The boom in online education continues in Russia. And although it has slightly decreased compared to the covid years, the Internet is still full of advertisements for all kinds of schools and courses. Since there is advertising, it means that there is a demand for the product. And, of course, there are many who dream of opening their own online school. The prospect of monetizing one's own knowledge and skills, getting a good income without leaving home, attracts experts from various fields: from psychologists to art teachers.

Of course, there are also real producers on the service market who actually earn their money by creating real educational products. However, the dream of hundreds of experts is also used by unscrupulous businessmen who promise a turnkey online school, but do not fulfill their obligations. Despite the "horse" price tags from 300 thousand rubles, there are many who want to get a ready-made commercial project. Most, of course, are bought by advertising. Details - at

"We will open and launch your online school with a profit of 1 million rubles and with a legal guarantee." Such a "hat" flaunts on the official pages in social networks of the allegedly producing center Raketa Production. Today we will tell you what this organization really is and how it earns millions of rubles by selling air.

Spoiler. The scheme, reminiscent of a financial pyramid, is to collect money and not provide the declared services. There are already several dozen deceived clients from Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Anapa, the Amur Region and other regions of Russia. They have created their own chat, preparing lawsuits and appeals to the police.


Raketa Production is Raylink LLC. The general director and founder is a native of Samara, a resident of St. Petersburg Glushchenko Evgeny Alekseevich. His accomplices are a married couple from Kazan, Maria and Timur Ganeev.

Scheme. An agreement is concluded with clients who have pecked at advertising. According to which, within two to three months, Raylink undertakes to package and launch an online school. Prices - from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles. After the conclusion of the contract and the receipt of funds, Glushchenko and the company begin to create the illusion of vigorous activity. Allegedly, an analysis of competitors, the market and the product itself is carried out, advertising is set up, an expert is unpacked, websites and profiles are created on educational platforms. This takes about a month or two. All this time, clients are waiting for results, anticipating a quick income.

As a source told, then, without receiving them, they begin to pester Glushchenko. He skillfully misleads them, saying that the work is about to be completed and soon the client will receive what he paid for. At the same time, Eugene dismisses all accusations of uncleanliness and likes to call himself a "very environmentally friendly" person. He asks not to worry, as work is underway and the long-awaited result will soon be.

It is worth noting here that many buy a "service" on credit. That is, they regularly pay the bank monthly for a service that they do not receive.

When a client seriously begins to suspect something is wrong and asks for a refund, the possibility of this, by the way, is indicated in the contract, the next stage of evasion begins: account blocking, a cash gap and the need to wait a little, because "a new client has already appeared and will soon make the first payment, with whose money must be returned.

Needless to say, there is no return. Very rarely, especially persistent ones are thrown at 5, 10, 20 thousand. We talked to deceived customers. They say that in order to return even "these pennies", they literally had to cut off Glushchenko's phone for days. The latter prefers all communication through telegrams. And as an argument in his defense, he proudly cites this fact. What a scammer I am, because I have not disappeared and I answer your messages.

However, the answers are getting rarer and soon the "environmentally friendly" businessman from the banks of the Neva disappears.

There were so many deceived that at one moment they united. In the chat, they correct the actions to file a class action lawsuit against Raylink LLC and personally Evgeny Glushchenko, Maria and Timur Ganeevs. By the way, Timur already has similar lawsuits against him, as the head of the Raylink clone - Startmarket LLC.

Failed owners of online schools suspect that this group of people is transferring money earned by fraudulent means abroad. Glushchenko has already announced the creation of an IT project with the registration of a legal entity in the United States. Now he is actively promoting it on the Internet with a call to invest in a "promising business." But first things first.

We talked to those affected by the activities of Raylink LLC. Their stories are like a blueprint. Names have been changed at the request of respondents. Video recordings of interviews, copies of contracts and other documents, as well as screenshots of correspondence and personal data of the victims, with the personal consent of each, are available in the editorial office.

Briefly what the victims say about the leaders of the production center "Rocket".

1. The same chain of "excuses" for all deceived: account blocking, cash gap, difficult stage in business yes.

2. He does not refuse debts, but he does not return them either: "of course, this is your money, of course, we will return it." But nothing happens.

3. Special cynicism and deceit: "can feed "breakfasts" for months.

4. Surprise: "for several years a group of people has been operating in the Russian segment of the Internet and so far law enforcement agencies have not become interested in it."

5. Self-confidence: "Sue, I am ready to answer to all authorities that have questions."


Svetlana, client On VKontakte, I saw an advertisement for Raylink LLC, in which they announced that they would open an online school in two months. I was attracted by the turnkey service option. At that time, I did not find any negative reviews about the company and Glushchenko, so I decided to conclude an agreement with them. Moreover, there was a clause in it, in which I was guaranteed a refund in case of non-performance of the service. During the joint zoom, Glushchenko showed his working folders with finished projects. The combination of these moments inspired confidence. In addition, Glushchenko offered me an interest-free installment plan through their partners, Resource Development. To do this, I took a loan from a bank and immediately transferred 300 thousand rubles to them. Two months have passed. All this time I was constantly asking for at least some kind of feedback. The man just disappeared. In the work chat, my questions were not even read. He appeared only to promise to do everything tomorrow. Constantly repeated: tomorrow, tomorrow. I consider myself deceived, because the service was not provided to me, the money was not returned. Infringing on myself in everything, I continue to pay the loan. Glushchenko does not refuse to return the money to me. But they haven't been credited to my account yet. I wrote him a complaint at the end of January. He answered it, but did not sign an additional agreement indicating the terms for the return of money. Glushchenko tells me and all the other victims the same thing, that he has a difficult situation in business, that there is a cash gap in the company, but he will definitely return everything. He constantly promises specific actions by a specific deadline, but in fact the deadlines come, and the actions do not occur. This man's words have no value. I no longer believe Glushchenko. It is likely that he has such a scheme of his own. A person does not completely disappear, feeds with promises, but at the same time does not return the money. The scheme turns out to be quite working, because some of the victims, as they wrote, "scored" this case. That is, a person paid 250 thousand and stopped fighting for his money. Such a good income for Glushchenko.

Yuri Prokov