Vladimir Putin presented the awards to the head of the department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak and the Director General of FSUE NAMI Sergey Gaisin. The president awarded Pak with the Second Degree Order for Services to the Fatherland of the second degree, and Gysin with the Order of Alexander Nevsky. Last Monday, Denis Pak and Sergey Gaysin were beaten up in a capital cafe. The attackers turned out to be two football players, Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev. Thus, the presidential administration responded to attempts to reduce the high-profile case "to silence", and then make it so that for the players of the national team everything ended with a slight fright. According to, now the residents of Russia have a unique opportunity to observe whether the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller and Gazprom billions can defeat the law and public opinion. Mamaev and Kokorin will not get real and long terms, which means they won first.

As informed sources told, “Zenith” is the favorite “brainchild” of Alexey Miller, and Kokorin is the favorite player of the head of Gazprom. This can be seen by watching the actions of Miller, when he happens to be in the team dressing room. Here is how the edition describes it: “Alexey Miller comes down after the derby to the Zenith dressing room and hugs each player (tighter of all than Kokorin).” Kokorin - is the "face" of "Zenith" and, accordingly, "Gazprom". And when Miller's pet beat two unknown people at once, extremely unpleasant moments arose for the gas monopoly and its management. Especially, considering the kind of public outcry caused by the behavior of friends of revelers Mamayev and Kokorin.

The interlocutors of say that Miller almost from the first minutes began to interfere in the situation. According to sources, Alexey Miller personally called the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev and asked him not to show particular severity towards Kokorin. To this the Minister forwarded the question to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. In the Kremlin, Miller’s wishes were responded by the fact that the injured Pak and Gysin officials, who were working on an important project for the president, were submitted to the government officials.

But Miller was not used to giving up.

Now the media are receiving requests from PR agencies working with Gazprom, with proposals (on a paid basis) to cover the situation with football players only from the standpoint of their lawyers. The task for PR managers is to reduce the passions around Mamaev and Kokorin, so that in two months they “without noise and dust” could change the measure of restraint to non-incarcerated. And then the players would be given a lighter punishment, also not related to imprisonment. Wins in this situation, the law or the desire of Miller to see on the football field pet Kokorin, time will tell.

In the meantime, will please readers with excerpts from the criminal case on the adventures of Kokorin:

“On October 8, 2018 at about 9 am A. Kokorin being intoxicated while being in a cafe "Coffeemania", located at ... .., with intent to gross violation of public order and a clear disrespect for society, using violence to citizens, unjustly, out of hooliganism motives, neglecting the interests of society and disturbing calm persons surrounding him, inflicted on a person who had not previously acted unlawful actions against a previously unfamiliar citizen Pak DK a blow with a chair to the head and left shoulders, and in the continuation of hooligan actions, realizing their highly arrogant and deliberate behavior, struck the right hand with a fist to the face area of ​​Pak DK and as a result of the above illegal actions, Kokorin A.A. caused Pak DK bodily injuries - closed craniocerebral injury, concussion of the brain .... "

To be continued

Zahar Belotserkovsky