Alexey Navalny published his investigation about the family of the new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Navalny found out that the Mishustin family owned real estate by almost 3 billion rubles. And the businessman gave part of the property to Alexander Udodov, a friend and confidant of Mikhail Mishustin. Udodov, along with Mishustin’s sister Natalia Stenina, is the founder of two funds. There is also a third fund - Mercy, Education and Sports. “He is especially good. There Udodov and his wife gathered, and the owner of Transmashholdiga Bokarev, and Vitaly Kachur. Also a perfectly ideal person to be associated with the country's main tax official. This is a criminal smuggler who served 5 years for a bribe to Deputy Voronenkov and became famous for all kinds of tax frauds, ”says Alexey Navalny. continues to publish a statement from one of the special services during the active theft of VAT. The certificate describes in detail the situation that should have led, at least, to Mishustin's resignation from the post of head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. The heroes are the same: Alexander Udodov and Vitaly Kachur. Another hero is a participant in many corruption scandals, the former deputy chief of the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Andrei Khorev. Recently, he began to work at important posts in the Gazprom system. Khorev was appointed Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank Andrei Akimov. Khorev also became an independent director of PJSC TGK-1, which is controlled by Gazprom. There is no doubt that in all these posts Khorev acts as the representative of Arkady Rotenberg, with whom the former deputy head of the DEB met during his service.

“Alexander Udodov and Vitaly Kachur are long-time close friends and are actually executors of, if not all, then many of Mikhail Mishustin’s business lines. The main of these areas were: fraud with VAT, operations related to customs. Around the year 2000, Alexander Udodov and Vitaliy Kachur began to implement a plan to organize and create schemes for embezzlement of budgetary funds under the guise of a reimbursable value-added tax. The first schemes were fictitious export of goods abroad. The customs cover was organized by Kachur, he also organized the forgery of customs and transport documents. Udodov was engaged in bank transactions of large sums of money for allegedly exported goods. This money was spent on settlement accounts of one-day firms and affiliated offshore companies used for VAT refunds. It is worth noting that the experience of embezzlement of VAT Udodov and Kachur gained from one of the founders of this type of budget scams - Alexander Karmanov, ”- says the document at the disposal of

“This scheme was fully tested in 2002 for VAT refunds for fictitious production of children's toys at STI No. 5 in Moscow. The head of the inspection was Olga Chernichuk, with whom Udodov became close, becoming her lover.

In the course of his work, Udodov created several groups consisting of lawyers whose duties included the registration of one-day firms and the preparation of financial and business documents confirming the movement of money and goods.

Since 2005, Udodov’s lawyers reimbursed VAT in almost all tax inspectorates in Moscow and the Moscow Region. In addition to inspections in the Central Administrative District of Moscow, tax inspections in the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow gained particular popularity, namely: the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 27, 28. This attachment to the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of the South-Western District was not accidental and was caused not only by close relations with the heads of the indicated tax Zhukova and Stepanova, but no less strong relations with the head of the local police department Puchkov and the deputy prosecutor Duraev, who covered Udodov’s business. This bunch was organized by Andrei Khorev, who at that time held the position of Deputy Head of the Moscow Office of the Federal Drug Control Service and helping to solve the problems that Vitaly Kachur and his people had. Andrei Khorev made friends with Duraev and Puchkov through his colleague and old tax police friend (Andrei Khorev headed the 1st Main Operations Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia for 7 years (abolished in 2003)) Sergei Pichugin, who served as head of the department of tax crimes of the Department of Internal Affairs of the South-Western Administrative District Moscow (previously headed the Tax Police Service in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow).

Since 2005, the VAT embezzlement scheme began to work flawlessly, and several billion rubles were reimbursed quarterly to front companies. ”


 To be continued

Zakhar Belotserkovsky