Saburo-invest LLC in the Moscow arbitration court requires about 6.1 billion rubles from the Moscow AZIMUT hotels company, owned by businessman and main sponsor of the Bolshoi theater Alexander Klyachin. According to this is not the only problem of a millionaire. In the last time almost all his entourage it turned out behind bars. For example, there is Valentine Gontarev - the "right hand" of the ex-head of the Department To the FSB Victor Voronin. Under house arrest is a longtime friend and business partner klyachina Alexei Khotin.

The claim to Klyachin's structure entered arbitration court of Moscow on July 15, and the first hearing on it will take place on September 9. From the definition it is seen only that the dispute arises from the contract. According to the register, the sole member of the plaintiff is JSC "Agrocomplex "Otradnoye", the founders of which, in turn, provided the Committee on management of property of the Krasnogorsk district, the regional Ministry of property relations and a number of commercial structures. The main activity of the company "Saburovo-invest" – "purchase and sale of land." The sole member of the Respondent company in incorporation was provided by the Luxembourg company of the Azimut Group. The main type of activity "consultation on questions of commercial activity and management. AZIMUT hotels company develops Azimut hotel chain, its founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors – Alexander Klyachin.

On the market for a long time there is talk that head over Klyachin "gathering clouds". Especially when close to start to cooperate with the FSB of the Russian Federation Valentin Gontarev is a close friend and confidant of the former head of Department K of the FSB Victor Voronin. Gontarev is in custody on charges that he organized the operation to toss in TOAZ of weapons and explosives. This was done in order that owners of TOAZ, the father and the son Mahli, returned under a "roof" Gontareva, from under which they came, when Voronin left his post. Now an investigation against Gontareva completed in the near future the materials will go to court. Therefore Gontarev and plans to Oh – this will depend on the sentence.

Sources say Gontarev for a long time was the "roof" Klyachin. Especially strongly he helped in the long "war" nag with IKEA. And in this "war" sometimes used methods similar to those used in the case of TOAZ. If Gontarev decided pootkrovennichat, all these details will be shared with intelligence agencies. That it was for methods will tell soon.

Under arrest, however, under the house is a longtime friend klyachina ex-owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin.   At one time, Khotin managed to capture a number of oil-producing enterprises, including NK Dulisma, which entered the Rus-oil company controlled by him. Khotin also acquired a share in the oil company Exillon Energy.  The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore khotina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99 %) and other offshore Sinclare Holings Limited (26.69 %). In total, they own 56.68 %. Sinclare Holings Limited at the time of purchase of shares in Exillon belonged to buisnessmen and sponsor of the Bolshoi theatre Alexander Klechina. Khotin and Klyachin are close friends, they have a lot of joint Affairs and Affairs.

According, Klyachin has not thrown the friend in trouble. Through the efforts of Klyachin daily in the apartment of Khotin in Malaya Polyanka, despite the conditions of house arrest, meetings with the managers of his holding are held. At these meetings, he receives documents and reports on the activities of oil companies and real estate. During the meetings he gives instructions on further actions. As a result, many employees of the Khotin holding, who were forced under pressure to become nominal General Directors, are currently intimidated and hiding from law enforcement officers. Moreover, Khotin assures friends that through Klyachin he was able to solve his problems, in the near future he can change the measure of restraint and he will get out of house arrest. All such activity Hotin is fixed and may hurt Klechina.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov