As you know, Boris Berezovsky in a London court lost a lawsuit against his former bailiff Roman Abramovich. Carried away by the political game, BAB thoughtlessly “wrote down” all assets to his environment. The most tidbits, including Sibneft, went to Abramovich. The "Almighty" Berezovsky could not even think that his Romki and Olezhka (meaning Mitvol) would at one point decide to throw him and declare that all these assets were theirs. In a London court, BAB was never able to prove that it was the main owner of Sibneft and he owed him a huge amount from Abramovich. Representatives of the English Themis considered that Berezovsky only provided patronage to Abramovich. As a result, having remained almost without money, Berezovsky brought his scores to life.

 For some reason, Berezovsky at the hearings in the English court did not present recordings of conversations with Abramovich from his archive of wiretaps, which was now at the disposal of But in vain. From the conversations it becomes clear that it was Berezovsky who really owned Sibneft, and the hired manager Abramovich ran to him with all the questions relating to Sibneft. We have already given a conversation from which it is absolutely clear that Abramovich is only the nominal owner of Sibneft, and the real one, in our opinion, was Berezovsky. Today, provides an opportunity to get acquainted with two more conversations, which show that Berezovsky is the boss, and Abramovich is his subordinate. At first, Abramovich reports to Berezovsky how he spent the weekend. And on the second Abramovich, according to the first order of Berezovsky, to rush to prepare a plane for their joint flight.

“I meet Chubais at 9 p.m., and you call me Roma at eight in the morning,” says Berezovsky to Abramovich.

“Fight, he said that we should not talk to Yakovlev before his conversation,” warns Abramovich.

“What happened to Yakovlev?” BAB does not really understand.

“With Yakovlev, the chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court, so that we don’t talk until he speaks,” Abramovich repeats, and clearly wants to end this conversation. But the boss does not.

“What's new?” Berezovsky begins the interrogation.

Abramovich is somewhat annoyed: “I have nothing new. That was the weekend. Held them in Moscow. Lebedev came to my country house with comrades. ”

“Have you seen the paper on Lebedev?” Berezovsky puts the conversation in the right direction.

“Of course I did. Long. Why not see her? Lebedev won the first and saw, ”says Abramovich.

“Who wrote, Roma?”, Berezovsky is interested. This is what he usually does when he himself has launched some kind of compromising evidence and wants to know whether he has figured it out or not.

“They believe that Polezhaev is possible. And others say, maybe you. And others on Goose (Vladimir Gusinsky - Red) say. That is, not you personally, but the Gusev’s services, ”Abramovich reports.

On the next record, Berezovsky and Abramovich talk about the flight.

“Boris Abramovich, this is Roman”

“Roma, dear. Get us a plane to fly away today. I want you to fly with me. I want to talk, ”BAB commands.

Abramovich is offended that the boss pays little time to him: "You are unscrupulous and will sleep."

"Of course I will. I would ... almost never sleep. We’ll find time to talk, ”says Berezovsky and orders the time of departure and what will happen to the guard. Abramovich takes a peak and goes to perform.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov