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Career of the mysterious participant "Forbs" of Belarusian origin Alexei Khotin came to a logical conclusion. He needs in the near future to urgently find 40 billion rubles to plug a "hole" in his bank "Yugra". For these purposes, even had to sell a favorite offspring - the shopping center "Gorbushkin Dvor". However, no one believes that Khotin will manage to get out. First of all, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which, according to, has already begun to prepare for the rehabilitation of Yugra.

Representatives of the business community have been eating chips for a long time, watching the exciting TV series: "How Alexey Khotyn tried to deceive the Central Bank and how he convulsively searches for money when it failed to do so." Having bought a lot of assets (from the Moscow hotel to the oil companies RusOil and Exillon Energy), Khotin managed not only to lay most of his facilities for loans in other banks (VTB, Alfa-Bank, Rosselkhozbank), but almost completely "gut" his Own bank "Yugra". The latter was the main "cash cow" of Khotin recently. Investors carried funds, buying at high interest rates, and this money immediately went off as loans controlled by Khotin firms.

Until the time the CBR shyly closed his eyes to it. Still, when among the protectors of Khotin was now the former deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Alexei Simanovsky. It was enough for Khotin and other high-ranking defenders. In 2016, when Simanovsky began to lose his weight in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (and then he lost his job), Yugra started to have problems. The CBR audit revealed that the declared "Yugra" as "excellent" loans actually went to the structures connected with the bank's owner (that is, Khotin), therefore they can not be considered "excellent" in any way. As already reported by, although even then the "hole" in the bank was at least 35 billion rubles, more than a modest 18 billion rubles was written in the Central Bank's accounts. It is exactly so from the shareholders of Yugra that they demanded the capitalization of the bank. Then the amount of claims has increased. The Central Bank introduced restrictions on accepting deposits from the population and the size of interest rates in Ugra. That is, the opportunity to download money from ordinary citizens in unlimited quantities has disappeared.

Khotyn pretended to take a "visor" and said that for the capitalization will go to deposits for hundreds of millions of dollars, placed in the bank by the company Radamant Financial AG (controlled by Khotin). It would seem that everything under the law, the shareholder, by his own means, carries out additional capitalization. In reality - a scam of clean water. All these deposits were the money of Ugra's depositors. In 2014, they were withdrawn from the bank under the guise of lending to OOO Novatek and a number of other firms, scrolled through promissory notes through offshore companies (Deneary, Usas, Hiaparel, Taldom), planted in Radamant under Type of payment of dividends, which placed them as deposits in Ugra.

The Central Bank of Russia has closed its eyes to the blatant violation of the law (capitalization due to depositors' funds), but insistently demanded that Khotin nevertheless contribute something from his own funds. With great difficulty, Khotin credited with one bank ( will tell about it separately) for 2 billion rubles, which went into the capital of Ugra. After that, Khotyn felt like a "king" and decided that he could no longer pay attention to the instructions of the Central Bank of Russia and the personal discontent of Elvira Nabiullina. Bank Yugra again began accepting deposits, bypassing the ban of the Bank of Russia with the help of a simple scheme - investors made shareholders of the bank with a microscopic number of shares ("We are not freeloaders, we are partners!"). The Central Bank's instructions did not prohibit the receipt of funds from shareholders. However, all this no longer saved us from the plight of the situation, both the Yugra itself and Khotin. In April, the Central Bank limited Ugra to raising shareholders' funds with a share of less than 0.01%. As a result, for a couple of days the bank stopped issuing money, citing technical failures. A new CBA check came up, revealing a "hole" of 40 billion rubles already. And to reduce it no one has. It was for this amount that Khotin was recently asked to conduct a new capitalization of the bank.

As representatives of the business community told, they are watching with curiosity how Alexey Hotin rushes in search of this amount, but no one, no bank, give him anything at all. He is already "in debt, as in silks." And so much that there is nothing to lay. As a result, it was announced that Khotyn sells one of his favorite "children" - TC "Gorbushkin Dvor" - to the shareholder of "Pharmstandard" Viktor Kharitonin for $ 500 million. At one time it was the base area of ​​Khotin, he even organized a kind of receptions house, built a huge penthouse, where he accepted VIP-guests and arranged closed parties for them. Only now no one particularly believes that this money (about 28 billion rubles) will go to the capitalization of Yugra. Rather, it is a sale of assets before flight. Yes, and this amount will not suffice to plug a "hole" in 40 billion rubles.

Especially in this does not believe the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, which, as told, gave Ugra a "black mark". They say Nabiullina is beside himself with anger from all these intrigues of Khotin and the continuing pumping of money from Ugra.

Source said that the Bank of Russia has already begun preparing for a possible sanation "Ugra" (given the huge number of depositors the bank decided not to liquidate).

Why does no one believe that Khotyn will let money from Gorbushka to capitalize Yugra? Because the seller of the TC is not officially Hotin, but Sergei Podlysetsky. In the business community, simply unrestrained laughter provokes simply when he commented with considerable attention to the journalists on the proposed deal on Gorbushka: "I decided to do my business. He took what he had earned and left. " The fact is that Podlysetsky is the chief clerk in the business empire of Khotin and he was never the real owner of anything. Prior to acquaintance with Khotin, this native of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine traveled on an old "nine". When Alexei Khotin, who moved from Belarus to Russia, raiderly captured his first object, the Moscow Soap Plant, he appointed Podlysetsky his director. Gradually Khotina captured dozens of other Moscow factories and factories, transforming them into trading and business centers. Manage all these shopping centers and business centers of the company "Cube", "Art-vising", "Center-T", New life group, etc. Podlysetsky guided them by all means. He was also made the leader of "Rusyol". And when Khotina got under fire from the ground (as soon as the "Yugra" collapsed hunting for Alexey's assets begins), all assets were urgently re-registered on Podlisetskogo. Which nods with a significant look: "Yes, this is mine." Not yours and never was.

All these "games" cause only smiles. But not in the CBR, which is very determined. I want to believe that his resoluteness will be transferred to law enforcement bodies. Especially the patrons of Khotin, seeing his plight, turn away from him one by one.

Source: Rucriminal