate in Cyprus and Switzerland. Hotin saw his happy future in the last country. He even submitted documents to obtain a residence permit, spending whole months in Switzerland. But this procedure is extremely long. Yes, and the Swiss do not like such "cloudy" characters with their "dirty" money. Much easier in Cyprus, where, in the presence of certain amounts, you can quickly issue a residence permit, and then citizenship. And accordingly, and get immunity from extradition to Russia.

Cyprus Hotin has long chosen the center for all its schemes for owning a business, pumping money, etc. Thus, the Swiss Radamant Financial AG, through which Khotiny owns Yugra, is the majority shareholder of several trading companies registered in Cyprus. All real estate objects owned by Khotin in Moscow, the ultimate beneficiaries are Cyprus offshores. They also transferred the proceeds from the delivery of these properties for rent.

Source: Rucriminal