Source: continues the series of articles on "high-profile" names that appear in the case of the bribe for TFR employees for the release of the "authority" Andrey Kochanova (Italian) is a close associate of the "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young). This publication will focus on the billionaire, President of the group "EAST" Alexander Nesis. His name is mentioned in the "tapping" of conversations the employee's TFR Mikhail Maksimenko and "fixer" Dmitry Smickovska. The latter was just engaged in raising funds from billionaires for the liberation of the Italian. 

            Recall that in the case of "fixed" two bribes. One in the amount of 500 thousand dollars was transferred to Vladimir Shahmatov (Sheikh). From the materials of the investigation, according to it follows that the Sheikh acted as an intermediary and passed not his 500 thousand, but the billionaire and Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Andrei Skoch. The second bribe in the amount of $ 1 million, transferred to another broker - Dmitry Smychkovski. Whose money he had with accuracy is not established. You can only guess from "wiretaps." After the arrest of Andrew Kochanova, Shakro went to "cry" on the big businessmen, billionaires that you can do to help him financial to participate in the liberation of the Italian. According to operational data, the total amount was indicated in 5 million dollars. Of them one million dollars to release from detention Kochanova, and the rest after. Fundraising was done by Dmitry Smychkovski, who is personally acquainted with many billionaires.

            When there are many bribe-givers, there is always confusion. So it happened this time. No one could convince Coconova to give the necessary evidence through which it could be released. Conflicts began. The main one between the Jump and the group of the rich, whose interests are represented Smychkovski. According to a result, Smychkovsky decided to personally meet with Skoch to discuss all the problems. But he refused. Then the Deputy of the state Duma sent a messenger in the form of a large solver Igor Borisenko. However, Skoch only yelled at Borisenko due to the fact that his name began to be mentioned in connection with bribery. Borysenko spoke about the essence of the conversation Smickovska, and he went to relate it Maksimenko. And here, interestingly, outraged by the actions of Skoch, Smychkovski unexpectedly, in contrast he calls the names of two billionaires. And calls them not just so, but, according to, as persons whose interests he represents in this situation. One of these billionaires is Alexander Nesis. After each name Smychkovski calls the number, which at that time corresponded to the number of billionaire in the Forbes list. Here's a snippet of this conversation:  

            SD – Smychkovski D. E., MI – Maksimenko, M. I.):

MI – AND you with skochem not met, nothing?

SD – No, he didn't want to meet.

MI. – .. Why? And. ..

SD – it's actually the first time. Well, he didn't even want to meet Borisenko. Borisenko went to him, and he began to/ yell at Borisenko: "What's my name came out?"Borisenko says:" what are you? You told me to go to Dima's. I went and told him you asked me to. And I told him what do you say? I where is your Andrew know?"- "In General to appeal my name, there the separate person is engaged in it at us. You don't have to get in. That's all. We here separately, but the male is separate." Borysenko says, "Wait, you're first W/ We met, decided that I went to the man, talked that they would have to do it now, you start, like, this/" – "Well, we're, like, the two ends do not want to pay, and now will work – we will pay, and Shakro we then say, charge". I say, " He paid his money." Borisenko says: "Well, he doesn't want to receive from you". Then he says, " All, I'm flying away now, let then who's there, says, chief, let him meet this, with the Lion, with mine. And explain what it's like, how it's down there, there, it is." I Borisenko say: "and the subject of the conversation, how? What should we talk about, what should we explain? We explained everything, you sent/ we said: "give lawyers". Your lawyers are here. We have agreed with you, as what, who writes". Then, when the convoy arrived, it had already come for him, he refused to go. Then again. I said, " Well,is that a kindergarten?". ...Nesis – thirties.


Who is the second billionaire named Smykowski, will tell soon. We will also talk about why Nesis could want to help Shakro young and other interesting aspects of the biography of this billionaire. By the way, he is the neighbor of a family of one more billionaire, only underground, Colonel Guebipk Dmitry Zakharchenko. But this, as they say, is a different story.  

To be continued.


Maksim Vojevodin