In the second phase of the River Park business-class urban quarter, housing prices rose 15 times over three quarters.

“For three quarters, we not only sold 60% of the offer, but also built“ under the roof ”two 18-story houses with a total selling area of ​​about 43 thousand square meters. m, including apartments and commercial premises, ”said Dmitry Starostin, vice president of AEON Corporation (developer of LCD Park River).

Starostin is very fond of positioning himself as a top manager close to the Moscow government and personally to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. And his boss, the owner of AEON Corporation Roman Trotsenko, positions himself as a person close not only to Igor Sechin, but also to many security officials. Trotsenko and Starostin have been successfully working together at AEON for over ten years. Why did they find such a rapport? Everything is simple. Both visited the SIZO at one time, and their activities constantly aroused the interest of law enforcement agencies. We already talked about this, and now will give details.

Once upon a time, Dmitry Starostin did not build a career as a top manager, but as a very promising official. He took the post of vice-governor of the Kostroma region, but right at that post Starostin was detained (he was soon released), and then convicted. And he continued to sit in the chair of the vice-governor. The oblast prosecutor Ivan Kondrat sent a submission to the governor, in which he points out the inadmissibility of his deputy Dmitry Starostin being in the post. The fact is that Starostin was found guilty by the court immediately under two criminal articles (embezzlement and intentional harm to health). In accordance with the law “On state secrets,” Starostin did not have the right to get acquainted with secret documents (as the supervisor of the industry, Dmitry Starostin received such admission) and, therefore, could not even hold a position that provided for such an opportunity.

What were the cases on Starostin, who loves to talk about some "intrigues of the enemies." There is a completely obvious crime. As found out, episodes of investigations concerned the period of work of Dmitry Starostin as general director of the Galich Autocrane Plant. In this position, Starostin turned around in full: he appropriated the proceeds from the sale of profiled iron to cover the roof, assigned himself illegal salary supplements, appropriated cash and even cell phones on the plant’s balance sheet. The Galichsky District Court qualified these actions under Art. 160, part 2 (misappropriation or embezzlement committed repeatedly).

Dmitry Starostin was also accused of bodily harm as a result of a fight in February 1999. According to the case file, during a fight in one of the Galich restaurants, Starostin inflicted moderate harm on the health of N. Tarelkin (his nose and jaw were broken) and beat B. Marinichev.

At some point, Starostin stopped appearing for interrogation, after which he was put on the wanted list. He was detained in the Volga region of the Ivanovo region and placed in a pre-trial detention center in Kostroma, changing the measure of restraint from a written undertaking not to leave the place of detention. About 2 months he spent in jail. Then he was again released on his own recognizance.

As a result, the court awarded Starostin three years in prison. At the same time, the term was given conditionally (the court took into account the positive characteristics from work).

As established, it is rich in criminal events and the biography of Roman Trotsenko. Having spun around in the Russian exchange world that suddenly appeared literally out of the blue of the early 1990s, Trotsenko founded the then trendy company with the simple name “Finance and Audit”. He also prefers not to cover this part of his biography. Probably because in 1993, as a director of the company, he witnessed simultaneously in three criminal cases involving the theft of 1.59 billion rubles on fake memos. As a result, he settled in 1994 in the chair of the chairman of the board of the newly created Platinum Bank. Trotsenko’s working methods in his new position can be assessed by the incident that happened in 1996.

In that year, Platinum Bank received loans in the amount of 2 billion rubles from Intellect Bank and Alta Bank. Trotsenko was, as you might guess, a man who applied to colleagues and partners for loans. He submitted to the bankers the balance sheet of Platinum Bank for February-March 1996, in which he overestimated the total figures by 8 billion rubles. Trotsenko did not convey the loan to Platinum Bank, but preferred to dissolve in Moscow with the money.

But the “injured” bank was in no hurry to issue Trotsenko with his head. On the contrary, all his colleagues stood up for his defense. According to the new chairman of the board, Roman Vladimirovich was a “decent man”, and everything that happened was a dirty game of creditor banks, before which Platinum Bank was unable to fulfill credit obligations on time.

Later, occasionally recalling this story, Trotsenko only frowned. According to him, the hired managers themselves set him up, and the journalists, "as always, they all misinterpreted." So the unlucky banker repaid his former colleagues for the good done to him.

However, in October 1996, Trotsenko was detained and placed in the isolation ward until the end of the investigation. It is curious that naive colleagues at the same time supplied the “unfortunate victim” with warm clothes and food. For his detention, Lieutenant Yuri Stenin even received a reward and promotion. At the same time, the hunter and the fugitive soon found a common language, and between them they even struck up a kind of friendship.

The bank, which was managed by Trotsenko, went bankrupt very quickly, no money was found. And Trotsenko on the basis of the termination of the claim of creditors to the disappeared Platinum Bank was released from custody. However, Trotsenko could not get off so easily. While Intellect and Alta banks quite easily turned a blind eye to what happened, the main creditor of Platinum, the New Moscow Bank, which lost 20 billion rubles during the bankruptcy of the debtor, went on the warpath. Moreover, it was with Trotsenko, because the NMB perfectly understood who was muddying the water with loans.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin