Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov does not have enough money that his family earns from leasing supplies of medical equipment to local hospitals and from raspberry production. Real estate is the official's long-time passion. And where, if not in the construction business and development, is the highest margin possible? Details at

Now Artamonov is preparing the deal of the century. Without any competitions, a semi-bankrupt company is pumped up with assets with the help of the regional government. After which the founders will change. Instead of the troubled Lipetsk Korotky family, the business will go to the Stavropol friends of the governor.

Игорь Артамонов

These days, the head of Lipetsk Evgenia Uvarkina, the head of the department of property and land relations of the Lipetsk region Irina Nikitenkova and the head of the construction and architecture department of the Lipetsk region Anton Bolgov are working tirelessly on a package of documents and speeding up the necessary procedures. It is important to get there before January 1st.

By the end of 2023, the Globus Group company will be loaded with so-called compensation areas. They rely on those builders who solved the problems of defrauded shareholders. Regional land is given to reimburse costs incurred during the completion of a house in the Eletsky microdistrict in Lipetsk. No competition. Breaking regulations. The market value of these plots is five times more than what Globus Group spent on the problematic apartment building.

          Now it is very important to go back a few years. In 2002, regional authorities created Lipetsk Mortgage Corporation OJSC. By the time Artamonov was appointed head of the Lipetsk region, the director of LIC was awaiting trial for extorting 100 million from contractors. The company's authorized capital reached 384 million rubles. And the assets she controlled were valued at 3 billion rubles. In August 2019, the once largest developer went bankrupt. By this time, the company was headed by a former colleague of the governor of the Lipetsk region, Artamonov. Under their strict leadership, OJSC LIK for some reason was unable to pay off its creditors. The main one among them is PJSC Orelstroy. This company, the grandson of the former head of the Federation Council and the Oryol region, Yegor Stroev, was brought to the Lipetsk region by Igor Artamonov. Formally, to solve the problems of shareholders. Oryol builders demanded from the Lipetsk Mortgage Corporation the debt they bought back in the amount of 3.6 million rubles. They were supported by the Federal Tax Service and credit institutions. The total amount of claims is 58 million rubles. LIC could solve the problem. After all, the company's assets exceeded its debts by 51 times. But the joint stock company did not do this. Until now, property that is pledged to bankers and the regional government is being sold off. And with a 70% discount. The cost of lots can easily be reduced by a billion rubles. One can only guess who will become the collector of the cheapened lands. Among the buyers so far are businessmen from other cities.

       One of the houses that LIK did not complete for shareholders went to the Globus Group company. This company came to the attention of Igor Artamonov thanks to the head of Lipetsk, Evgenia Uvarkina. Former world swimming champion Vladimir Dyatchin had been friends with her for a long time and, after a successful marriage, received the Globus Group from his father-in-law. The company spent 53 million rubles to complete the construction of a house for defrauded shareholders. More than half of this amount was reimbursed to her from the bankruptcy estate of OJSC LIK.

       At the same time, the shareholders received housing very late. The government of the Lipetsk region has postponed the commissioning of a house on Yeletskoye Highway for Globus Group several times. Prosecutors periodically checked the progress of work. And in 2023, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin himself, took control of the situation. It turned out that plaster was falling on new residents who had been waiting for their apartments for 9 years. People complained about holes in the walls and construction debris in the yard.

       What prevented Globus Group from working normally? Family conflicts between the founders and lawsuits with creditors. In 2020-2021, Quadra, the elevator company and other former partners tried to bankrupt the company.

But it is the almost lifeless Globus Group that, by the will of Igor Artamonov, will receive a fat piece of regional land with ready-made infrastructure free of charge. A site is being prepared for this company in the Universitetsky microdistrict. The Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital has had its eye on him for a long time. In 2023, doctors asked the head of Lipetsk for land to expand the parking lot. But they were refused. Meanwhile, the city administration urgently and secretly held public hearings on the land in University. Information about such an important procedure was recently carefully posted in the lobby of the city hall. But only.

        The haste is due to the fact that from January 1, the legislative opportunity to provide plots without bidding will disappear. The documentation indicates that the last day for providing comments on the planning project is December 27, 2023.

      The Town Planning Code sets a month for such procedures. But the head of the city of Lipetsk Uvarkina E.Yu. is in such a hurry to please the governor that he The mayor's office set 5 days for everything.

       More than 400 residents of Universitetsky have already collected signatures against the layout changes. People complain that there is only one school for 800 students in the microdistrict. Now 1850 people attend classes here and training takes place in 2.5 shifts. The authorities did not find a plot of land for the construction of another school. But officials draw up documents for three apartment buildings.

      Another site, on Aksakova Street, is also being prepared for transfer to the city. As well as the land in the area of the Experimental Station, on Boevoy Proezd. This part of the city is now being intensively developed - 3.6 billion federal rubles will be spent in 2024 on the construction of kindergartens and communal infrastructure here.

       Globus Group will receive another plot on Merkulova Street, where it was previously planned to build a clinic and a creative center. In general, MKDs with a total area of 150 thousand square meters must be built on all planned sites. The market value of all the land, which Globus Group will receive as compensation for a low-quality house for shareholders, is 250 million rubles. This is 5 times more than the company's actual costs.

      The nominal and real owners of Globus Group willingly share their plans for the future with their friends. After the land deal is completed, they will go into the cache. And the new founders of the company will be the Stavropol fellow countrymen of the governor, whose initials the local business has humorously shortened to IGA.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin