Source: continues to tell of the sad fate of the 87-year-old legend of the Soviet intelligence Boris Basati. In 2013, under extremely suspicious circumstances, his son, a millionaire Vyacheslav Basati, died. An elderly man was to become the owner of a large inheritance.  However, it showed up billionaire Igor Kesaev - partner Vyacheslav Basati.  Kesaev intimidated the old man that Vyacheslav has left huge debts, including the Chechens, who are allegedly already trying to fall greedily to the heirs. Moreover, the amount of debt is many times greater than the value of the remaining assets.  Generous Kesaev is holding back the creditors, but may cease to do so and then have a legendary scout start problems. "His master's shoulder" Kesaev suggested to Boris of Basati to take all the debts Vyacheslav, put the old man retired, and instead requires you to sign some documents. Later it turned out that the legendary scout refused in favor of Kesaev from assets whose value exceeds $ 250 million. When Basati Sr. realized that he had been deceived, he told reporters about it, wrote a statement to law enforcement agencies. It turned out that the side Kesaeva has moved the whole team of lawyers of Vyacheslav, do not forget to share with your new boss juridicheskii and trade secrets of Basati. In this regard, the legendary scout appealed to the chamber of Lawyers of Moscow. This statement publishes 

"I, Basati Boris Alexandrovich, 09.08.1932 G. R., a veteran of the foreign intelligence Service, appeal to You with this complaint against the lawyers of the law office "Jus Aureum" Kobzev A. M., Andronova, M. A. Maklakova and V. O. in connection with the performance of their duties incompatible with the status of a lawyer.

Thus, the lawyers of this Bureau for a long period of time (about 10 years) on the basis of the relevant agreements provided legal assistance to my late son, Basati Vyacheslav Borisovich, as an individual, as well as companies owned by me and my son.

However, after the death of his son in 2013, lawyers AB "YUS Aureum" became parties to the conflict between me and my son's business partner-Igor Kesaev Albertovich (owner of the group "mercury"), and on the side of the latter.

Despite the existing conflict of interests, at present lawyers of AB "YUS Aureum" represent Kesaev I. A. as an individual, as well as on a regular basis participate in the activities of all companies belonging to his group of companies "mercury". While not limited to legal assistance, the attorneys are organs of execution entities of the mercury group, led by the financial and economic activities of organizations, their participants and organizers" - said in published rucriminа statement.

"At the same time avoiding giving me documents related to the provision of legal aid and extremely necessary to protect my interests, specified attorneys office has received from me and my son's confidential information both personal and commercial nature in favour of Kesaev I. A., and now already moved to outright falsification of evidence in a civil case, disclosing attorney-client privilege, without the consent of the Trustee and to the detriment of its interests....

Cynicism and violation of all norms of legal ethics believe attached to the claim the interrogation report of the person by the lawyer (to be conducted with the consent of the interviewees) from 18.05.2018 G.

In this "Protocol," lawyer AB "Jus Aureum" Andronov A. M., who was the counsel of my son and our company, without my consent, disclose attorney-client privilege another lawyer AB "Jus Aureum" Maklakova V. O., representing the interests of Kesaev I. A. in the present dispute.

Given the above, I believe that the advocates of AB "Jus Aureum" act against the interests of their constituents, violate the law on advocacy and the code of professional ethics of a lawyer taking instructions to provide legal aid in situations of conflict of interests of clients, not only divulge attorney-client privilege, but also use received from the Trustees information the interests of third parties, causing harm to the Principal.

I am convinced that such actions of lawyers discredit their honor and dignity, diminish the authority of the bar. Abuse of trust is incompatible with the title of lawyer."

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov