As it became known to, in Ufa they are trying to hush up a corruption scheme involving federal judges. Ufa lawyer Gulshat Faizerakhmanova in 2020 began to testify about the known facts of bribing judges of the Sovetsky District Court of Ufa in 2020. Everything is in the smallest detail. The situation began to unwind after Faizerakhmanova told how in 2019 the necessary sentence was bought from a judge named Joyani for a woman who knocked down a child to death. By the verdict of Judge Joyani, the driver, Mukhametzyanova, received a 10-year suspended sentence from the colony.

The Prosecutor of the Republic of Bashkortostan concluded a pre-trial agreement with Faizerakhmanova, and she rolled out the full alignment of the episodes of the transfer of bribes in several cases. Everything was decided by Albina Gainetdinova, a judge of the Soviet District Court of Ufa, together with her husband Midkhat Gainetdinov, a former lawyer. Faizerakhmanova gave the investigators everything she had: records of meetings with the intermediary, Midkhat, and Gainetdinova herself.

It would seem that, in the logic of the investigation, to unwind the entire chain of corruption ties in the Bashkir courts, but instead, pressure began on Faizerakhmanova herself - she spent almost half a year in the isolation ward after giving the full alignment.

As it became known to, 4 months after the conclusion of the pre-trial agreement, the key person involved, Gainetdinov Midkhat, died, and now the investigation and the prosecutor's office are justified by the fact that because of his death they are at an impasse.

It is noteworthy that after the conclusion of the pre-trial agreement, the son of judge Gainetdinova, Ilnur, came to Faizerakhmanova and began to extort money from her for resolving the issue with his mother in one case. Ilnur Gainetdinov was detained by the FSB.

What is surprising is that the investigation imputed “Fraud” to him, allegedly he just wanted to appropriate the money. He received the most lenient punishment by the verdict of the court.

In total, Faizerakhmanova spoke about four episodes of receiving money from clients, which she then transferred to Gainetdinov Midhat to resolve issues with federal judges.


Thanks to Faizerakhmanova, all these persons have been identified; criminal cases have been initiated against them for giving bribes.

And Gulshat herself was charged with the fact that when she received the money, she allegedly did not intend to transfer it further, which is sheer absurdity.

In June 2021, Faizerakhmanova was charged with being an intermediary in the transfer of a bribe in the episode with Judge Joyani. But then, for some reason, the prosecutor's office and the UK changed their minds and filed a final charge of fraud.

Thus, they decided to close the whole scheme on a lawyer. Now a criminal case with such a plot of charges is on the table at the prosecutor of the republic. At the same time, the pre-trial agreement with Faizerakhmanova has not been terminated!

Timofey Grishin

To be continued