Forbes published an annual rating of the richest Russian businessmen.

In the first place was the founder and head of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson, whose fortune amounted to 24 billion dollars. It is followed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK Vladimir Lisin with a fortune of 21.3 billion. Three closes the President of the NC "LUKOIL" Vagit Alekperov with 20.7 billion. The top ten richest businessmen of the country also included the main owner of Millhouse Roman Abramovich ($12.4 billion).

Here's the latest item from the big question.

As you know, Boris Berezovsky loses court of London lawsuit against his former personal assistant to Roman Abramovich. Carried away by the political game, BAB mindlessly "recorded" all the assets in their environment. The tidbits, including Sibneft, went to Abramovich. "Almighty" Berezovsky could not think that it is Romka and Olezhka (meaning Mitvol), at one point decides to throw it and declare that all the assets with them. In the court of London, BAB could not prove that he was the main owner of Sibneft and he owed a huge sum from Abramovich. The representatives of the British Themis has considered that Berezovsky only had the patronage of Abramovich. As a result, left with almost no money, Berezovsky took his own life.

 Berezovsky at the hearing in the English court for some reason did not show records of conversations with Abramovich from his archive of wiretaps, which is now available ahhh! And for good reason. From conversations it becomes clear that really "Sibneft" Berezovsky owned, and the hired Manager Abramovich ran to him with all questions concerning "Sibneft".   

On the brought us the records, asks Abramovich Berezovsky, if he'd heard about "the Bank of new York." Berezovsky answers that the Bank is owned by a rich Jewish family. Abramovich says they (the owners BONEY) I want to talk to them on the subject of "Sibneft". The owner of the Bank is a friend of Levayev, the richest family, yesterday they (with Abramovich) met. The banker's leaving today, but he'll be back in a week. They are interested to talk with Berezovsky. Berezovsky asks why he didn't report, Abramovich answers that didn't want to disturb at night. Discuss the situation with some Tobacum. Koch's name is mentioned. From the conversation it is absolutely clear that Abramovich only the nominal owner of Sibneft and the real, in our opinion, was Berezovsky. 


And. :..Bank of New-York.

B: What did you hear?

A: Well, such a rich Jewish family...

B: Yeah, I heard.

A: Well, they want to talk to us.

B: Well, let's talk...

A: On the subject of "Sibneft".

B: This is normal, when family is normal. Normally.

A: And he is a friend of Levayev, you know Yes, he is the richest of Jewish families.

B: Safra?

A: Yes.

B: The richest?

A: Yes.

B: I didn't know that.

A: Well...Yesterday I met them...


A: I met with them yesterday, I wanted to meet you, but I couldn't find you...well, as it was inconvenient in the night...

B: We can meet today...How long will they be here?

A: They have already left, they will arrive next week.

B: Very well, see you. Young or not?

A: I met a young man.

B: is He family or not?


B: is He family?

A: I don't know, they just spoke Hebrew, I just didn't understand everything, they translated something for me. But mostly they're interested in talking to you.

B: See you later, ROM. And what you not found yesterday, I yesterday (unintelligible).

A: I'm not OFC, just it was inconvenient late at night to call you.

B: Oh, well. Okay, Romochka, how long are you gonna be?

A: I can be...well, I'll send you, I told you everything.

B: No...Ah. Is that why you wanted to talk to me?

A: Yes, I just wanted to talk. They are there offers all sorts of Express, they'll tell you just.

B: Well, what about you? talked with Tabacon? What's happening?

A: I can not estimate with Tobak, because he says that it is impossible, well, maybe there pretends that this is a big secret, first. So he can't say anything. He told me no names to name, but I Koh told how to act.

B: No, I don't have the level of trust that I had with Tobak anymore.

A: No?

B: No. There was no such thing. I. e. I don't believe, roughly speaking, I, first, doubt that he correctly estimates a situation, and then I am not really sure yet that he works for us. The stakes are too high, you know?

A: Yeah.

B: So, so we need to solve the problem from the other side unambiguously.

A: Koch told me how to act in this matter.

B: Well, will you tell me today?

A: come on.

B: When are you coming?

A: I can at least now drive up.

B: Well, drive up now. Well, right now, then wait for you.

A: Okay.

B: yeah, get the addresses.

A: Yeah.

B: Well, or let the fact (inaudible).

A: Well.

B: how long will you be?

A: Well, in 15 minutes.

B: Come on, wait. Bye.


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov