Source: continues to publish confidential conversations between officials and oligarchs, which Boris Berezovsky has fixed debts for years. From these conversations, readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian authorities and business elites, journalism, what they really say and think about, and not “hum” in the ears from the TV screens. In the new portion of "wiretaps" we give a conversation between Berezovsky and the TV presenter, television functionary Alexander Lyubimov. It happens after according to the program of Sergei Dorenko the footage of going to the bathhouse with the prostitutes of the then Minister of Justice Valentin Kovalev was shown.

“Sasha, I’m in mourning,” says Berezovsky after the greetings. “It's hard for me to say. Dorenko showed the film with Kovalev. I can’t come to my senses. I already imagine myself in his place. I called all the channels: Dobrodeev, Sagalaev ... I told everyone not to show. And he showed ... "

“We slowed down on our channel,” - hurry to curry favor with Chef Lyubimov.

"I know. But on ORT this bastard was shown. Now we and the Top Secret newspaper are one and the same. Sanya, I have mourning, ”Berezovsky laments.

“Do not be so upset, anything can happen,” Lyubimov reassures.

“Yes, but I'm also personally involved. I talked with all the leading people on TV channels. We agreed not to show. "Do not take this shit, we have become higher than this." Kovalev and I spent three hours. We discussed tactics, how and what to do. I'm complete shit. It's disgusting. Such an abomination, ”the oligarch worries.

“There is nothing you can do. You better not take any action. Well, gone and gone. I don’t think that Dorenko is associated with ORT, ”advises Lyubimov.

“They definitely connect me,” Berezovsky objects.

“Well, it's only in a narrow circle. Our competitors had more difficult and unpleasant stories from which they crawled out. He has an author program. Did you talk to him? "- trying to calm the oligarch Lyubimov.

"Said. I now understand why there are 10 commandments. 99% of believers did not read the Bible. And the 10 commandments all read and know. They are verified and cannot be crossed. I called Vasiliev, he says: "I think." I told him: "... ... mother, what is there to think about !!!. And he spoke with Dorenko. I introduced him to Kovalev, ”Berezovsky was upset.

“He’s a girl, Earring. His instinct is female. They say to the woman: "You bitch, have sex with him and I will not give money." And she must sleep with him. To check whether they will give money or not. So the Earrings have such a feminine character. And Sasha Nevzorov, too, and Volodya Mukusev. All this is garbage. We didn’t give the first, the first newspaper gave, ”the boss’s frustration doesn’t share. Beloved and at the same time“ water ”the colleagues.

“I'm complete shit. I invited Kovalev. He gave the right press conference ... ", - Berezovsky will still not calm down.

“Well, let's invite him to Rush Hour and talk to him normally,” Lyubimov is trying to fix the situation. “We need to move on. "We need to build a communication system within the company so that there is no situation like with Dorenko."

“I spoke with him, but I didn’t warn you not to show separately. It seemed to me that this is absolutely understandable. Here he told Vasilyev not to show. I can’t say this to everyone. Dorenko, of course, was also upset. I can only blame myself. I have never had such punctures. ”


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov